(Sponsored Post: Dr Jart+): Zzz-ing Mask

I’m sure everyone know about how sufficient sleep is important to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul…
How about loving and pampering yourself further even when you are sleeping?
Sound like a great deal right?
Not sure if this product will ring a bell..
Yes, i’m referring to sleeping mask…


It’s a fact that it is not recommended to leave any mask on overnight as it might actually harm your skin..
But right now, you can do it with Dr Jart Most Moist Water-Max Sleeping Mask!
It is specially formulated to work while you sleep! 🙂How does it work?

Key Ingredients:

Fructans, Olive, Adansonia digitata, Sophora Japonica, Cranberry, Equisetum giganteum, Hyaluroninc acid  & Essential Oils( Lavender, Myrrh, Orange, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Geranium, Benzoin, Rose)These helps to promote skin hydration, strengthen and soothe delicate skin , enhancing skin glow and elasticity. This mask contains zero preservative, alcohol,  fragrance, colorant so it won’t irritate the skin even when applied overnight. One unique formulation will be the use of lactic acid bacteria extracted from Kimchi to acts as a preservative system. In addition, this mask contains 9 essential oil helps promote sound and comfort sleep.

How to use?

After your normal skincare routine, apply a thin layer to your face 10 minutes before hitting the sack. There is no need to wash off as this mask will help forms a protective layer on the skin while keeping the skin hydrated while you sleep. Next morning, just rinse it off with cool water.

My Verdict

This sleeping mask does not feel heavy on the skin and it is easily absorbed into my skin. It has a gel-typed texture so you don’t have to worry that it will clog your pores. Indeed, the mask smells so nice and it helps me to relax. This mask really comes in handy as i’m currently on medication and my skin is really very dry.. There’s some peeling and flaking of my skin which is one of the side effect. But after using the mask, peeling has reduced and my make up is not that patchy.. Will definitely continue using it to keep my skin hydrated during this period.

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Thank you Confirm Trading for this sponsored product! 🙂

6 thoughts on “(Sponsored Post: Dr Jart+): Zzz-ing Mask

    • jermaineeee says:

      Re: Vivian

      Hey Vivian,

      I have yet to try Bio-essence’s sleeping mask so cannot really compare.. But i find their products a bit too thick for my liking (like their tanaka white moisturizer and BB cream).. But i do have friends raving about their sleeping mask.. Boils down to personal preference.. 🙂 I really love the smell of this mask.. Very nice and has a calming effect..

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