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5 Reasons Why i HATE ALCOHOL in my beauty products!

                                                          1) Irritates & Dries up the skin. 

When top layers of skin is dry, this will impede skin’s natural ability to shed skin properly. This will causes pores to stay open and lead to  more clogged pores

2) Trigger Rosacea.
Red or rosy coloration due to dilation of capillaries. Now you have another skin condition to battle.

3) Act as a barrier and blocks out absorption of Vitamin A.
Which means my skin age prematurely due to lack of Vit A!

4) Causes skin inflammation.
With my acne-prone skin, imagine when it inflames all the acne!!

5) Your wrinkles will stand out more due to your dry skin.
Now the effort of applying anti-aging products will go down the drain.

So scary right?
But fear not as i’ll be introducing an awesome toner that’s alcohol-free.
Now you can love your skin instead of harming it indirectly!

Most Moist Water-Act Skin Mist

(Picture credits to drjart.co.kr)

Product Description

This mist is an alcohol free toner containing many moisturizing ingredients to keep skin feeling hydrated.So what are features that differentiate it from other facial mist in the market?

1) 4 Free System that’s gentle on skin

Good for all skin types (even very sensitive ones) due to its 4 free system – preservative, alcohol, fragrance, and pigment free. Therefore, it acts on skin gently without any form of irritation.

2) Natural preservative derived from Kimchi

Kimchi is not only to be consumed but it also acts as a natural preservative: Lactobacillus peptide extraction from kimchi will act as a barrier to protect the skin from the harmful environment.

3) Refreshes Skin without stickiness and leave skin hydrated

Its moisturizing ingredients penetrate deep into skin to restore skin balance and keep skin moisturized for a long time.

4) Soothing & skin barrier strengthening function

Guards skin from harmful external and internal environments while repairing skin.

Ingredient List!


How to use?

After removing your make-up and cleansing your face, hold it 20-30cm away from your face and spray it evenly. After which, pat the essence in. Alternatively, you can wipe it gently with a cotton pad / ball.

Remember to CLOSE YOUR eyes!!! I’m just trying to be funny in this picture!
My Verdict: After using this mist for a week, i really love the fact that it is so refreshing. A personal tip, you can put this into the fridge and it will bring the degree of soothing to the next level (hehe!). The mist does not have any fragrance and it does not leave a sticky film behind. As it doesn’t contain alcohol, It works well for my acne-prone skin as it soothe and soften my skin. Together with my usual skin care products, it leave my skin hydrated (there’s no peeling despite of my dry skin due to medication). You can also use this mist on your body as well 🙂


Thank you Confirm Trading for sending me this product.
You can find Dr Jart in most Watson store.

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