All about the New and Improved L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Ferment Eye Essence!

L’Oréal Paris has recently launched another new and improved product from the Youth Code range, the L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Ferment Eye Essence!! To counter the slowing down of skin’s regeneration, L’Oreal Paris reinforced the formula of its best-selling Youth Code with Ferment Essence that activates youth with the renewing power of fermented seeds.

Traditionally used for food, fermentation is a process used to preserve it. The process of fermentation encourages the growth of good bacteria and other nutrients like B-vitamins, probiotics, Omega-3 fatty acids and beneficial enzymes, making the food more nutrient rich than its non-fermented state. One of my favorite fermented food has to be Kimchi! Consuming Kimchi helps to improve cardiovascular health and digestive system. Kimchi also contains loads of antioxidants, flavonoids and probiotic to aid with healing, combat ageing and strengthen the immune system.

The same process when applied to skincare, works wonders for the skin! Active ingredients are broken down to smaller molecules and better absorbed by the skin. Skin-loving nutrients like enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants are also produced in the process. Slowing metabolism is the key to aging skin. The Beauty of Fermentation!

The eye contour is often the first to show signs of aging as skin is the thinnest there. Similar to how the skin’s regeneration starts to slow down with age, the skin around our eyes suffer the same fate. When its self repairing abilities gradually weakens, fine lines, dark circles and eye bags become more visible

After the launch of the iconic Youth Code Ferment Essence in its improved formula, L’Oreal Paris now infuses the same highly concentrated ferment essence into an eye essence. Do you know that the Ferment Essence from the Youth Code range is extracted using ultrasonic extracting technique so that it stays in pure form at 98% concentration? The Youth Code Ferment Eye Essence contains 98% pure ferment essence and triple action applicator for bigger, brighter eyes. With 98% pure ferment to activate youth, eyes stays hydrated, smooth and depuffed.

The Ferment Essence innovative triple-action applicator made Youth Code Ferment Eye Essence special from many eye products in the market.

The 98% Pure Ferment Essence makes use of the renewing power of the fermented seeds to activate youth by boosting skin’s renewal and strengthening the skin’s natural barrier. Drop after drop, the skin around the eye contour feels smoother, firmer, more hydrated, more luminous and less puffy

Next, the innovative triple-action applicator helps to rejuvenate the eye contour, lighten dark circles, depuff eye bags and fade fine lines. The applicator is designed with Triple Beads and the strainless steel massage beads allow for point to point massage around the eye contour to smooth fine lines. The stainless steel also works to cool the eye area by 3 degree to create a relaxing sensation and reduce puffiness around the eye contour. Not only that, the elastic applicator flexes up to 15 degree to that it applies pressure delicately with ease.

I really like how easy it is to apply this eye product with the innovative triple-action applicator. The Youth Code Ferment Eye Essence is packaged in a classy and sturdy glass container and with each dip, it dispense the right amount of product with each dip.  The eye essence is fragrance-free and the texture is liquid (but not watery so you need not worry about application being messy). It is very light and it gets absorbed instantly. I really LOVE how my eye area felt soothing and refreshing due to the applicator. Another plus point is that the applicator helps to massage tired eyes gently. There’s no adverse reactions like stinging sensation, itchiness, oil seeds and itchiness during / after application. After using it for one week plus, i felt that my under eye area appears to be more hydrated, smoother and less patchy.. As such, it looks more supple and brighter. Been sleeping late recently and hence my dark eye circles are still there! It does seems to reduce puffiness so i don’t look tired and fatigued. Overall, i have enjoyed using the Youth Code Ferment Eye Essence and will highly recommend it if you are looking for an affordable yet effective eye product.

Will end the post on how you can achieve bigger, brighter eyes with an eye massage routine using the The Youth Code Ferment Eye Essence:

Lighten Dark Circles: Massage in small circular motions under the eye to boost absorption

Depuff Eye Bags:  Apply slight pressure three times on the following 6 points to relieve fatigue around the eyes

Fade Fine Lines: Massage the undereyes and along the crows feet area as depicted to soften fine lines

The L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Range retails at $38.90 and is available at all leading Watsons, Guardian, Unity Stores and Major Super / Hyper Markets.

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from L’Oreal Paris’s Presskit 


A Better Florist Delivers Bliss In A Bouquet

“Bloom Better” is A Better Florist’s mantra. That means better quality of blooms, better delivery service, and an overall better customer experience. In my opinion, they may have just gone from aiming to better into being the best florist in Singapore. Here are the reasons why.

Lightning-Fast Delivery Service

A lot of flower delivery in Singapore claims speed and reliability, but A Better Florist not only talks the talk, they walk the walk. For their free same-day delivery to any location in Singapore, they have amassed a loyal following of flower lovers all over the country. In fact, their extra fast service of a 90-minute guaranteed delivery has earned them the title of being the best flower delivery in Singapore.

Bouquets are traditionally used to surprise the recipient, so fast and timely delivery is key to a great surprise. A Better Florist knows this, so they make sure you get your order at the time and place you indicated in your order and not a minute later. To me, that says that they listen to the needs of their customers and they don’t want to waste our time.

The Freshest and Most Affordable Bouquets

While I love flowers, they’re simple beautiful and sophisticated, I’ve had bad experiences with bouquets and flower shop service in the past. How many times have I received a bouquet with wilting flowers or a haphazard arrangement? One too many times.

The worst part is that they can be quite expensive, too! So it’s a refreshing change to have A Better Florist which is committed to cutting down costs while not sacrificing the quality of the flowers. They do this by eliminating middlemen. They source their flowers directly from the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. That means the blooms get shipped straight to A Better Florist instead of hanging around on some logistics company’s storage facility somewhere. This also means that they eliminate additional costs, which means savings for us! Still doubting their status of being the best florist in Singapore?

Professionally Handcrafted and Curated Collection of Bouquets

Curation is an important part in any online shop. I know this because I am an online shopper and I get really antsy when I have to scroll through endless pages of products that either look the same or have poor quality. This is where I think A Better Florist has a distinct advantage. Despite just having a handful of flower arrangements, you can tell there was a lot of thought and care put in crafting the bouquets, hampers and even fruit baskets.

Their work in arranging and packaging each product pays off because I can definitely see each bouquet being appropriate for three or four occasions. So instead of scrolling endlessly, you can choose the perfect bouquet in one page and rest easy knowing that there is a flower delivery in Singapore which is dedicated to making you happy, one bouquet at a time.

Flowers for All Occasions with an Emotional Punch

All florists aim to provide flowers for all occasions, but A Better Florist grounds this by creating flower arrangements that are not only modern, but also taps into the emotional aspects of the occasions. So their grand opening flowers are appropriately luxurious and celebratory. Their sympathy flowers,wreaths and get well soon bouquets are comforting and soothing. Their baby baskets and hampers are brimming with joy. Even their  fruit basket delivery promotes healing and wellness.

International Success

The recent validation to A Better Florist’s excellent products and services is probably the acclaim they’ve garnered after their international expansion to include Hong Kong flower delivery and Abu Dhabu & Dubai flower delivery.

They’ve managed to maintain their standard of high quality flowers, fast delivery and great customer service to each of the international location. For this, they’ve been rewarded with recognition from influencers and customers alike. In Hong Kong, they’re up there with the best flower delivery in Hong Kong and best florist in Hong Kong. They’ve likewise gained the respect of the industry in the Middle East as the best florist in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Spreading happiness with each bouquet seems to be paying off for A Better Florist. As they say, you get what you give. So go ahead and get bloomed with A Better Florist!

*Disclaimer: All the photos are extracted from A Better Florist’s website.

LeVeL33 Brews Its Latest Dining Menu – Where Craft and Tradition Meet!

Recently, i was invited for an unforgettable media tasting experience at LeVeL33. Brought the husband along to the world’s highest urban craft-brewery featuring stunning views of Marina Bay and city skyline. Thank you LeVeL33 for extending the invite to him! :).

Residing in the penthouse of Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC), LeVeL33 is the epitome of urban penthouse dining. When you enter MBFC, head to tower 1 and you can easily locate the elevator that will bring you straight to the restaurant at the 33th floor. The doors open directly into the restaurant where you will be greeted by smile of the service crews and the smell of brewing beer.

While walking in, the beautiful copper kettles and silver beer vats serve as a reminder of the freshly brewed beer that flows out of the heart of LeVeL33. Contemporary design is evoked with the use of wood textures and earth tones; the wonderfully integrated interiors of the craft-brewery reconcile aesthetics, form and functionality in this elevated space.

LeVeL33’s craft brews of European heritage are a testimony to craft brewing that is original, innovative and relevant to today’s upmarket beer-drinking community. The appreciation of authenticity and originality in beer tradition in a contemporary presentation is the foundation of its craft brewery. The 33.1 Blond Lager, 33.15 India Pale Ale, 33.3 Stout, 33.4 House Porter and 33.9 Wheat Beer are brewed based on heritage recipes applying state-of-the-art technology by SALM & Co Gmbh, one of Europe’s oldest manufacturer of breweries. Tradition meets technology at LeVeL33! 

Seasonal beers are crafted quarterly and available until the top runs dry, all true to authentic recipes and brewing methods.

Presenting the spectacular view of the heart of Singapore from LeVeL33! We were blessed to be able to catch the sunset and the changing color of the sky and building. Besides the in-house freshly brewed beers, LeVeL33’s food is not to be missed. Its menu features a modern interpretation of European classics with a twist. LeVeL33’s Kitchen is managed by Executive Chef James “Jimi” Tegerdine, who brings with him international experience from leading restaurants, both old world and contemporary.

Executive Chef Jimi Tegerdine has recently created the perfect synergy between the Art of Brewing and Cuisine. LeVeL33’s latest dining menu is wholly inspired by craft beers and the carefully calibrated brewing process at LeVeL33  by resident brewmaster Gabriel Garcia’s technical manual. Chef Jimi Tegerdine has presented dishes that go back to the heart of the LeVeL33’s DNA – its love for great craft beers, its respect for the team’s commitment to each brewing process and producing a selection of dishes that elevates the drinking experience.

Kickstart the evening with the Beer Tasting Paddle ($23.33) which consists of 0.1L taster of five craft beers – Blond Lager, India Pale Ale, StoutSeasonal beer (for now is Session Pale Ale), Wheat Beer .

Blond Lager is crafted from the original 1841 Vienna Blond Lager. This is my personal favorite as i love its refreshing smooth taste with slight hint of fruitiness.

India Pale Ale is brewed since the late 1700s IPA contains a substantial amount of hops that acted as a natural preservative of the beer quality during the long journey to the English troops in India

Stout is a rediscovery of the original Irish stout crafted using the authentic brewing principles from Ireland, the full-bodied 33.3 Stout is flavorful and silky with a sweet roasty aftertaste.

British munitions workers were given two designated break times or sessions per day, as the British called it. During these sessions, lower-alcohol beer was served which still allowed them to operate heavy machinery. Hence, the name Session Pale Ale

Wheat Beer is known as Weissbier or Weizenbier, this golden beer has been brewed in Bavaria since the 16th century. Using malted wheat and special strains of top fermenting yeast, the 33.9 Wheat Beer is rich in flavor with hints of banana. This is my husband’s favorite pick because he likes the refreshing taste with a good balance in terms of bitterness, without being sweet.

I’m always looking forward to having bread with a generous amount of butter before the start of every meal. The Sour Dough And Rye bread served at LeVeL33 did not disappoint! It was served warm and fresh~ Chef Jimi told us that he personally sourced for a bakery which prepares the bread from scratch and the whole process takes about 48 hours! It is so good (moist, dense, and chewy) that i devoured it within minutes.

In the latest menu, the starters are perfectly balanced to complement the main courses, the selection of starters are deliberately kept simple in the new menu. Each one, however, boasts a hint of beer element – either through the use of raw ingredients such as malt or the brewing process itself.

First up, there’s the Japanese Deep-Sea Crab ($28) which features butter-poached legs & claw, corn in textures, lime gel and curry leaf oil. Japanese Deep-Sea Crab, considered a delicacy is being served for the first time and it is best paired with the Blond Lager . The crab legs and claw are lightly poached in butter and served with variations of corn – charred corn, sprinkle of popped-corn and even corn cannelloni molded into shape using a brewing tube! Taking inspiration from the brewery, the kitchen finishes the dishes with a scattering of curry leaf infused oil and drops of lime-gel add acidity to this innovative dish. The crab legs tasted extremely fresh and sweet due to the use of tangy lime-gel. Although i’m not a seafood person, i’m enjoying every small details of this dish.

My husband loves the Pig & Snail dish ($23.50) which consists of Pork belly, French escargot, celeriac purée, buckwheat soil, white balsamic. A firm favourite from day one, the Pig & Snail has gone through its most exciting reincarnation yet. Fresh french escargot is accompanied by a beautiful pork belly which is tantalizing soft completed with crisp crackling skin. Slow cooked for 12 hours, the juicy chunk falls apart with the slightest touch. The dish is served on a bed of celeriac purée and topped with buckwheat soil and white balsamic. Personally we felt the pairing of the roast pork with the escargot provides an interesting contrast between the firm and moist pork and the chewy texture of the escargot. The accompanying puree completes the taste of the dish as a whole. It actually tones down the heaviness of pork belly and cleanse our palate for the next dish.

Now moving to the mains! Was excited to see Kangaroo on the menu as we have always been wanting to try it. People who have tried it said that the meat is on the tough side but Chef Jimi told us we won’t regret ordering it since this is their popular main.

The retained Kangaroo ($37.00)  proves its popularity with LeVeL33’s diners. For this new menu, the Kangaroo loin is first sous-vide then chargrilled, imparting a wonderful smoky flavour. Shards of beetroot leather on top of the meat adds a great texture. Drops of beetroot vinaigrette and purée together with the buttery turnip purée complete this beautifully coloured dish. The Kangaroo loin is done medium rare and that’s highly recommended by the chef. I felt that the Kangaroo resembles beef in texture and taste. I’m impressed that the loin remains very soft, juicy and tender. Because it is chargrilled, there’s a nice smoky taste that adds on to the awesomeness. I have to say that LeVeL33 is really good at creating tasty puree and sauce that complements each dish so perfectly.

I’m not a big fan of Lamb because i dislike the gamey taste. However, LeVeL33’s Welsh Lamb ($40.50) changed my perspective and even made me take an extra serving. Like the Kangroo, it is cooked the Sous-vide way that utilizes precise temperature control to achieve better consistency and taste. The Welsh Lamb is moist, juicy and tender without any gamey taste. The combination of parsnip purée, dark chocolate, stout caviar and roast chicken jus brings a subtle sweet and savory taste that further enhance the taste of the lamb.

I was so full from the beer, starters, side and mains but one cannot leave LeVeL33 without trying their desserts. A selection of desserts has been crafted in the kitchen for the new menu. A must-try is the Cereal ($13.50)– a delicious combination of blended macadamia, beer malt praline, spiced dried apricot, creamy almond milk mousse and a dollop of lemon curd – absolutely. Don’t ever underestimate this bowl of Cereal as we finished it all within a few minutes. The nutty, sweet and tangy taste mixed so well together and made our bellies happy!

Sweet stickiness (sticky in your hands but not in your mouth) with the malted cream offering a fuller shape to the tastebuds best descibes LeVeL33’s Mess ($14.50). Fancy a dessert that features Meringue, pickled blueberry compote, stout & blueberry curd, malted cream? Look no further.

One word to discuss Strawberry ($15.00)Sticky! This dessert is made with fresh strawberries o achieve the gorgeous pink hue in the bouillon, the syrupy base for this vivid dessert.   Fragments of  homemade meringue and a scoop of fresh sorrel ice cream create the perfect harmony of sweet and sour. Don’t say that i never warn you, the thin layer of transparent sweet that came with the dessert is extremely sticky.

For the vegetarians, LeVeL33 offers a healthy yet delicious range of meat-free dishes. Over at LeVeL33, vegetarians will be spoiled for choices with its creative takes on plant-based meals. Wani is a vegetarian and here’s the fresh, flavourful and hearty dishes that she has ordered:

Onion Consommé (V) – Clear broth, textures of onion, scallion oil

Oats & Chokes (V) – Artichoke and cauliflower velouté, cauliflower rice, malted oatcake, confit yolk 

Truffled Kumara (V) – Trio of Kumara sweet potatoes, trumpet mushroom, sake-fermented leek, truffle

Butternut Squash (V) – In variations, pumpkin seed oil, miso

Spinach (V) – Sautéed, kombu sour cream, Saganaki cheese

One of the popular vegetarian dish is the Onion Consommé which has a delicate mix of rich flavours perfected after hours of brewing and the perfect blend of caramelised brown onions and shallots.  A vegetarian broth will be poured into a concoction  of scallion oil, scallion ribbons, and torched onions at the table for the guests to savour the smoky taste. Freshly cut raw scallion fills the room with distinctly sharp fragrance and at the same time adds a lovely texture to the consommé.

Tried the Butternut Squash and it is roasted with pumpkin seed oil to perfection. Texture is not too firm with the right amount of softness. There’s a lovely sweet taste which taste Blike a mixture of Sweet Potato and Pumpkin but has a softer texture. The sauce that came with the Squash bring the taste to another level.

The Sautéed Spinach is topped with kombu sour cream and Saganaki cheese. As a result, the spinach will be more flavourful and creamy. My husband loves it but i find it a little salty for my liking.

Overall, i will highly recommended LeVeL33 for its fantastic value for money food, delicious beer and top-notch service. It is a must to try its in-house brewed beers as they complement the food perfectly. Will never forget the extraordinary Marina Bay and city skyline and it was such great and relaxing experience to see the sunset and the lights come on. Both my husband and myself loves everything at LeVeL33 and we will be back together with friends and colleagues.

Seating for the new à la carte dinner menu starts daily from 6pm. Last order is at 9.30pm from Sundays to Thursday and 10.30pm for Fridays and Saturdays.

Click to enlarge

LeVeL 33 is located at 8 Marina Boulevard #33-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 Singapore 018981.

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 11:30am – 12am

Friday – Saturday: 11:30am – 2am

Sunday: 12pm – 12am

Eve of PH: Operational hours will extend to 2am

PH: Operational hours begin at 12pm

For reservations, please call +65 6834 3133 and for more information, you can visit LeVeL33’s website and Facebook Page

* Disclaimer: LeVeL33’s description & food information are extracted from its Presskit and Website

Ceramiracle First Light Ushers In The Second Coming Of Baby Soft Skin

Babies!!! I’m so crazy over them and yearning for one soon! Praying hard that God will bless us with one soon. 🙂 Meanwhile, i will just ‘molest’ my friends’ babies~ Baby smooth skin is another thing that i have always wish for. Do you know why babies have such soft and smooth skin?

In 2003, the Skin Sciences Institute of Cincinati Children’s Hospital Medical Center released a study on why infants, in spite of soaking in the womb’s watery surroundings for months, have near-perfect skin soon after birth. The answer is Vernix Caseosa – the thick, white waxy substance that coats babies for weeks before they are born. In addition, being sheltered in the womb protects their skin from any friction, damage, or sun exposure.

Recently, Ceramiracle has developed First Light THE SERUM that mimic the benefits of the vernix, created to usher in the second coming of baby soft skin. If you are new to the brand, Ceramiracle is an award-winning nutricosmetics brand based in the Santa Monica, California (USA) and specializes in anti-aging skincare solutions. This award-winning nutricosmetics specialist uses natural ingredients to create innovative ingestible and topical anti-aging skincare solution.

Inspired by a newborn’s beauty secret, First Light THE SERUM mimic the benefits of the vernix in strengthening the skin’s natural barrier and sealing in moisture to keep skin hydrated, resilient and youthful.

THE SERUM contains >99% natural ingredients, >95% active ingredients and is fortified with botanical extracts of Wakame cell culture, White lupin seed and Phytoceramides that combines synergistically to mimic the intense hydration and skin nourishing properties of the vernix. It also rejuvenate skin and restore it to baby softness smoothness. Lastly, it instantly revitalize and freshen up complexion.

An anti-aging essence suitable for all skin types,a few drops will instantly revitalize your skin, freshen and smooth your complexion. Use it on its own or with a moisturizer for firmer, radiant, toned and younger looking skin.

– Instantly Hydrates
– Antioxidant Properties
– Smoother & Softer Skin
– Reduce Wrinkles
– Clearer & Brighter Skin

Packed First Light THE SERUM in my luggage during my August trip to Chiangmai and i have been using it religiously everyday since! My skin will always go haywire whenever i travel but after adding in the serum, there wasn’t any skin flaking (which is a common problem when i travel). There’s a few ways to use the serum and you can choose to:

For Regular Use – Apply 3 – 5 drops to cleansed skin and gently massage to infuse over entire face. Alternatively, mix droplets to moisturizer and apply as directed.

For Intensive Treatment – Apply half a dropperful to entire face and gently massage to allow serum to infuse

First Light THE SERUM comes in a classy silver ceramic packaging with a one click pump applicator which allows convenient and hygienic application. Will apply this serum before the use of moistuizer in the morning. 2 clicks of the applicator will collect the right amount of serum to cover my entire face and neck area. It is recommended to warm the serum on your palm first before application but i personally prefer to apply it directly on my skin. THE SERUM has a watery phytosqualane based texture and upon application, skin will feel oily and has a slight sheen at first (like what you see below). But once it gets absorbed by my skin (IMO, very fast!), the shine and oiliness is gone. You don’t have to wait long before the application of moisturizer. If you have oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin like mine, there’s isn’t a need to worry that it will clog your pores. In fact, i am experiencing healthier skin with less breakouts ever since i incorporated this serum into my skin care regime. I will attribute that to better hydrated skin due to First Light THE SERUM which kept skin issues at bay! Besides well-hydrated clearer skin, i also observed calmer and more even skin tone. Skin is also more radiant, smoother and softer to the touch.

Ceramiracle First Light THE SERUM retails at $129/30ml and is available online and also at all Robinsons stores – The Heeren, Raffles City and Jem.

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Ceramiracle’s Presskit and Website

KL 2017 Is Here And Traveloka Is Bringing Fire!

Hello my readers, How are you all doing? All good?

Well, today’s entry is a little more like a massive announcement that will get your hearts pumping – especially for sports lovers. Do we have a sports lover in this channel? Ain’t too late to grow the love, though. Kuala Lumpur 2017 (KL2017) is the brand name of the 29th Southeast Asian Games and the 9th ASEAN Para Games. This year, Malaysia will be the hosting nation for the 29th Southeast Asian Games, so athletes and people from all over the Southeast Asia region will be crowding the streets and stadiums to support the grand battle for the Gold medal. The Southeast Asian Games that took place last moth was such a huge success and i am so looking forward to the ASEAN Para Games on September 17th to 23rd, 2017.


Photo from Google image

Are you all getting excited? I sure am! Man, there are soooo many sports competing during the Southeast Asian Games. There’s the ever popular badminton, football, swimming and squash. Plus, this year’s highlight has to be the new winter sports; Ice Hockey and Figure Skating. Winter is totally coming to Malaysia. Pun totally intended!

Photo from Singapore Ice Hockey Association. Singapore is playing long-time regional rivals Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines.

For the 9th ASEAN Para Games, it is going to as exciting and awesome as well. About 3,000 athletes and officials from 11 nations in the South East Asia region will participate in this biennial games. There will be a total of 16 sports and more than 380 events contested!

Photo from Google image

Yeap, so that’s the announcement for today’s entry. Later!

HAH! Kidding! Happy August Fool Day – I’m calling dip on this first!

So, you probably notice that my title says “KL 2017”, right? I’m not celebrating different events here, people, KL 2017 or Kuala Lumpur 2017 is the official name they’re using for this year’s Southeast Asian Games and ASEAN Para Games. The man – Khairy Jamaluddin came up with the name – sounds grandiose, right? Since I’m writing about the Games, I did a little research here and there, one thing stands out is they got loads of cool sponsors from cool companies man, the one that really stands out is Traveloka. You guys ever heard of Traveloka? No? Well, we might as well do a Traveloka 101 session. We got the time.

Photo from Traveloka’s Facebook Page

Who is Traveloka?

Traveloka is one of the leading e-commerce travel agency site popping up like mushrooms nowadays. Did you guys remember the revamped Raya song on the TV or YouTube? Dude, that’s them! You can go on YouTube and watch it, it’s freakin’ hilarious. So, my travel radar went buzzing when I found out they are the Gold sponsor for this year’s KL 2017. They’re like the only online travel agency sponsoring for this sports event, I don’t know about you, but I think that’s dope. Of course, I didn’t stop there, knowing Traveloka, they like throwing deals like giving out candies to kids, and I was dead right! During the event, Traveloka will be conducting wicked contests and best deals for flights and hotels. They’re opening their own booth at the main venue, the Bukit Jalil National Stadium, so you guys can drop by and see what fun stuff they have there. Who knows? You might find cheap flight tickets and can book hotel online then and there.

Photo from Traveloka’s Facebook Page

I gotta say, these two months, Malaysia will be on a roll. Who are you going to watch this year? What’s your favourite sport and what team are you looking forward to the most? It’s time to exchange those travelling shoes with sports shoes because the stadium is waiting for us! Wait, maybe you can bring your travelling shoes along because if we’re going to the stadium, we gonna have to make a pit stop at the Traveloka and book me some tickets! Have a blast day, guys! Rising Together, we shall!