Fitflop Review…

Been lemming for a pair of Fit-flop since months ago when i heard about the benefits..
However, the price really turns me off as i don’t wish to pay $119 for a pair of slipper..
But thanks to LL who surpise me with a pair of Electra as part of my birthday present..
Initally, i wanted Silver with White base but i am happy with this pair as the base/sole won’t get dirty so easily…

In case you are wondering, what benefits will this pair of slipper bring?
Here you go:

(Picture credit to Fitflop)

Bascially, it will help to prevent and reduce pressue in hips/knees as it helps to absorb higher amount of shock compared to normal shoes. 
It also helps to reduce pressue which means higher comfort..
You can tone up your legs and ensuring comfort at the same time..
Sound too good to be true? 
Cannot really comment much about the benefits as i only wore it twice…
But I swear that the pair of slipper is really very comfy..
Thank you LL for the nice suprise.. 🙂

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