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I have something good to recommend today!
:)Do you want fuller, sexy and kissable lips?
Continue to read on..
1) Remember to exfoliate your lips regularly; like your skin, you need to remove dead skin from your lip to reveal healthier and softer lips. You can DIY the scrub, just mix some honey with sugar. Put the paste on a toothbrush and scrub your lips gently. PLEASE DO NOT LICK IT OFF (eeks), rinse it off with warm water.

2) Apply lip-balm before bed-time. You will wake up to hydrated lips.

3) It is always important to apply a thin layer of lip-balm before your lipstick / lipgloss. This is to ensure hydrated lips and make an even tone.

4) Of course, invest in a good lipstick that compliment your looks and to care for your lips.

.Here’s my HG Lipstick (Lippie for short!)

Esprique Precious Heart Graphical Rouge


Heart its pretty and unique casing!!

in PK 833 

(Warm rose pink shade)

Beside being cute, its heart-shaped logo’s contours will ensure a smooth application . All things exist for a good reason…

So what’s the product’s characteristics?
(credits to Kose’s website)

Creates fuller lips sealed with Bling-Bling shine

Containing ‘Gloss-Wrapping’ ingredient, this lipstick is formulated to create shine on top of the color layer. With this  “Double Coat System”, you can have glossy and color-intense lips.

 Long-lasting lip color and shine

With its high viscosity and high refractive index oleum, there will be shiny and long lasting finish. The “Gloss-Wrapping” ingredient will further compliment the shine and staying power.

 It also contains intense hydrating oil with rosemary extract to hydrate and to protects lips. As it is fragrance free, it won’t irritate your delicate lips.

Using this awesome lippie in both photos.

I like the way how the lip color glide on my lips so easily. My dry and lifeless lip became much fuller and hydrated instantly. There’s also no weird taste / smell and it is non-sticky. Now you will have a sexy, glossy and plumped-up pout! You don’t to worry about constant reapplication as this lippie is really long-lasting.

Available in many shades and you can try it out yourself at Kose’s counter..
You can also pay KOSE’s website a visit for more information about their skincare and make-up product range.

Till then!


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