NDP 2010

Just an ordinary public holiday as i did not manage to get the NDP tickets again this year..
*Sulk! When will God bless me with a pair of tickets? I really wanna watch NDP live!
Nevertheless, i had a fruitful day with cell members..
Started the day bright and early with breakfast @ Quayside Boomerang..
Goal of the day: ‘COAST’ planning over breakfast..
Anyway Boomerang serves ‘All Day breakfast’.
Very nice cafe that serves delicious breakfast..
Bill comes up to about $22 per person (Meal + drinks)
Quite affordable IMO

Next up, CCTV shopping with Francis and Val..
After four hours of intensive walking, they had finally made their choice..
Oh my poor legs…
Ended the day with late lunch at KFC…

I am looking forward to the cell outing during Sep 10..
Hopefully my 2 oikos will be able to make it…
Alright! Back to quiz revision..
Arrghh! I seriously hate Business Strategy!

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