(Sponsored Review) My In Square Experience..

What is the importance of having a good hairstyle?(Photo credits to In Square)

I’m sure you will tell me that you wish:

1) To look presentable
2) To bring out the best in you
3) To look beautiful / handsome
4) To have manageable hair and to prevent bad hair days

Personally, i feel that beside having a flawless skin, a good hairstyle will articulate your features and increase attractiveness.. I don’t have very good skin to begin with so i wish i can do something about my hair.. In addition, school and work is taking a toll on me.. So, i’m sure that a good hairstyle will freshen my look and increase my confidence level.. 🙂

I’m trying to keep my hair long so i’m not cutting my hair often. Also, due to time constraint, i did not pay much attention to my hair. My last hair cut was in January and i guess you can figure how life-less my hair is… See it for yourself and please do not judge me! haha!

Thick, life-less hair and an unhappy me

I was quite excited when In Square invited me for a hairstyling session.. To be frank, i’m quite skeptical to try out new salons as i had a few bad experiences before (Bad haircuts, badly damaged hair after chemical treatment, hard selling etc). Did a quick check at their website and found out that it is an established name (since 1964) in the hairdressing industry. Also, Ivan Hoo (Its creative director) has more than 20 years experience in both hair and make-up services. He is also involved in many hair-shows, shoots, projects and has won many local hair dressing awards before; i will definitely be in good hands..

In Square is located in 24 sin ming road #01-39, Singapore 570024.

Operating Hours:
Mon to Fri: 10am – 8pm
Sat: 10am – 7pm
Sun and PH: 10am – 6pm

Landmark? It is near to Long house. Cross the road and walk towards HDB estate.

No doubt In Square is a neighborhood salon, its personalized services will satisfy your requirements at reasonable prices.

When i entered the salon, its well maintained and modern furnishing gave me a cosy feeling.
(PS: Those painting are done by Ivan himself, very talented right?)

The range of hair products that you can purchase. Rest assured that there will be NO hard selling so you will not be pressured into buying anything.

Was ushered in by friendly Ivan and he really made me feel at home. He told me that he and Heidi will be giving me a haircut and dye as my hair color was done a few months back (Evil black roots!!)

Before he start, he asked me about my job and preferences. Nope, he is not trying to be nosy but to understand what style will suit me best. Ivan told me that he will treat all customers like his closed friends in order to provide customized services for all. Ivan is also constantly keep abreast of latest Japan fashion / culture. This explains why he wants to provide his customers with a more personal touch.

As i’m in the customer service line, he told me that that will be giving me a more professional and softer look (Note: no wild / loud colors and hairstyle). Also, he understand that i do not have time to style my hair so he will be giving me a haircut which can be easily managed.

Passing the baton to Heidy, he briefed Heidy on the look to create. Ivan told me that Heidy has more than 20 years experience in make-up and hair services. Also, she’s well known for her ‘swift hands’.

Indeed, Heidy is really fast and experience. Throughout the cutting, she only uses the traditional cutting method.
No ‘layering’ scissor is used (those with zig zag teeth) which i hate as it will only damage your hair.

See how thick and messy my hair is!

20 minutes later, she’s done and my hair is transform from a ‘thick mop’  to neater and softer hair… It just felt as if a heavy burden is removed from my head.. LOL!

To prep me for the hair coloring, Ivan told me about their coloring technique. It is always important to prepare our hair for any chemical treatment with a base. This will ensure that all the chemical are fully absorbed with opened cuticles. After which, cuticles will be sealed to lock the colors in.

(1) PT will be applied (base) – Open up my hair cuticles. Hair will feel coarse when cuticles are opened.
(2) Dye will be applied evenly on.
(3) Washing off the dye and closing up the cuticles with BF. Hair will be smooth after cuticles are closed.

End result, a vibrant, long lasting hair color.. 🙂

Brand of hair dye that they are using will be Hoyu from Japan. This hair-dye promise to protect your hair and ensure long lasting results.

Color chosen for me will be X-4/3. It is actually very dark brown (warm color) which will give me a natural look.

Friendly Ivan sharing some hair and skincare tips while Heidy gets busy..

All done! Waiting for the colors to seep in..

After an hour, hair wash and BF is being applied on to seal the color. All set to go!!

Before the start of the hair-coloring process, i told Ivan that i am currently on medication which leave my hair very dry. So i was worried that my hair will turn into hay, but Ivan reassured me that it will not… End result, my blackie hair which is soft to the touch. Wow! 🙂

I told Ivan that i have been dropping hair (despite having a thick mane). He recommended this hair tonic which is for scalp protection. It has a nice soothing and cooling sensation upon application. I’m gonna purchase this during my next visit..

Anyway, this cute icon caught my attention when i was doing my hair. Ivan told me that they actually provide Thai massage for their customers. Taking about personalization.. 🙂

Ta-dah, the massage is also done in the privacy of their massage room. So thoughtful!

Thank you Ivan and Heidi for this new look.. ♥
I’ll will be back to patronize in the future!

I have received many compliments for my hair.. I totally agree with my friends that my current hairstyle suits me.. It really freshen up my look and makes me look more approachable..
Now, you can win a hair styling session with In Square..
Just ‘like’ their facebook page and tell them what’s your desired hairstyle.
Good Luck! 🙂

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