Review: Kose Mask White

Was given this chance to try out Kose mask white during their roadshow..
Thank you Kose for giving me this chance to be their Demo model..
PS: I am not paid to do this review but i really think that their mask is good..Here’s a picture of the mask (Credits to Kose)
Retail price: S$34..

1) Help prevent dull and uneven complexion
2) Deep cleasing effect while removing sources of dark pores
3) Easy peel off and fast drying fomulation
4) Contains natural herbs which helps to improve the skin

How to apply the mask?
1) Start off with the cheeks area as it is the biggest area..
2) Using your third finger, apply the mask evenly (remember! Do not be stingy with the amount)
3) Next, move on to the lip and chin area.
4) Lastly, apply it to your T-Zone.
5) Make sure that the coverage is evenly spread and skin color cannot be seen

Here’s how you will look after applying the mask..

Wait for 30 mins for the mask to be dry and peel it off starting at the bottom so there will be a  lifting effect.
Clean off remaining residue with toner/Warm water…

Personally my skin feels very clean after the mask..
I don’t see so much blackheads and clogged pores after the application..
Skin tone seems brighter and more even..
I will rate this product 4/5..

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