MY SKIN JOURNEY WITH ANNABELLE SKIN | Dr.Belter Cosmetic Shake It! Mask treatment

Hello everyone! Last month, i was invited by Annabelle Skin to a juice cleanse session for my skin with the Dr.Belter Cosmetics’s new Botanical Summer Detox Treatment – THE [INTENSA LINE] SHAKE-IT! MASK.  Now Juice Detox is made possible for the skin with Dr. Belter Cosmetic’s latest Intensa Line Shake-It! Mask, developed with its signature GreenTec concept, detoxes by ridding skin’s impurities and replenishing it with goodness from botanical plants and high-tech pro-medical active ingredients.


My husband always say that i’m obsessed with my facial skin but i have a reason for that! Since secondary school days, i have been ‘fighting a battle’ with acne and i find it such a challenge to achieve optimum health and glow. Now that it has improved tremendously under the care of Annabelle skin, i cannot thank them enough! With the Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s latest Intensa Line Shake-It! Mask facial treatment, Annabelle Skin is giving my skin more love!  Like a juice cleanse for the skin, this detoxifying facial treatment deep cleanses by drawing out toxins from the skin and jumpstarts its cellular renewal for a rejuvenated and glowing appearance.


The Dr.Belter Cosmetic Intensa Line Shake-It! Mask treatment is a detoxifying and moisture-binding double mask treatment that works like an effective anti-pollutant remedy and skin nourishment for the face, neck and décolleté, an area that is often neglected during beauty care. Developed with the signature GreenTec concept which combines natural and botanical plants with high-tech pro-medical active ingredients, the new treatment targets tired and aging skin by giving it a refreshing boost to energise the skin’s overall appearance.


If you are new to Annabelle Skin, there will always be a skin analysis which allows the team to access the current condition of your skin. After taking a close look at your skin’s texture and health, the beautician will customize a treatment which is best for your skin. The Shake-it! Luxurious Detox Anti-oxidant treatment for anti-aging, anti-pollutant and skin nourishment is suitable for all skin type. I will be getting the Apple Stem Cell Mask which is more hydrating and soothing for my oily sensitive skin.


The 7-STEP TREATMENT will first start off with cleansing. Mandy cleansed my skin with Line »N« Cleansing Gel and i love how soothing and cooling the cleansing gel is. Another plus point is the pleasant fresh melon scent.. This cleaner contains extract of lime blossom and liquorice, allantoin and panthenol to cleanse gently, thoroughly and without grease. Next, skin is prep for subsequent care with Line »N« Lotion Orange which is formulated with plant extracts complex with stimulating properties to supports further facial cleansing and preparation.


Well cleansed skin ready for treatment!

Peeling is the 2nd step of treatment and Mandy applied a layer of  »intensa®« Enzyme Cream Peeling with a mask brush to remove dead skin cell. It was left on my skin for 10-15 minutes while cold stream was blown to soften and hydrate my skin. After the Enzyme Cream Peeling was removed, my skin was cleansed with Line »N« Lotion Orange again. Some light extractions were done to remove clogged sebum and impurities within the pores.


As part of the first steps to detoxification, 3rd step of the treatment will be the application of Mask Peel Off Carbon D-Tox with detoxing and anti-pollutant purpose. This special instant alginate mask with active carbon and detox complex properties from ivy and sunflower, is used on the skin to moisturise and absorb toxins from the skin’s surface. Free of fragrances and colourants, the mask is suitable for sensitive and impure skin. Presented in the form of a powder, the Dr.Belter Cosmetic Intensa Line Shake-It! Mask transforms into a “ready-to-use” care product when mixed with water.


Mix it!


And shake it!

I have to say that Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s Intensa Line Shake-It! Mask facial treatment is really relaxing. After the Mask Peel Off Carbon D-Tox was applied on, i fell asleep.. LOL! All i remembered that the mask doesn’t smell weird and my skin felt light and soothed!


As part of Step 4, a suitable intensa Ampoule will be applied and massage into the skin for absorption. I have to stay that Dr. Belter’s intensa Ampoule is the best i have come across. Not only it doesn’t sting my sensitive skin, there’s so many different type of ampoules to address different skin concern.

Once the ampoule is fully absorbed into skin, »intensa® « Shake-It! Mask & Massage Aqua-Mousse or Cream-Mousse generously on face and the neck area. The light and fruity fragrance scent nourishing mask works to replenish lost nutrients to the skin. The masks come in two types, namely the Aqua-Mousse and Cream-Mousse, to cater to different skin conditions. The crystal clear Aqua-Mousse contains Fucogel apple stem cells and has moisturising factors that help to revitalise and promote skin longevity. It is oil-free, refreshing and suitable for oily skin. The soft Cream-Mousse on the other hand, comes in an airy, fluffy foam texture. It contains strawberry extracts and vitamin C with anti-oxidant properties that is suitable for dehydrated skin.

The Aqua-Mousse contains Fucogel apple stem cells was applied generiously on my face and neck / shoulder area and it has a concentrated green apple scent (Me like!). Like the Carbon D-Tox Mask, it also has a refreshing and cooling sensation. So relaxing that i dozed off again..


Step 6 and 7 were eye, lip and finishing care! The following pictures were taken before and after treatment. Immediately after facial, my skin redness has gone down and overall skin tone is so much brighter! Skin is less tight and there’s an after facial glow.


Bye Dull and patch skin!

I did not experience from any purging this time and i guess my skin condition has improved gradually so there’s not that much impurities trapped underneath. Took this picture a few days after facial and skin still feel soft and smooth to the touch. Skin tone still stays radiant, brighter and radiant!.


The Dr.Belter Cosmetic Intensa Line Shake-It! Mask treatment is available at SGD238 and is suitable for both male and females, and all skin types.

Dr. Belter Cosmetic products and treatments are available exclusively at:

Annabelle Skin
The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street
#02-42, Singapore 179803
Tel: 6336 8975

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Annabelle Skin’s Presskit and Dr Belter’s website

Further Hydrating My Skin With Jennesis Hydro Beauty Gel Mask

Recently, i’m obsessed with skin hydration! As mentioned in previous blog entry, i’m using a new hydration serum to better hydrate my skin on a daily basis. I have also pampering my skin once a week with intensive treatment by masking! I know that by keeping my skin well moisturized, it will keep skin problem at bay! When my skin is hydrated, it won’t send a signal to my brain to product more oil to protect my skin. For me, when my skin is well hydrated, it will be less oily which means breakouts will reduce as well. Recently, i have been sent a box of Mask for review and what made the mask different from others is that the Jennesis Hydro Beauty Gel Mask (recommended by spa professionals) is a premium face mask that can be left overnight unlike traditional cloth types. Have put it to the test and here’s my thoughts!


What is it?

Jennesis Hydro Beauty Gel Mask is an intensive treatment mask that’s suitable for all. Whether you’re stressed at your desk, dehydrated after a long-haul flight or an all-night hedonist with hungover skin, Jennesis Hydro Beauty Gel Mask will nourish skin instantly with a lasting dewy, plumped-up finish.


What made it effective?

The Jennesis Hydro Beauty Gel Mask contains breakthrough, multi-tasking formulation and one ingredient, the Hydro-Gel Essence Complex fights ageing process on all fronts. It also stimulates collagen production and cell energy and fights free radicals, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and smooth the skin. The gel mask also has an infusion of Algae, Chitosan and Collagen extracts bring  complexion back to life instantly with a synergistic combination of vitamins B12, C & E .


Do you know one of the main ingredient of the Jennesis mask is Sodium hyaluronate. It has a smaller molecular size as HA (making it especially penetrative), and is able to hold more water than any other natural substance—up to 1,000 times its weight in water! Thanks to these to attributes, when applied topically to the skin it can reach deep down into the dermis to combine with, maintain and attract water. It also promotes skin/blood micro circulation and nutrient absorption, and helps maintain normal metabolism. With regular use, you can achieve smoother, softer skin with decreased wrinkles and an all-around fuller appearance.




What do i think of the mask:

After opening up the mask, i realized that the quality of the mask is salon grade! Many will think that the price of the mask is on the high side but actually the price is justifiable due to the quality and also the effective of the mask. Personally, i will apply my mask after warm shower and after toning my skin. The first thing that came to my mind while using this mask is that it feels so cooling, soothing and refreshing! The thick transparent layer of the mask adheres to skin very well and each inch of my face is being pampered well (plus it doesn’t tear!).

It is recommended to apply the face mask for 45 minutes. After which, massage the excess essence into the skin until fully absorbed. After removing the face mask, my skin feels so much smoother and softer to the touch.My overall complexion also became brighter and less red. Before application, my skintone is uneven, dull and texture is patchy. The mask is indeed very moisturizing and soothing as skin no longer feels tight and it became ‘light’ after i remove it.. The next morning, i woke up to radiant and less oily skin! :) As the mask is really pricey, i will only use it on special occasion or once every two weeks to intensively hydrate my skin.


Want to experience the goodness for yourself? Thanks to Jennesis, the brand is currently running an introductory promo of a FREE TRIAL worth $78 for all my readers to try out this premium mask. Just click this LINK to enjoy your free trial


Thank you Jennesis for sending me your new product for review. Jennesis Hydro Beauty Gel Mask retails at $78 per box (3 pcs inside).

* Disclaimer: Products Description and information and photos are extracted from Jennesis’s Presskit.

IG: jennesissg

Shine Free Moisturising With The Oil-Free Hydrating Serum From Neal’s Yard Remedies

Hello everyone! As you know my skin condition has turned for the better but i cannot take things for granted! In between facial, i will adhere to a strict skincare regime which focuses on HYDRATING! One can never underestimate the importance of hydration as it has been proven that many skin problems will surface when skin being dehydrated.. When skin lacks moisture, it will turn dry and cause irritation (Hence the sensitive skin). When skin is dry, it causes more oil / Sebum to be produced so as to protect the skin (Body’s natural reaction and hence the oily skin + outbreaks). For myself and many other ladies, we spent long hours in air-conditioned environment (during working hours and while you sleep) hence we cannot run away from dry and dehydrated skin problems.

These few weeks, my skin has became oilier and the main culprit has to be the air-conditioning at my office (you will need a winter jacket to keep warm! I’m not kidding). Few weeks ago, Neal’s Yard Remedies has sent me their New Oil Free Hydrating Serum, formulated specifically for oily skin! This serum really comes in timely as i was thinking of incorporating it into my skin care routine to better hydrate my skin!


Neal’s Yard Remedies Oil Free Hydrating Serum

You might ask why skin problem arises when skin is dehydrated? Our skin is made up of sebaceous glands that produce sebum/oil which comprises of triglycerides, wax, squalene and free fatty acids. A balanced amount of sebum prevents the skin from becoming dry and brittle while acting as a waterproofing substance. It also inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the skin. Due to hormonal changes that occur during puberty, it cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and produce more sebum. This overproduction of sebum combined with the shedding of dead skin cells can clog the hair follicle and produce oily skin known as seborrhea. Acne can develop when sebum becomes trapped inside the hair follicle..

As such, it is important to hydrate skin to prevent excess sebum to be produced to ‘protect’ the skin as this is our body’s natural reaction. Neal’s Yard Remedies is excited to introduce a NEW Oil Free Hydrating Serum, formulated specifically for oily skin to keep skin well hydrated. With balancing willow-herb and organic rose, this lightweight serum helps to hydrate and mattify the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and shine free!


With balancing willow-herb and organic rose for soft shine-free skin

Hydrating enough to be used alone or perfect as a make-up primer, the Neal’s Yard Remedies Oil Free Hydrating Serum helps to keep unwanted shine at bay and is the ideal product for hot temperatures. Cooling and hydrating, it is suitable for all skin types and great for men!

To keep serum at a healthy level, Neal’s Yard Remedies Oil Free Hydrating Serum balances excessive oil naturally with Linoleic acid (Omega 6). Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid that the sebaceous glands use as a normal component of sebum. Essential fatty acids are very powerful anti inflammatory agents. Subsequently, sebum made with linoleic acid is actually calming to the skin and follicles


Other Key Ingredients:

Rice Extract: A natural skin moisturiser. Traditionally leftover water from washing rice was used by Geisha to reveal soft, smooth and luminous skin! Alpaflor Alp-sebum: Derived from Willowherb, a rare alpine plant, it minimises the appearance of pores whilst helping to calm and mattify skin. Hyaluronic acid: This moisture magnet helps to plump and moisturise skin.

Shiitake extract: Shiitake Mushroom Extract is a rich source of kojic acid, which can be used to help brighten and promote healthy skin. Shiitake is calming and is believed to encourage faster skin renewal. Hydrolysed Rocket Leaf: Packed with antioxidants to help build skin’s natural defensive barrier.

Essential Oil blend: Rose (Rehydrating and soothing), Patchouli (Skin regenerating), Geranium (Balancing) and Frankincense (Anti ageing and purifying)

Alpaflor Alp-sebum Pilobium Fleischeri: Derived from a rare alpine plant, cultivated in the swiss alps. It is has been shown to reduce the size and appearance of pores, reduce skin inflammation and reduce the production of sebum, thereby helping to reduce shine


After using the Neal’s Yard Remedies Oil Free Hydrating Serum for close to two weeks, i’m certain that this serum will be part of my skincare regime for a long long time🙂. Firstly, i love the essential oil scent as it smells very soothing and it is something i look forward to after a long day at work! The gelish texture which has the perfect consistency gets absorbed instantly into my skin upon application without leave any sticky sensation. It also feels light so you need not worry that it will ‘choke’ up the pores (Esp for people with very oily skin) Hence, i don’t have to wait long before applying my moisturizer which is perfect if you are rushing for time (esp in the mornings). There’s no adverse reaction (like stinging sensation / irritation) by my sensitive skin. Overall, i find that my skin is less tight (which means much more hydrated!) after incorporating this serum into my skincare regime for 2 weeks. A small amount (2 pumps) suffice for the entire face so i reckon this bottle of serum will last for at least 2 months (2 x daily usage).


Neal’s Yard Remedies Oil Free Hydrating Serum retails at $88 / 30ml . UK’s foremost destination for natural organic health and beauty, Neal’s Yard Remedies is located at #01-75 Millenia Walk, and Isetan @ Katong (L1 Parkway Parade).

* Disclaimer: Products Description and information are extracted from Neal’s Yard Remedies Presskit

My Skin Journey With Annabelle Skin | One Year Later~

Hello my readers, it has been a while since i have last updated on my skin! I have been a paying customer with Annabelle Skin for a year and i must say that this is the best decision i had made for my skin.🙂 Gone were the days whereby i will be depressed over acne breakouts and persistent bumps on my skin. My skin is also less sensitive, less oily, brighter with small pores size!🙂


A hidden gem in the Adelphi – Annabelle Skin (Founded in 1994) aims to serve as the trusted skin and body care companion to its clients as they go through different stages in life by providing quality treatments, effective results and personalized service. Annabelle Skin strongly believes that everyone’s skin condition is unique. Each skin and body treatment will be customized accordingly with the combination of skillful manual methods with advanced scientific beauty technology, using high quality products made with natural ingredients from Europe to produce the best and most effective results.


What set Annabelle Skin different from other salons which i have been to is that each facial treatment will be customized. Throughout my 1 year skin journey with Annabelle Skin, i have tried different types of Skin Treatments to address my ‘then’ skin condition. I love this personal touch as the skin condition will be ever-changing due to external factors and stress level. Hence, customized treatments in accordance to skin condition will help address and target problem areas better! This is the state of my skin BEFORE all the facial treatments at Annabelle Skin. See the amount of red patches, bumps and breakouts that i had?!


Here’s my skin’s condition before my 12th facial treatment (Clear and smooth skin isn’t it?) . Before the start of every session, Mandy (my beautician) will always access the current condition. Mandy told me that she will work on skin hydration and healing.  The facial treatment started off with cleansing. As i did not have any makeup on, Mandy went straight into normal skin cleansing  with the use of Sensi-Bel Delicate Cleanser followed by Sensi-Bel Delicate Tonic to remove remaining residues. Next step is to exfoliate with a gentle scrub to get rid of impurities and dead skin cell. Mandy told me that my skin isn’t as sensitive as before so she can use scrub on my skin.🙂



After which, cold steam was used to further hydrate and soothe my skin for 15 minutes before extraction commerce! Over at Annabelle Skin, they do not promote squeezing to decongest pores. Extraction is done using a special extraction tool from Switzerland together with special technique to remove blackheads & clogged sebum. As a result, it is not as painful and red as compared to conventional extraction. Personally, i felt that extraction seems less painful nowadays as the clogged particles are not embarked deep within and there’s lesser clogged pores / congestion (yay!).



After extraction, Mandy sterilized my skin with a high frequency machine to kill bacteria on the skin’s surface.. During the process, i experienced a mild ting-ing p sensation. After which, she applied Intensa Ampoules No.12 on my skin. What i love about Dr Belter’s ampoule is that it does not cause a burning / stinging sensation during application (which i will experience with other brand’s).


The physical and psychological stress of everyday life coupled with environmental influences lead increasingly to unpleasant skin irritation and disturbance. The skin is the largest human sensory organ and must be strengthened and protected against these attacks. This ampoule serum encompasses special plant complexes and key milk properties as a powerful shield, on guard to protect you.


Extraction completed!


At the last stage of the treatment, Mandy applied a nourishment mask on my skin before using the Photolight 660 device to promote skin healing ans stability. Originating from Biogenie France, the development of Photolight 660 is based on several years of research in cosmetology on the optimal treatment of skins after damages due to the sun and to ageing. It is a non-invasive and athermic technique which uses a very specific light wave’s length of 660 nanometres that stimulates the production of collagen on fibroblasts. Photolight 660 was used on my skin to help improve the skin tone evenness, diminishes red blotches and to aid with skin healing.


Immediately after facial, my skin will have this after facial glow and it will be smoother & brighter! It is normal to experience mild purging in the form of small pimples with pus as the facial will ‘push’ skin impurities embedded within pores to the surface. During these 2 days, i just have to take extra care in applying pimple gel to dry it up and also try to resist squeezing it.. Nowadays, i hardly have those big headache acne on my skin and i will only have mild hormonal breakouts when nearing my period. Another obvious difference is the reduction in pore size and i’m really pleased with it (It is possible to achieve this through regular facial instead of harsh laser treatment!)


If you are interested in trying out Annabelle Skin, they are offering my readers 1st facial trial at 50% off, plus free skin analysis and tester set! Just have to quote my name ‘Jermaine Liang‘ when you are booking your appointment.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend everyone!🙂

Soothe and De-stress your body, mind and soul with Spa Ceylon’s De-Stress Range

“I’m very stressed” seems to be quite the common catchphrase amongst many these days as they try to cope and juggle between their many responsibilities and engagements. For Singapore, it was reported (in a survey by Health Promotion Board) that 24% of working Singaporeans experienced high level of stress in 2013, a 6% increase from a year ago. The increasing trend is a cause for concern as stress can lead to a plethora of health problems such as heart disease, sleep disorder, depression, bad skin conditions, and more. Amidst our fast-paced and stressful environment, how i wish that there’s 36 hours a day!

After a long day at work, nothing beats unwinding on my couch with a cold refreshing drink and a nice warm shower! Recently, Spa Ceylon (my favorite natural and environmentally friendly products brand!) has launched the all new De-Stress range of health and wellness products which are designed to help ease stress and still the mind, thus promoting natural harmony and chakra balance. This new premier range of products are infused with precious Frankincense, soothing Sandalwood, refreshing Tangerine and Kaffir Lime to promote clarity, and fresh organic Aloe Vera to cool and soothe the body system. The range is also enriched with powerful Ayurveda herbs, and features the traditional Dashamula formula fortified with potent extracts of 10 medicinal goods.

DE-STRESS - Full Range Image

A little background introduction on Spa Ceylon – the world’s leading luxury Ayurveda brand with nearly 50 years of expertise in the field of natural health and beauty products. Spa Ceylon captures the romance of old Ceylon combined with ancient Ayurveda wisdom to create their range of majestic royal spa rituals & luxury product formulae designed to soothe, calm & relax the body, mind & soul. Today Spa Ceylon produces over 150 all-natural Ayurveda inspired personal care & wellness formulae, Their complete range comprises prestige skin, body, bath, scalp & hair care preparations, oils, balms & potions, home aroma blends, candles, diffusers, incense, herbal infusions & teas, handmade stoneware and spa accessories.

All Spa Ceylon products are free of paraben, paraffin and alcohol. Its precise production and quality assurance procedures incorporate traditional herbal prescriptive with modern dermatological science, to protect and deliver the herbal benefits of the all-natural ingredients in their high-performance formula. Spa Ceylon promotes environmentally friendly products; they are not tested on animals, and are 100 percent vegetarian. The brand is also an advocate of sustainable harvesting and supports community fair trade.


In view of the launch, Spa Ceylon has arranged for me to try out the De-Stress range of health and wellness products during a massage therapy session at Healing Touch Spa~ Healing Touch is Singapore’s best value, award-winning spa that provides “back to nature” wellness and beauty treatments through the healing power of plants with caring, therapeutic touch. Healing Touch Spa is Singapore’s most recommended spa on Facebook with 45,000+ likes and 2000+ reviews, one of the largest team of certified, skillful Therapists with many years of experience in 7 island-wide outlets.


During the 1.5 hour of Deep Tissue Massage, i get to enjoy a relaxing step-by-step massage therapy that uses the different Spa Ceylon De-Stress products, as the brand combines the powerful Ayurveda formula and fine natural ingredients that are best suited for different individuals living in today’s contemporary world. At the end of the treatment, I walked away feeling light as a feather as my stress were kneaded away! I have to say that the Therapist is really thoughtful, caring and skillful.  As the area around my shoulder and neck was tight, she paid special attention to that area. At the end of the massage, i felt so much better.🙂
















The Spa Ceylon De-Stress range is Spa Ceylon’s most premium among its brand offering so far. This high-performance range of powerful Ayurveda formula was a result of years of R&D to create the perfect mix of sensory and functional benefits to offer Spa Ceylon’s discerning customers the perfect de-stress solution. This premier range of products are infused with precious Frankincense, soothing Sandalwood, refreshing Tangerine and Kaffir Lime to promote clarity, and fresh organic Aloe Vera to cool and soothe the body system. The range is also enriched with powerful Ayurveda herbs, and features the traditional Dashamula formula fortified with potent extracts of 10 medicinal goods. The leading ingredient in the De-Stress range is Frankincense, which has been used over the centuries as a divine, purifying and deeply therapeutic natural essence. Frankincense is proven to be deeply calming, pacifying and revitalizing. It has been prescribed in Ayurveda for centuries as an anxiety calming tonic.


“Spa Ceylon De-stress is designed as a total De-Stress solution, offering a perfect stress fix for today’s modern fast-paced lifestyles. When developing the products, we always consider how each product would fit into our consumers’ lifestyle(s). We have created a comprehensive range of products for the perfect stress fix everyday and everywhere.” said Shalin Balasuriya, Co- Creator and Director of Spa Ceylon.

Like all Spa Ceylon ranges, all the products in the Spa Ceylon’s De-Stress range are free of silicones, paraben, paraffin and alcohol, and are suitable for all skin types. They are environmentally friendly, not tested on animals, and are 100 percent vegetarian.

Spa Ceylon De-stress range consists of the following products:

The De-Stress Relaxing Body Cleanser has a mild cleansing formula enriched with Aloe Vera & Virgin Coconut Oil. It is a perfect way to wash away the days stress, in the shower. This harmonizing & purifying cleanser is blended with powerful Ayurveda herbs & potent essential oils. It contains deeply calming frankincense that helps still the mind & ease stress. Uplifting Tangerine & Kaffir Lime promotes clarity & refresh the senses, while soothing Sandalwood helps harmonize & balance the chakras. Organic fresh Aloe Vera cools entire body system, while Virgin Coconut, Honey & Olive gently cleanse & nourish skin, improving overall health & wellbeing.


De-Stress – Relaxing Body Cleanser (250ml) – SGD34.90

For the perfect after work unwinding experience at home, the De-Stress Calming Body Elixir helps you and your loved ones to relax and sooth your body and mind. A harmonizing & hydrating elixir blended with powerful Ayurveda herbs & potent essential oils. Deeply calming Frankincense helps still the mind & ease stress. Uplifting Tangerine & Kaffir Lime promote clarity & refresh the senses, while soothing Sandalwood helps harmonize & balance the chakras. Virgin Coconut, Wheatgerm & Sweet Almond help nourish, hydrate & even out skin tone. Rice Bran, Soya, Olive & Honey soften& protect skin against dryness, improving visible youthfulness.

Frankincense derives its name from the archaic French word “Franc” (meaning pure/sacred) and the Latin word “incense” (meaning smoke). Frankincense essential oil is derived from the resin exuded by the bark of Boswellia frereana/carterii, a small tree that is native to North Africa and Middle East. The oil is then extracted from the resin by the process of steam distillation.


De-Stress – Calming Body Elixir (250ml) – SGD39.90

The De-Stress Calming Body Massage Serum is a great “me-time” indulgence. It helps calm away stress & creates your very own calm cocoon. A harmonizing & soothing serum blended with powerful Ayurveda herbs & potent essential oils. Deeply calming Frankincense helps still the mind & ease stress. Uplifting Tangerine & Kaffir Lime promote clarity & refresh the senses, while soothing Sandalwood helps harmonize & balance the chakras. Naturally anti-oxidant Virgin Coconut, Soya & Aloe Vera help soften rough areas, while Sweet Almond & Rice Bran improve overall health & wellbeing. Wheatgerm & natural vitamins help nourish & even-out skin tone, improving visible youthfulness.


De-Stress – Calming Body Massage Serum (100ml) – SGD39.90

The De-Stress Harmonizing Essence Mist works efficiently to withdraw work stress. A calming & refreshing natural mist blended with powerful Ayurveda herbs & potent essential oils. Deeply calming Frankincense helps still the mind &ease stress. Tangerine & Kaffir Lime promote clarity & refresh the senses, while Grapefruit & Bergamot help uplift & revive. Soothing Sandalwood helps to harmonize & balance the chakras. Fresh Organic Aloe Vera helps tone & hydrate skin while natural Witch Hazel helps cool & comfort, improving overall skin health


De-Stress – Harmonizing Essence Mist (100ml) – SGD39.90

The De-Stress Harmonizing Balm helps to clarify and refresh the senses, while Grapefruit & Bergamot help uplift & revive. A calming & relaxing natural balm with powerful Ayurveda herbs & potent essential oils. Deeply calming Frankincense helps still the mind & ease stress. Tangerine & Kaffir Lime promote clarity & refresh the senses, while Grapefruit & Bergamot help uplift & revive. Soothing Sandalwood helps harmonize & balance the chakras.


De-Stress – Harmonizing Balm (25g) – SGD19.90

The De-Stress Harmonizing Balm Roll-on helps to clarify and refresh the senses, while Grapefruit & Bergamot help uplift & revive. A calming & relaxing natural balm with powerful Ayurveda herbs & potent essential oils. Deeply calming Frankincense helps still the mind & ease stress. Tangerine & Kaffir Lime promote clarity &refresh the senses, while Grapefruit & Bergamot help uplift & revive. Soothing Sandalwood helps harmonize & balance the chakras.


De-Stress – Harmonizing Balm Roll-on (10ml) – SGD19.90

If the working week has left you all stressed out, the De-Stress Dashamula Body Treatment Oil is your perfect stress reprieve. The powerful treatment oil helps melt away body stress leaving you relaxed and calm. A traditional scalp & body treatment oil made to a centuries-old classical Ayurveda formula. Helps soothe & calm the entire body system, while easing stress & related discomfort


De-Stress – Dashamula Body Treatment Oil (100ml) – SGD29.90

At the end of the massage, i brought home the De-Stress – Home Spa Set which makes a perfect caring gift for family, friends and your work colleagues.


De-Stress – Home Spa Set (SGD 76.50)

The set consists of Relaxing Body Cleanser (60ml), Calming Body Elixir (60ml), Calming Body Massage Serum (30ml), Dashamula Body Treatment Oil (60ml), Harmonizing Essence Mist (30ml) Harmonizing Balm (8g) and Cleansing Bar (35g).


Have tried a few items from the De-Stress – Home Spa Set and here’s the feedback:

My husband loves using bar soap but he often complains that it is too drying for his skin.. Have replaced the bar soap with the De-Stress Cleansing Bar and he loves the scent! Not only that the cleansing bar has good cleansing power – rich and smooth lather, he finds that it is non-drying


De-Stress Cleansing Bar

The Relaxing Body Cleanser smells soothing and relaxing… The scent will linger in the toilet after i’m out of the shower (Love it!!) room. Relaxing Body Cleanser does a good job keeping my skin smooth, clean and radiant (without being too drying!). The gel texture of the body cleanser makes it easy to spread and also to wash off.. It is also easy to wash it off and clean feels squeaky cleans without any tightness.. After cleansing, it leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth without any tightness…


Relaxing Body Cleanser

Recently, i have been so stressed up with work that it is affecting my sleep😦 The Harmonizing Essence Mist is the first thing i have tried after getting the De-stress Home Spa Kit.. Just 2-3 sprays onto my pillow, there’s an instant soothing and calming effect.. The mist doesn’t stain my pillow and i have better quality sleep after using this. Spa Ceylon has another Lavender Mist which has the same effect but personally i feel that the Harmonizing Essence Mist is more suitable for people who cannot accept the stronger scent of lavender.🙂


Harmonizing Essence Mist

The therapist had use the Dashamula Body Treatment Oil on me during the deep tissue massage and i was surprised at its non-greasy formula. Normally i will avoid body massage that uses oil (unless there’s a shower facility in place). Not only that it smells heavenly, i told the therapist that i don’t find the need to shower after the massage ended. Wise choice as she said that it is best to leave the treatment oil for better results.


Dashamula Body Treatment Oil

Thank you Spa Ceylon and The Good Folks for organizing such a pampering and enjoyable session. Spa Ceylon is located at #01-43, Wisma Atria, Orchard Road, Singapore 238877

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