Review: Vichy’s Anti Imperfection Concentrate

Thanks to Vichy’s Imperfection Challenge..
I have been given this chance to try the full range of Vichy Normaderm products..
Came across this range of products when my sister started using it..
After 1 month, i saw the vast improvement in her skin….
Was really tempted to switch to this range but i still have my old skin care to finish..
So when June approached me to be her challenger..
I said ‘YES’ immediately..As expected, this range of products did not fail to amaze me..
Just 1 week plus in using the products, my outbreaks, oilness, redness and peeling skin actually decrease.. 
You can actually see the photos/videos for yourself by clicking this Link (P/S: You can Vote for me too! Just click on all the pictures and video and click Vote! :p)

Out of all the products, this is my favourite and HG product..

Vichy’s Anti Imperfection Concentrate


Contains s special kind of Salicyclic Acid together with its unqiue sebum control technology

1) Promise to dry out pimples 
2) Gentle yet effective
3) Regulate sebum production
4) Prevent futher outbreak

Texture: Watery (Gel-like), Light weighted and Non sticky

Like: I like the way that it is absorbed into the skin fast.. Personally i have tried many pimple cream and i find this very effective.. Acne/Pimples are less inflammed  by the next morning… 3 days into applying this product, acne actually harden and flatten.. It does’t give a stinging sensation when applied on.. One really good thing is that there is not much Brown mark left behind too (WHich means product is gentle yet effective!!)

Dislike: None

Rating: 4.5/5

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