CHŌ Renew – To Clean Intestine, Clear Skin & Better Immunity!

Hello everyone!!! Since young, i have been ‘suffering’ from poor intestinal health! Despite incorporating fruits and vegetable into my diet (not forgetting drinking enough water), i’m still having constipation issues!😦 It will worsen whenever i travel due to the sudden change in diet.  You cannot imagine how terrible i feel when there’s nooo output for 4-5 days.. One fine day, my friend introduced me to Probiotics and i never look back since… It improved my constipation problem but it has to be refrigerated (really troublesome!) so i cannot bring it along when i travel.


Two weeks ago, AFC has sent me one of their best seller product – CHŌ Renew, a proprietary intestinal health formula that contains 170 billion patented Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) – FK-23 and Bifidus Bacteria BB536; two of the most studied beneficial bacteria which are naturally found in our intestines.

Founded in 1969, AFC Japan is a leading brand in anti-aging science and nutritional research. Backed by a team of reputable and dedicated scientists and research personnel, together with the unwavering dedication towards product efficacy, quality and safety, AFC has innovated many products that are category leaders and are well trusted by millions of customers in Japan and worldwide. AFC is exclusively managed and distributed by Lifestream Group Pte Ltd, Singapore. Founded in 2003, Lifestream Group brings together the best products for good health, beauty and wellness. Today, Lifestream Group is proud to house two great brands: Lifestream and AFC.



What made CHŌ Renew different from other probiotics in the market is that it has a formula that’s high strength, heat-treated, stomach acid resistant, highly stable and 3x more effective than live probiotics in supporting immunity.


Unlike other products that contain only probiotics and/or prebiotics that are easily destroyed by harsh stomach acids and high temperatures, CHŌ Renew is a high potency inner cleansing formula that contains 170 billion patented and most researched probiotics – heat-treated FK-23 Bacteria and high strength Bifidus Bacteria BB536, both bacteria strains are highly stable to survive harsh stomach acids to reach the intestine intact. It also contains synergistic ingredients such as prebiotics and dietary fibre for detoxification as well as skin-loving pure silk peptides to promote clarity of skin from inside out.

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A Clean Intestine is the Key to Good Health

Did you know that your gut flora was formed right after you were born? After birth, your body starts to encounter good and bad bacteria and begins to build your immune system. As you grow, your gut bacteria serves as a barrier protecting your body from the bad bacteria and pathogen you come across. However, the percentage of good bacteria in our intestine declines with age. It has been shown in recent research that by the time one reaches their 60s, the significant drop in the number of bacteria in their gut, will make one more susceptible to gastrointestinal infections, bowel conditions and problem as follows:


Healthy intestines with a balanced gut flora high in good bacteria is critical for good intestinal health, immunity and overall well-being. There are three types of bacteria in our intestine – good, bad and neutral bacteria. As such, poor intestinal health is the root cause of many chronic disease. Hence, it is important to spring clean your gut to remove accumulated intestinal waste. Detoxification restores the gut flora balance to facilitate healthy bowel movement and promote overall wellness.



CHŌ Renew is a superior inner cleansing formula that exceeded the above criteria in delivering high strength probiotics and other nutrients to support overall immunity, vitality and skin health. 

 Active Ingredients per Sachet:

Heat-treated Enterococcus Faecalis FK-23 Extract & Bifidobacterium Longum BB536 (170 billion), Silk Peptides 30mg, Dietary Fiber, Inulin, Oligosaccharide, Champignon Extract, Vitamin B2


CHŌ Renew is specially formulated with 170 billion patented Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB)-FK-23 and Bifidus Bacteria BB536, two of the most studied beneficial bacteria which are naturally found in our intestine.

170 Billion Probiotics – Highest And Most Potent In The Market

LAB are most beneficial and fast colonizing probiotic sources, and when consumed in adequate amounts have been shown to aid digestion and re-balance gut flora, providing relief from the following health issues related to poor gut health:

Patented Heat-treated FK-23 Lactic Acid Bacteria

•  Fully heat-resistant and highly stable to survive heat and harsh stomach acid, to reach the intestines intact
• Cultivated from pharmaceutical proprietary heat treatment method
• Scientifically proven to be 3 times more powerful than live probiotics in supporting strong immunity
• Effectively remove accumulated intestinal waste and restore gut flora balance

Patented Bifidus Bacteria BB536

• Resident bacteria which will not be rejected by the body
• One of the most researched probiotics in the world
• FDA GRAS certified in USA, 2009
• Resistant to stomach acidity, allowing it to reach the intestine intact
• Improves intestinal environment, supports bowel regularity and reduces allergic symptom

Premium Prebiotics (Inulin & Oligosaccharide)

• Food for probiotics to grow, multiply and thrive in the gut
• Works best when combined with probiotics to achieve maximum health benefits

Pure Silk Peptides

• Contain constituent amino acid of Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) in skin
• Support skin repair, improve skin firmness and hydration level

Essential Dietary Fiber

• Soften stools to ease bowel movement and support excess fat removal
• Bind toxins up to 10 times its weight


Taking CHŌ Renew on a regular basis will give you better intestinal health, immunity and complexion. You will be killing many birds with just one stone!🙂

When intestine is clean, toxin and accumulated waste will be removed. CHŌ Renew will also restores and improves good bacteria in the intestine for healthy gut flora.

With clean intestine and good bacteria with healthy gut flora, there will be reduction in constipation and diarrhoea. CHŌ Renew will regulate bowel movement to reduce constipation or diarrhoea, and improve digestion.

CHŌ Renew is formulated with high strength lactic acid bacteria that are compatible to our body to help inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and promote a clean and healthy gut environment. As 70% of body’s immune cells resides in the intestine, maintaining a clean and healthy gut environment is crucial in keeping optimal immunity.

Friendly bacteria help to cleanse the intestines of toxins and waste which would otherwise be circulated around the body; resulting in inflammation on the skin surface. CHŌ Renew contains 170 billion Lactic Acid Bacteria to actively detoxify the gut. In addition, it also contains pure Silk Peptides which support skin repair and improve skin clarity and hydration.

IMG20160809132711  IMG20160809132852

I will never fail to suffer from constipation whenever i’m overseas and it can be a mood dampener! This time round, i have packed 5 sachets of CHŌ Renew in my luggage during my beach vacation to Belitung. What i love about CHŌ Renew is how travel-friendly it is! I don’t have to worry about keeping my probiotics chilled to prevent damages to its properties.. Moreover, the sachets packaging makes consumption more hygienic and convenient.

IMG20160809133051 IMG20160809133139

I have taken CHŌ Renew on a daily basis (for 5 days) before breakfast. My friend told me that it is better to consume Probiotics on empty stomach..  Every morning, i will consume the powder bit by bit with sips of water in between. The powder has a slight sourish orange taste which i like🙂 The powder will turned into a starchy and thick consistency when it comes into contact with water. Hence, it is better to drink enough water in between to wash it down.

IMG20160811075816 IMG20160811075845

The next morning after i consumed  my first sachet of CHŌ Renew, i had output!! For the remaining days, i have daily output! hahaha! Not to worry, CHŌ Renew is a supplement and not laxative so it won’t cause loose stools / stomach upset (which often assocaite with laxative) Without constipation and bloated-ness, i could fully enjoy my vacation.🙂


CHŌ Renew is available for purchase online at $41.40 for 15 days supply. 

* Disclaimer: Products Description, information and printscreens are extracted from Lifestream Group’s website

ShopBack: Online shopping with cashback and a Sephora sale!

Hello everyone!! It has been 1 month plus since we have moved to our new house and we are settling down fine!! Here’s how a lazy Saturday looks like when the husband don’t have to travel for work..  We are still in the midst of housewarming and we are currently inviting our friends & relatives in batches.. In this way, we will be able to play a better host🙂

Food-wise, i’m sooo thankful for food delivery portals like Food Panda which offers many choices (Besides the regular fast food deliveries~). Do you know discount code is not the only way you can enjoy some cash savings for your food orders? On top of that, you are entitled to cashback too!  Good things must share!🙂


You can enjoy cashback when you shop or order food online via Shopback! When you spend online through ShopBack, a portion of your purchase will be given back as Cashback. This means extra, unlimited savings whenever you shop online!  Founded in 2014, it has grown to become Singapore’s Top Cashback Website. What i like about ShopBack is that it works with many different popular merchants like Groupon, JetstarSephoraGuardian and many more.

The print-screen below shows some of the merchants which consists of fashion, travel, electronics, dining and so much more. How ShopBack work is by affiliate marketing. For each sales generated on the various sites, ShopBack receives a commission and then portion of those earnings are passed back to the shoppers.  Without much fuss, you can get up to 30% Cashback when you shop online for needs~


Online Sale and Deals

ShopBack helps you get the best deals and discounts on 300+ stores, plus Cashback! As mentioned, you can enjoy even more cost savings by utilizing coupons / vouchers/ promo codes/ discount code on top of cashback. Click here and you can gain access to all the vouchers / discount codes! Gone were the days whereby you have to use search engines to find one (Only to discover that it is invalid. haha!). Here’s a promo code from Sephora which is so tempting!! From now till 14 August, there’s also the online GSS Sale at ShopBack with upsized cashback and discounts! Time for more online shopping!!!!!!🙂



Here’s a video to show how ShopBack works but nothing beats a real life example right?🙂 At a recent house-warming, my husband and i had use ShopBack while ordering from Foodpanda. As a result, we enjoyed 8% CashBack effortlessly.

Firstly, log in to your account and click on any store and get redirected to the merchant’s website. In our case, we clicked on Food Panda and was redirected to the website. If you cannot locate the shop / brand / product you want, you can use the search function🙂


Locate what you want.


Click on the ‘Shop-Now- Button


Redirecting in progress

Once re-directed, stay on the same browser and shop as usual on merchant’s site to make your purchase. Cashback will be processed once you have made your purchase. You can locate it in your ShopBack’s account within 48 hours, under the ‘Pending’ tab



Cashback will turn ‘Redeemable’ once order is validated by the merchant. This will take 30-60 days to ensure that there is no order cancellation/return/exchange. An email will be sent once the cashback is credited to your account.



Lastly, Cashback can be ‘Cash out’ easily to your PayPal or bank account. Just get your bank account set up and your payout will be credited once you have ‘confirmed’ your payout on ShopBack.

You can request for payout once you’ve reached Redeemable Cashback of $10.00
Bonus can only be cashed out when your Redeemable Cashback reaches $10.00


Cost savings is as easy as 123 with SHOPBACK..

From now on, remember to incorporate ShopBack during your online shopping / ordering to earn more savings through cashback, coupons and deals!🙂

Cook Out @ Cairnhill

Hello everyone! What is your favorite local food? For it, it has to be Satay and BBQ Chicken wings but sad to say that it is difficult to locate it in Punggol!  I have been staying in Bedok for many years and the access of food is something i am not accustomed to after moving to Punggol…

Last Saturday, i’ve attended the Cook Out at Cairnhill (Organized by BBQ House & Scatter Media) event and i’m glad that i can now prepared Satay and BBQ Chicken Wings at the comfort of my home! Cook Out At Cairnhill is an event dedicated to showcasing the talents of social media influencers who have shared their life experiences and hobbies with the general public. This event features guest blogger, Diana Gale of The Dosmetics Goddness Wannable (a well-known blogger and winner of 2015 & 2014’s Singapore Blog Awards for Best Cooking Blog). At the event, i was given the opportunity to try out food (kindly sponsored by BBQ House & prepared by Diana) and to mingle, bond and enjoy a unique culinary experience with other lifestyle bloggers.



In line with the spirit of innovation and local heritage, BBQ house is the proud sponsor of Cook Out at Cairnhill, in a show of support to local creative culinary talents.

BBQ House Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading BBQ food supplier. Established early in 1970’s. BBQ House started as a satay supplier and has grown since then to offer even more great tasting BBQ products at an affordable price. BBQ House is a one-stop BBQ solution for both cooked and raw food, supplying not only as a wholesalers but directly to consumers on

BBQ House Logo


Enjoying your BBQ in a dine in environment? Yes as it is made possible by BBQ House!

BBQ House seeks to bring out the best of the outdoor grill into the dine-in experience. It is often difficult to control the quality of grilled meats during outdoor barbecues. Meats get charred, overcooked, under-cooked easily. Events outdoors while fun, tend also to require effort to organize and can also be hot, smokey and sweaty.

BBQ House has solved this problem easily by introducing its pre-cooked meats like its chicken satay in a ready-to-eat package with 10 sticks of chicken satay and curry gravy. Besides chicken satay, BBQ House also offers pre-cooked beef and mutton satay as well as pre-cooked grilled chicken wings.


If you are worried that ready-to-eat package, fret not! At the event, there was a satay demonstration which illustrates the effort that goes into these satay. Over 20 ingredients are used to make the satay and its gravy, including shallots, galangal, lemongrass, turmeric powder, mixed five spices, red sugar, curry powder, salt and BBQ House’s secret ingredients.🙂

New folder9

One of the most popular products after BBQ House’s satay, is the BBQ Chicken wings ! Once again, preparing and grilling the chicken wings to a consistent standard requires skill and time.
Good news is BBQ House’s pre-cooked wings take only 3 minutes in the microwave or 5 minutes at 250 degrees in the oven and is ready to serve, in the same delicious standard!



I have high expectation for satay and the small pieces of meat on the skewer must firstly be moist, flavorful and tender!  The dipping satay sauce must be of the right consistency and rich with peanut taste as well! I love my satay well coated with peanut sauce!



BBQ House’s ready-to-eat chicken satay met all my expectations. In just 3 minutes in the microwave, i will get to savor perfectly cooked and wonderfully succulent chicken meat with each bite. There’s even a tantalizing smoky taste on top of the delectably sweet BBQ marinade The zesty peanut sauce has the right consistency and favor which complements the delicious satay~


I’m also a big fan of chicken wings! BBQ / Grilled ones in particular and i’m so glad that i can prepare it at home so easily!  To be frank, i tried the wings with no expectations as i don’t expect it to taste as good since they are pre-packed wings. However, i was in for a surprise after i took the first bite. The BBQ marinate is done just right – flavorful and not too sweet. The meat is not dry and best of all, the wings are not oily… Since it is mid wings, it makes eating so much more pleasant… I’m certainly stocking up on more!


At the Cook Out event, we were given the opportunity to witness Diana Gale in action and also taste some dishes that she had prepared for us. Diana has been featured in numerous magazines and online news portals. Her wide range of recipes features breakfasts, mains and lots more. Each recipe is fastidiously done with her audience in mind and i have to say that her passion for cooking and creative flair is respectable.



New folder10


Cream of Corn Soup


Fried Rice with Spiced Chicken and Vegetables

Tasty and spicy, Chicken Curry is also the favorite for many. BBQ House has specially provided some insights on how this is done. The preparation of the curry includes the use of ginger, chopped garlic, and onions mixed together and put into the grinder. Next add the curry powder with water into a paste and together with the pounded mix, rub it into the chicken wings. This is then left for at least an hour before frying the chicken with some vegetable oil. Next curry paste is added further to thicken the curry, along with a moderate amount of coconut milk.

As i was too full, i did not give the curry and grilled stingray a try.. But my husband loves the curry and he mentioned that he would attempt to cook it one day… (Good luck to my stomach! lol!)

2 FotorCreated

BBQ House’s pre-cooked products are simple and easy to prepare yet delicious at the same time. The satay and chicken wings served perfectly supplemented the home cooked meal, balanced with a rice, soup and vegetable dish. With no more than 5 minutes to cook, this is a perfect addition to the busy working family.

Thank you BBQ House and Scatter Media for the kind invitation and for feeding us so well~



BBQ House ready-to-eat Satay Packs are now available online, selected stores islandwide and at the World Food Fair from 8-11 September @ Singapore Expo Hall 6.

Price List:

Pre-cooked chicken Satay pack: $4 for pack of 10 satays
50 sticks pre-cooked satays: $17.50 (chicken), $18.50 (beef satay) & $20.50 (mutton)
10 pre-cooked bbq chicken wings: $12
Nonya chicken curry: $20 for a serving for 10 persons

* Disclaimer: Products Description, information and photos are extracted from BBQ House and Scatter Media’s Presskit.

Lighten Up with Ribena Sparkling Cans~

With so much things going on in my life, i wish that there’s 36 hours a day! After a longgg day at work, nothing beats unwinding on my couch with a cold refreshing drink!🙂

Side track a little, here’s a sneak preview of my house! The sofa was our first purchase of the house (from Locus Habitat) and we built the house theme around it.. Special mention to the talented and patient ID which made things possible. Thank you Nicky from Rezt n Relax!


Amidst our fast-paced and stressful environment, you can take a step back and lighten up with nice cold beverage at the end of a busy day! Suntory Beverage & Food Singapore Pte Ltd (SBFS) encourages Singapore to lighten up, and relish in the comfort of Ribena Sparkling Cans, while thinking of the sparkle in your life.

This refreshing sparkling beverage is a healthier choice that boasts of a wide plethora of benefits, and is one that each special individual deserves. A lightly sparkling variant of the classic blackcurrant drink, this can of fizzy goodness adds a sparkle to your life as it is free from artificial flavour and colour, making it a wholesome treat for everyone!


Ribena Sparkling Can’s bubbly delight is naturally sweetened and flavoured by the freshest and finest New Zealand-grown blackcurrants. One of nature’s true superfoods, New Zealand blackcurrants boasts of high antioxidant levels, and various vitamins. With one of the lowest sugar levels as compared to other carbonated drinks, coupled together with the high Vitamin C content, Ribena Sparkling Cans is a healthier choice, and the perfect beverage to be shared with family and friends, and the sparkle of your life.


Presented in a sleek can, this refreshment is a perfect combination when effervescence meets the fruitiness of fresh blackcurrants. It is also a healthier alternative to the typical carbonated drink in the market.


I have always love Ribena since young. Don’t say i never warn you as the Sparkling Ribena can be additive! Not only it is refreshing, the drink isn’t too sweet so you will finish 1 can without realizing it..😛


Here’s more Ribena for my guests!! Ribena Sparkling Cans is available at all leading supermarkets, convenience stores, and out-of-home premises island-wide.


For more information on Ribena®, please visit

* Disclaimer: Products Description and information are extracted from Ribena’s Presskit.

Experience Oil as Light as Feathers with Lucido-L Argan Oil~

Ooopss! I’m so sorry for the disappearing act again as i have been really busy!!!! Just came back from a 2 weeks business trip and straight after returning, i had to pack and prepare to move over my new house!!  These few months have been a really challenging period while trying to juggle work and house renovation matters. I really wish that i’ve more time to sit down for some ‘ME’ time!! Talking about which, i have to start to prepare for my upcoming business trip to Australia tomorrow.😦

Due to the lack of ‘ME’ time, it has been 5 months since i last visited a hair salon!! OMG!! As a result, my hair is in a very bad state – Dry, damaged and full of tangles! Sob! As i had some time to spare during dinner time on Wednesday, i have decided to pop in to a salon to have a quick hair cut.. The stylist had a hard time trying to comb my hair due to tangles! Not forgetting that it was a painful experience as some part of my hair had bad tangles. Before i left the salon, she reminded me to use hair oil to treat my hair on a daily basis..


Dry and Damaged Hair!!😦

As i am a very lazy person, i will minimize the amount of products i used on my hair. I don’t even use conditioner on my hair on a regular basis due to laziness.. hahaha! This time, i will heed the hair stylist’s advise and use hair oil to treat my hair so that it won’t tangle so much..  Thanks to Lucido-L, i have two bottles of Argan Oil which will be put to good use.🙂


Are you often caught in a dilemma of wanting beautiful hair but tired of using hair treatment products due to its texture? Many ladies will shun away from usual hair oil because they are greasy, weigh down your hair and leaves unsightly streaky hair thereafter. Lucido-L understands and this is why they have formulated the Lucido-L Argan Oil with such light  texture. Understanding the ease of beauty of hair styling does hand in hand with healthy hair. Lucido-L’s latest offering of the Argan Oil Series promises softer, silkier and shinier hair without the baggage of heavy and limp hair. Despite being incredibly lightweight, this series is jam-packed with everything Argan oil offers – Moisturizing, Repairing, Hydrating and Nourishing.

Lucido-L Argan Oil is extremely lightweight as it is compressed under high pressure (10,000m deep-sea pressure) to flatten each molecule. The increased surface area helps to boost absorption and coats each hair strand with smooth and silky finishing. Completed with a fruity floral fragrance made up of ingredients such as apples, peaches and jasmine, your hair will smell as good as it looks.


Lucido-L has sent me two types of Argan Oil for review and they are the Argan Oil Ex Oil and Argan Oil Rich Moisture. Do you know that Argan Oil is known as ‘liquid gold’? Argan Oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of argan trees in Morocco. Packed with high performance ingredients such as antixoidants, fatty acids and Vitamin E, argan oil moisturizes and promotes healthy hair growth. This exotic blend not only repairs damaged hair, it treats split ends and also leaves hair with a veil of natural healthy shine.

If you have thin/ normal hair, use the pink bottle, Argan Oil Ex Oil for feather-light and flowy hair.


Argan Oil Ex Oil (For Fine to Normal Hair) deeply moisturizes hair for a consistent healthy glow and suppleness.


If you have thick/ damaged hair, use the gold bottle – Argan Oil Rich Moisture for luxurious, smooth and silky finishing.


Argan Oil Rich Moisture (For Thick / Damaged Hair) intensively repairs hair for a consistent healthy glow and suppleness.


Both the Argan Oil Ex Oil & Argan Oil Rich Moisture can be used as a UV protector, hair treatment and heat protector.

UV protection: Use in the day to protect hair against harmful UV damage and also helps give hair a healthy glow

Use on towel dried hair to deeply repair hair from within

Heat protection: Use before hair dryers/ styling tools to protect hair from direct heat damage



I’m using the Argan Oil Rich Moisture as i have thick and damaged hair.. Lucido-L is stored in a dark glass bottle to prevent the light from breaking down the healing properties of Argan Oil.. Packaging wise, i love the glass pump bottle as it is more sturdy and convenient to use.

Will use the 1 pump of the  Argan Oil Rich Moisture on each side of my hair in the morning. Since Argan Oil Rich is oil-based, it might seem oily and heavy. However once it is fully absorbed, there’s isn’t any greasy heavy after-feel. A personal tip, do not pump the oil and apply it on your hair at one go.. Instead, pump in small quantities and work through your hair in sections to achieve better results.. The treatment oil has an amazing fruity scent and i cannot emphasize how much i love the smell!! After application, hair tames down, looks shiner and feels smoother instantly. I can slide my fingers through my hair easily to detangle. You can use this treatment oil in many ways such as heat protector, to hold curls better, pamper your hair throughout the day, before shampoo to nourish and prep hair etc. :)

New folder8

Argan Oil Ex Oil and Argan Oil Rich Moisture retails at $16.90 each.

Lucido-L will be announcing a big surprise (read: free samples) on their Facebook page very soon. Simply head over and follow them to receive updates!

* Disclaimer: Products Description and information are extracted from Lucido-L’s Presskit.