‘Favourite-est’ Hydrator: Vichy Normaderm Tri-Active Anti-Imperfection Care

I’m featured in Cleo & Her World again! 🙂

So which product am i raving about??


(Picture credit to Vichy)
NORMADERM Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care an improved formulation (with Hydra Peeling technology) from former anti-imperfection hydrating care. It promise to treat imperfections, provide long-lasting hydration and matte finish. Specially formulated for Asian and its suitable forOily, Acne Prone, Combination and Sensitive Skin.
Its unique Hydra Peeling technology contains three peeling ingredients: LHA, salicyclic acid and glycolic acid.(1) LHA is an exclusive ingredient  that will micro-exfoliate the skin to reveal a smoother and even surface.
(2) Salicylic acid (for Purifying) aids to unclog pores and break-down blackheads and whiteheads.
(3) Glycolic acid helps to ‘kill’  bacteria that cause imperfections.
Gel-like base which is easily absorbed and leave the skin with a velvety / Matt finish
My Verdict: As mentioned earlier,  I’m currently on medication which leaves my skin very dry. Before using the hydrator, I was experiencing flaking, peeling and dry skin on my nose and chin area. Was using a moisturizer from the doctor but it don’t seems to relieve the dryness. After using the Normaderm hydrator for 3 days, the flaking, peeling and tight discomfort has reduced.  What I love about the product is that it has a pleasant smell which is not too overwhelming. The product is also non-oily and it is easily absorbed into the skin. My skin will feel very smooth and silky after application.  While on the 10th day of usage, the amount of peeling has reduced greatly. My skin is much more hydrated and my skin is also less oily. Make-up now goes on more evenly and stays on longer.

After using this product for 30 days, it has become part of my skin care routine that I cannot do without. I’m still on medication but my skin stop peeling and there is no more tight sensation. Only dry part of my face is my lips, which I cannot use the hydrator on it :). I have observed that this new formulation is absorbed faster into the skin and I’m seeing results faster as well. Oil control ability is much better and long lasting as well; pores are more refined and skin looks much smoother.

If you have acne prone skin like me, it will be good if you avoid cream moisturizer as it might be too rich for our skin type.. You might get clogged pores as a result… Gel / Water based moisturizer will be a safer bet.. Do give this hydrator a try as it helps me to combat sebum and reduce the appearance of pores. My skin is also clearer and healthier-looking.

Skin looking so good despite suffering from pre-exam stress!

5 thoughts on “‘Favourite-est’ Hydrator: Vichy Normaderm Tri-Active Anti-Imperfection Care

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Does it really work?

    Hi, want to ask if this really works for unclogging pores? now suffering from whiteheads, pimples and blackheads! 😥
    Thank you

    • jermaineeee says:

      Re: Does it really work?

      Hi dear,

      I’m not very sure on your skin condition but following are my suggestions.

      You will need other products to complement this.. First of all, make sure that you remove your make up properly and have a suitable skincare routine. I will suggest that you go down for a detailed skin analysis in order to know what products best suits you? Vichy Normaderm ranges works very well for my acne prone skin and i believe it will work for you too.. You can search my posts as i did some other reviews for their products.. 🙂

      Beside these, I will suggest that you use a Scrub and deep purifying mask regularly. This will remove your dead skin cell + white head + black heads which in turn reduces pimples. You can try Vichy Daily Exfoliating Cleansing Gel (Scrub) and Kose Mask White.. Hydrating is also important so you can use moisturizing to keep your skin soft and supple.. You can also go for facial once a month to pamper your skin..

      Hope my suggestions works for you and stay pretty always! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

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