(Sponsored Post: Dr Jart+): Abundance of Water!

Argh! Exam Exam Exam!
I’m sure everyone hate this dreadful word…
If you ask me to define exam, i will throw you with these terms:E– Eruption of PIMPLES (I hate it!!)
X – Xtremely LACK OF SLEEP 
A – Annoyed!!! (Please try not to pissed me off during this period, i will really BITE)
M – Mugging & more Mugging

Notes and more notes! Argh!

With lack of sleep/stress, my skin tends to be really sensitive..
Pimples popping like ‘pop-corn’ and not forgetting the dark eye circles!
I will be so occupied that i tend to forget to keep myself hydrated..
As such, my skin is dehydrated and my sebum production will to be really active if i don’t drink enough water..
Sigh! I really don’t want my skin problems to add on to the vast amount of stress
As i have mentioned in earlier post, i am blessed with this set of products from Confirm Trading
God is always a good God who will supply me with my needs..
Knowing about my dehydrated skin, I’m blessed with abundance of ‘WATER’

Presenting: Dr Jart + Most Moist Series

Dr Jart+ Most Moist Skin Mist (Toner)
Dr Jart+ Most Moist Water Sure Gel (Moisturizer)
  Dr Jart+ Most Moist Sleeping Mask
Dr Jart+ Most Moist Waterfuse BB Cream

Will be reviewing the BB cream in this post as i don’t wish to overwhelm my readers…
I’m sure most of us have heard about Dr Jart+ before.

Dr. Jart+ originates from Korea and it carries a huge range of skincare products which is customized for different skin concern. Dr Jart+ promise to provide consumers with a quality and reliable products which have been developed by prestigious dermatologists using  scientifically certified ingredients. This wonderful brand has been distributed in more than 13 countries (I’m so glad that Confirm Trading carries this remarkable brand)

Star of the day:

Water fuse Blemish Base Cream
Retailing at S$39 @ Watson

Key Ingredients & Characteristics

1) Skin Protection with SPF 27/PA++
2) Lock in moisture with highly absorbent sea water
3) Portulaca Oleracea: Protect and soothe
4) Hyaluronic acid : Hydrates the skin for a softer & fresher look
5) Aloe vera : moisturizing and soothing
5) Porous powder : Sebum control and protects the skin from environmental harm

Promise to add on to skin radiance while covering up flaws for a natural look…

How to use?

After your skincare routine, spread/pat some amount onto your face. I prefer using a piece of sponge to apply it on… Finish off with a layer of loose powder if needed..

My Verdict

 Texture: Just like what its name has suggested, it is indeed hydrating and soothing. The BB cream is non sticky and has a watery texture. It just feels like i am applying moisturizer onto my skin and when i spread it evenly, it can literally feel it ‘melting’ into powdery form. It just feel so light on my skin as if i am not wearing any make up.. I can finally understand why June is always raving about her Dr Jart+ BB cream.. Tried it for myself i understand why.. I’m a big fan of foundation/BB cream that does not feel very cakey when applied on… i don’t want my make up to ‘crack’ when i smile!!

Colour Tone: When applied on, the BB cream shade is a bit too dark for me… But after blending it and dusting some loose powder on, it look natural on me…

Coverage: See my before and after photo and decide for yourself (Note that i did not apply any concealer on the few pimples on my chin area! See what stress is doing to my skin! esp my CHIN!! Argh!)…

I squeeze one pimple on my chin so it is very red as seen in the ‘BEFORE’ picture. But the BB cream managed to cover the redness well…You see that the BB cream even out my skin tone and gives my skin a matt look.

Oil Control: By mid day, my T zone is oily… The oil control ability might be a slight flaw for me but it can be easily resolved by oil blotters… 

Overall Rating: 4/5 (minus one for the oil control flaw). Dr Jart+ live up to its promise and did not fail to disappoint me. Will recommend this to anyone who is looking for a light weighted BB cream

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