It’s finally in my hands! :)

Finally, the Vichy Challenge has came to an end..
First time cooperating with June and i am amazed by the chemistry that we have..
Indeed, we are rewarded for our hard work and originality (praise the Lord!)..
Despite some setbacks and misunderstanding that happened during the challenge, I’m glad that we have tide thru and made it !!
Anyway, i do not wish to open up the can of worm as people have eyes to see so I shall not reveal much here..Skipped my lesson yesterday to collect my prizes..
The moment which i am waiting for!!
Some pictures which June has taken when i was busy with the products selection..
(All my pictures are credit to June)
Big big thanks to everyone who have contributed in any ways.. 🙂

Had a hard time trying to make my selection due to the wide range of products

Here’s my final choice:

1) Calming cleansing solution
2) Double corrective whitening Essence
3) Purifying Foaming Cream Cleanser
4) Eye Roll on
5) Daily Exfoliating Cleansing Gel
6) Normateint Anti-Imperfection Foundation
7) Active Anti-imperfection Concentrate
8) Drying Concealing Anti-Imperfection Stick

Ohhh! The latest gadget in my hands (Finally!)

The pretty ladies behind the scene(Thank you for everything)

Thank you Vichy for organising this challenge…

You have blessed me with the skin transformation & confidence level that i need.. No words can describe how grateful i am ♥

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