(Review) Oh My God!!!!

I’m sure many of us are found guilty of this skin-care crime: SLEEPING WITH YOUR MAKE UP ON!
Due to our hectic lifestyle, everyone just want to hit the sack once we reached home..
Sometimes we are just so lazy to remove our make up and spend time carrying out our skincare routine..
I’m guilty of that too and how i wish that there will be an all in one solution during days when i am tired/lazy…God answered my wish as i chanced upon this product online…
 This bottle of goodness is perfect answer for women who seeks convenience in their daily skincare regimen..
(Thank you Yihong for helping me to get this during your HK trip)..

Oh My God Perfect Gel (150g, HKD 165)

This gel provides a 6-in-1 skin-care functions which includes makeup remover, facial cleaner, toner, essence, emulsion and moisturizing). It is formulated with moisturizing ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, Collagen and Ceramide. So it not only removes makeup but also provides skincare benefits all in 1 single step. I will definitely bring this during travel since it contains all the ‘goodness’ (Cleanse, tone and Moisturize) that i need2 ways to use OH MY GOD Perfect Gel:

1) Massage the gel gently to dissolve your make up. After which, just wipe it off with cotton pad and you don’t have wash it off.
2) During days when your skin is dry, this gel serve as a moisturizer so you can apply it like a lotion.  just leave it on your face to achieve a hydrated and dewy skin..

My Verdict:  It has a very nice and sweet berry scent (My favorite!!)… My skin doesn’t feel dry after cleansing and there is no sight of peeling skin (Which means its hydration function is working well on my skin). it does remove all my make up well (including my water-proof mascara but you have to massage the gel around your eye area longer in order to dissolve the water proof make up… Since it is only about $27 after conversion, this is really a good buy for all its goodness.. Will rate this 4.5/5!


2 thoughts on “(Review) Oh My God!!!!

  1. Anonymous says:


    Hey babe! Its selling at $39.90 at Sasa now. Damn, $27 from HK? I want one too! I suppose it doesnt have SPF in it rite?

    • jermaineeee says:

      Re: Thanks!!

      Hey babe,

      Nope there is no SPF.. Yeah it is $27 a bottle.. Hmm, i try to get my classmate to purchase? He is coming back for exams on 17th.. Hopefully he can help! 🙂

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