(Sponsored Review) It’s time to play with the sun!!

After 18 months of determination and hard work, i am finally done with my degree program!!
It’s time to get that lazy bum moving after 5 years..
I desperately need to start an exercise routine after bumming around for so long!
There shall be no more excuses (like time constraint etc)!Checklist:

♥ Jogging shoe (CHECK)
♥  Exercise attire (CHECK)
♥ MP3 Player (CHECK)
♥ h20 (CHECK)
♥ Partner in ‘crime’ (CHECK)

Looks like I’m ready to sweat it out!!!


How could i forget the MOST IMPORTANT THING??

Sad to say, the sun isn’t as CUTE as it seems.

Do you know that the sun’s ultraviolet b (UVB) rays causes sunburn and ultraviolet a (UVA) rays lead to photo-aging and skin cancer?  The function of a broad-spectrum sunblock is to shelter your skin by absorbing these dangerous ray. This will prevent them from posing harm to your skin by penetrating deep into the skin layers.

With the killer sun, I’ll need to protect my skin!!!


Such a coincidence, Thesamplestore & Sunplay sent me some sunblock items for review..
I can put these items to good use! 🙂

Let me start with the body mist first.
  I’m someone who don’t have this habit of applying sunblock to my body (except my face).
Just plain LAZY and I absolutely hate the oily and sticky film after application…
Thank God for this convenient body mist..
I just need to spray it onto my skin and it’s good for hard to reach area (MY BACK) too..
No more messy application, no need to ‘dirty’ my hands!

Sunplay UV Body Mist 

SPF80 PA++
(150ml, $17.90)

This gem will protect us from the sun with its goodness:

1) Full spectrum UVA / UVB sun protection function.

2) Waterproof & sweat proof thus good for all types of outdoor activities.

3) Non-greasy formulation, long-lasting cooling sensation upon application.

4) With Vitamin C & E to reduce free radicals & defect off harmful effects of the sun.


Some tips:

1) Spray it 6-8 inches away from body and ensure even application on skin.

2) Avoid spraying directly onto face. As the skin on our face is delicate, spray the mist onto palm then apply it onto face.

3) For maximum protection, ‘Re-Mist your skin after swimming, perspiring or sun exposure.


My Verdict: Watery, transparent, non-sticky formula and it leaves a cooling sensation on skin.The body mist has amild citrus scent and i love the smell! Application is a breeze, fast-drying and there is also no oily film left behind. No more oily and discomfort feeling which i hate! As it is transparent, you don’t have to blend and worry about having a white cast after application.. Will definitely bring this gem along for my upcoming Batam getaway! Of course, this will be my companion when i go jogging.. 🙂


If you don’t wish to use this mist on your face as you prefer sunblock lotion instead, not to worry, Sunplay has cater to your needs as well!:)

Sunplay Super Block SunBlock Lotion (#1 Sunscreen in Watson)
(35g, $17.20)

If you have to spend long hours under the sun or engaging in outdoor sports / water activities, fear not! This sunblock has the highest SPF 130PA+++ for long hour filtering against UVA and UVB (YAY to zero sunburn & premature aging). Its Japan ‘Watery liquid” formulation’ is non-greasy, Non-comodogenic and yet super water proof.


Some tips:

Even if you are using sunblock, it is always better to prep your skin with moisturizer before applying sunblock. As this sunblock is watery, always shake the bottle well before use. Just like make-up, you should remove the sunblock with a make-up remover. To minimize white cast, just blend it evenly onto face and body.


Its texture reminds me of emulsion and has a water-based texture. When spread evenly, it becomes clear.

My verdict: Before trying this sunblock, i assumed that it will be very oily and heavy due to its high SPF. But i am WRONG. This sunblock is extremely light and feels smooth on skin. Due to its watery texture, it will just get absorbed easily without leaving any sticky film. However, there will be a white cast after application (You can see it in the picture above).  To reduce the ‘white cast  contrast’, just ensure that you apply it evenly onto your face, neck and body. If you are worried that this sunblock will clog your pores, it won’t as it is Non-comodogenic and dermatologist tested.

Since it is highly waterproof, it will be hassle free as you don’t need to have frequent re-application. But do remember to cleanse it off thoroughly with a make-up remover. Only thing which i don’t like will be its smell. It has a typical sunblock smell so i don’t think i will be using it on my face very often.. Will bring this for my Hong-Kong trip next week (for my body) as i have to spend long hours outdoor and i’m lazy to re-apply… whooo!

Now, you can redeem your free Sunplay Superblock SPF 130PA+++ travel size sample! Try it out and i’m sure you will love it!

Click me!

With Sunplay, you can LOVE and EMBRACE the sun!


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