(Event) So fair, you’ll glow.

Was invited to an event by KANEBO last week
Although i have heard of this brand, i admit that i have not tried anything from them.
But but, there’s always a first time for everything..
🙂The agenda for this event is to introduce their Freshel range, mainly to meet whitening and moisturizing needs.

Event is held at Drink Culture

Located @ 51 Kreta Ayer Rd, it is a cocktail bar popular with young working executives who wants to unwind.

Since i’m not very familiar with Chinatown area, Vivian and i wasted 30 mins walking in the wrong direction (in high heels) ! Please salute us! hahaha!

Pardon us for being so sweaty-looking in this picture..


Since the theme is in white, Drink Culture’s Decor really goes hand in hand.
Its modern furnishing and lighting in white gives a comfy feel.
The only complain is that the place is quite dim but luckily i brought my camera flash along.

**Drum roll**

Introducing the Freshel (by Kanebo) skin care and cosmetic range.

Freshel Moist Lift – Made by Kanebo for busy women (who are always in the office) and suffer from dehydrated skin; this skin care range will act swiftly to take care of dry / tired skin after a long day at work.

Before you step out for work, its BB cream (Moist Life W Cream w SPF 23PA++) will help your skin glow and to protect it.

Was given this BB cream in the goodies bag, will review it once i have tried it. 🙂

Luxurious moisturizing ingredients

Adhesive collagen
Hyaluaronic Acid
Silk Essence

Freshel White C – Made by Kanebo for busy women (who are always on the go) and suffer from dark spots.This  whitening series will softens the stubborn layer of stratum corneum from exposure to UV rays. It also contains  exfoliating and moisturizing fruit acid mixture with permeable vitamin C to act as whitening agent .

 Its BB cream (White C W Cream UV with SPF 32 PA++) will continue to whiten your skin while you are at work.


Penetrating Vit C (Active whitening ingredient)
Adhesive collagen (Moisturizing ingredient)
Alpha hydroxy acid mixture
Citrus peel extract
Orange peel extract

If you are interested in full product listing, please click here

Behind me is ‘Science Experiment’ Counter’ !!!

It got me feeling excited! Used to love chemistry a lot in school.

Mingled around with other blogger before i settle down for a drink.

 ‘ Desert Rose’ – a refreshing and light drink 🙂

The presentation kick start with an entertaining skit about the importance of whitening.

Yin vs Yang (Tanned Vs Fair), which will you choose?

For me? Obviously, fair skin is important to me.

Experiment starts!

 First experiment: Freshel Cleansing Oil is being put to the test!

Obviously, you cannot use normal cooking oil to remove your make up. It will only clog your pores and make your skin even oilier. As you can see on the left, cooking oil will float upon contact with water (No reaction). Thus, you cannot remove your make-up using it.

When Freshel cleansing oil comes into contact with water, the oil will react and emulsify. Mixed together with the water, it will remove every stubborn make up without any oily film left behind.

I’m going to put this to the test later, so continue to read on.

Second Experiment: Freshel Moisture Soap

Sodium Chloride (to represent sweat and sebum on our skin) was added to the beaker with Moisture soap and water. End result, it dissolved in water and no residue were left behind. ONLY Bubbles on top due to the excessive stirring.

Next, it’s the innocent looking XYZ wash

When Sodium Chloride was added to XYZ wash + water, outcome after stirring = a pudding like substance.

Imagine how clogged your pores will be after using this wash for a long period of time


Last experiment: Remove the dot!

Their whitening range contains an L Ascorbic that will remove pigmentation and stubborn spots

Just one drop of L Ascorbic onto the dark patch (created by Amino acid + water) and the spot just turned clear instantly.


All these will be the wonders that Kanebo’s products will bring to our skin!

After all the excitement, i was so hunggrrryyyy!! Luckily Finger food were being served. Yummy!

The yummy smoked duck. I think i had about 6 pcs despite having a bad throat inflammation, greedy me!

Ending off with a photo taken with some pretty blogger.

Nice meeting Wendy, Jessie and Celeste..


My Verdict:  Kanebo Freshel Cleansing Oil


Time to decorate my hand using my waterproof make-up.

Just one pump and it is sufficient to remove your make-up.
A little goes a long way.

Massage your skin gently and your make up will melt away

Massage with water to allow emulsion and to remove left-over make up. Rinse again with water and all the stubborn waterproof make up are removed effortlessly.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, i am not a fan of cleansing oil as i find it oily. But this cleansing oil did change my perspective as it removes ALL make up so easily and IT DOESN’T leave an oily film. After using for few days, no clogged pores are observed. Also, there’s no fragrance so it won’t irritate your nose.


During this GSS period, Freshel and Watsons are bringing you some great deals!!
Enjoy 30% savings for the below two products ( selling at $39.90 instead of $57.00).

 Moist Lift W Cream ($33) + White C Cleansing Oil ($24)
White C W Cream UV ($33) + White C Cleansing Oil ($24)

Promotion will be valid from 9th June to 27 July from these selected stores:



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