My problematic skin history! :)

Hello everyone,Will like to share with you guys a little about my skin history…

I have been plagued with acne problem, very oily skin and enlarged pores since i am 14..

This picture (on the right) was started before the start of the acne ‘war’..
(You can see some inflamed acne already starting to appear on my skin)

It has definitely affect my life in a very negative way..
In secondary school, i have no confidence to talk to people due to my skin problems..
Yes, I have big inflamed acne all over my face..
Was always thinking that people will judge me because of my face..
It came to a point whereby i do not have much friends and i fell into depression..
Took me a lot to overcome this..

After i stepped into the working society and become more financially stable, i seek help from dermatologists..
Till date, there are about four dermatologists which i have seek help from..

1) Derm A: Steroid creams and products given. It was so harsh on the skin that i experienced numbness when i applied the cream on.. Don’t like the feeling so i seek help from another Doctor after a year

2) Derm B: Birth Control Pills and products given.. This treatment went on for about 2 years and i decided to stop it… Skin problem came back twice as bad
3) Derm C: Antibiotics and products given… I don’t see much changes so i changed doctor again

4) Derm D: Antibiotics and AHA products given.. Also, he recommended me to go for laser and botox to remove skin imperfection.. It was too expensive to maintain hence i gave it a miss. The AHA products caused a lot of redness and peeling… I will experience bad outbreaks and i have to start a new course of antibiotics to control it..

That’s how bad my skin condition is and i have really spent a lot of $ trying to have clearer skin..
I came to know about Vichy products due to my sister..
She is having the same skin concern that i am facing…
I guess it runs in the family as many of my relatives (including my brother) has the same skin type..
After she started on Vichy products, her skin shows a lot of improvements..
and Yes! Vichy products are also working its magic on me too!

See my before and after picture!



I am really amazed as i am not under any medication to achieve these results!
Despite of the stress level that i am facing due to work and school, acne outbreak is not so angry as before and there is reduced redness/enlarged pores..
To conclude: Vichy Normaderm products are really effective yet ‘wallet friendly’..

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