Glory be to God! :)

Remember that i was so depressed about my International Business exam paper?
Studied so hard but only 20% of the tips came out?
Was cursing and swearing while struggling to complete the paper..
I’m someone who is damn lousy in spotting questions..
All i will do is to ‘overkill’ myself with too much facts..
But my hard work pays off!!!
.Guess what?
I got back the results just now!
It’s an Anaconda!!!!!
So happy!!! Praise the Lord for his amazing grace!!
Thank you to those angels who prayed for me..
It’s gonna be a hectic 3 weeks ahead..
2 assignments and 2 exams to clear..
Go figure! I don’t know how to handle it but i must learn how to manage it!
Last semester and i’ll put in my very BEST!
I”m sorry for the lack of reviews but these reviews will be coming up! Stay Tune!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Say Yes to Vroom Vroom Lashes!!

Say No to *ah hem! Dark Arm Pits..



Oh ya, before i go!! Anyone interested in buying my SK2 FTE? It’s 250ml and there’s about 3/4 left [SOLD]

Bought in early 2010
I’m letting go at $50 (but there is no box)
Don’t worry! It’s authentic (from Taka’s SK2)
My skin is too sensitive for me to continue using this..
You can email me at if you are interested!

Take care everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

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