Shine like a Diamond :)

In the midst of my busy exam preparation, i managed to allocate some time to attend this awesome private event held by SECRETIVE..
Event is held at Marine Bay Sands (My first time stepping into this place)…
Upon stepping in the lobby, we were welcomed by friendly Kiyora who ushered us to the hotel roomLet the FUN begin!!!
ElishaCoy’s “Diamond Sparkle VIP Party”

Short introduction about Secretive: The company deals with organic skincare products and cosmetics. Some brands which they carries includes:  Elishacoy, LoveMore, Sexy Look, LUS, Age-lock, Yufit & LioeleThe big and comfy bed that welcomed us upon entering the room…

Started off the session with a short introduction over food.. The sweet ladies actually prepared finger food for everyone knowing that most of us rushed down after work.. 🙂

(Picture credits to Vivian as i forgot to take a picture of the food)

 After which, we were separated into 3 groups and my group was given hands on experience on the skincare products that they carry.

The girls in my group…

 Testing the all in one cleanser which promises to remove all make up including waterproof ones. Indeed it works and it doesnt leave my skin oily after washing off. The toner on the right is one of their best sellers… It gives a refreshing sensation when i applied onto my skin…

The YUMMY chocolate mask.. Not that it taste Yummy but it really smell heavenly. I was telling VIvian that i want to lick it off… hahaha! This will go into my TO BUY LIST..

Some other skin care products:


Next, we moved on to a mini game… Its a mix and match session and we (Me and Vivian) WON the game… 


This game is to kick start an introduction to a great BB cream – Elishacoy Diamond Shine BB cream… This one of a kind BB cream will create a 3D effect while caring your skin with its unique seven gemstones fusion (Amethyst, Pearl, Coral, Tourmaline, Jade, Diamond and Amber )… Containing SPF27/PA , this two in one make up will give you a dewy/shiny glow while concealing your flaws. Due to its organic composition, it is suitable for all skin type. It feels light and non oily on my skin.. I LIKE! 🙂

See the ‘bling bling’? This BB cream will come in handy during clubbing.. But it will also be suitable for daily use.. Just dust on a layer of loose powder and you will be able to cover up the shimmers…

Next, we moved on to the comestics counter. Check out different make up that they carry:

2 personal favorite… Cheek tint which It gives you a long lasting and natural looking glow..

The Mineral powder that is so fine and glides on so easily…

The ladies having fun with the friendly staff… The 1.5 hours session just zoomed past and i truly enjoyed myself….

Thank you Vivian for accompanying me.. 🙂 I hope you have enjoyed yourself.. This picture credits to Vivian again… hehe!

Thank you Kiyora for the invite and your warm hospitality…

The goodies inside the red paper bag.. Will be reviewing their LOVEMORE mask next so stay tune!


Thank you SECRETIVE !!

If you prefer a retail store, you can check out their great products from these departmental store

BHG & John Little

Do check out their facebook profiles for promotions and giveaways!

Lush Beauty



Before i go, do check out this online blog for fake eyelashes. They have a wide selection @ affordable prices… Brought back one from the blogger party and i cannot wait to try it!

Take care everyone!!:D

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