Vichy Final Skin Analysis

Just a quick update about the skin analysis that took place on saturday..(note: pictures are all credit to June)

1st skin analysis result:

Hydration Level: 54%
Shine Index: 17%, T-zone: 25%, U-zone: 9%

Note that the sebum level is not accurate as i remove my make up on the spot before the analysis.. Anyone who knows me personally will know how OILY my face is… Even my derm has suggest botox and laser to curb the oiliness. Here’s a photo of me during my make up removal process:

Oh! I love Vichy’s make up removal too as there’s is a soothing and cooling effect ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s my report card:

Want to know what the result after 2 weeks of using the products?
*Drum roll*

(note: I have removed my make up 45 minutes prior the analysis)

Hydration Level: 99%
Shine Index: 18%, T-zone: 31%, U-zone: 8%

Hydration improved tremendously!! Oil level too (Previously my face will turn very oily just after one hour)

One personal tip:

Keep one bottle of the thermal spa water in the office and spray every 2-3 hours.
The air conditioned environment can be very harsh to your skin so this is very important beside drinking water)
Every 3 days, do a mask using the thermal spa water (leave it on for about 10 – 15 minutes)

Overall conclusion after using the products.

My skin imperfection is improving although i am still having outbreaks…
It really cannot be help as i am feeling so stressful due to school and work…
But this time round, although i am not taking any antibiotics, the outbreaks are less ‘angry’ than before..
Anyone with very problematic skin will understand how difficult it is to keep acne under control WITHOUT any medication..

This is really a big improvement as i am controlling imperfection and seeing results just by using products instead of relying on medicine..

In case you are wondering on what medication i was having previously, here’s a breakdown:


1) Doxycycline
2) _________ (Another stronger dosage which i cannot remember the name)Side effects: None for me

Birth Control Pills:

1) Diane 35
2) Estelle 35Side effects: Weight gain!! (I am someone who don’t gain weight that easily.. So there is a trade off between good skin and your weight!)

Results will be out this wed!
Thanks to Vichy, June and my friends for giving me the support all these while! ๐Ÿ™‚

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