Its Viccal First Bloggers’ Party!

                                I’m honored to be invited to Viccal first Bloggers’ party.
                                             Thank you Heinz for the kind invitation.

                                Event is held at  A Curious Teepee  @ *Scape
                                              If you have not been to this cafe, it’s time to do so!

What’s so special?
It’s an innovative 3-in-1 cafe (combination of a lifestyle store, cafe and social space) to bring inspiration and colors to one’s life.. Not forgetting, to satisfy any hunger pangs with its yummy food and drinks.

In order to get there, just climb up the stairs from the flea market @ *Scape to the 2nd floor..

Met up with Vivian for this event…
Too bad June can’t join us 😦

Main agenda for this event is to thank bloggers for reviewing Viccal’s serum.
Thank you Viccal for the kind gesture.

Do check out my previous post (In April) for my review on Viccal No 1.10 serum

(Picture credits to Viccal’s FB)

After registration, we were required to fill up a form to understand more on our skin conditions and concerns.
Vicky also chatted with us personally and prescribed us with a serum which will address our needs.

My skin woes: Enlarged pores on my T-zone area and skin sensitivity

At the end of the consultation, i was given No 2.11.
Retails @  $165

Ingredients (100% actives)

According to Vicky, this serum targeted at acne prone skin, mild eczema, blackheads, whiteheads and oil seed and will help skin to:

(1) Detoxify, repair and renew the skin

(2) Reduce inflammation

(3) Reduce pores and restore skin texture

(4) Clarify the skin

Cumulative use will bring about results like calmer skin (Reduced break-outs) which is important if you wish to keep acne at bay.

The event kick-start with an introduction on Viccal’s philosophy and Vicky’s own beliefs.
Vicky was sharing that she has seen many redundant ingredients go into today’s skincare products.
Some products actually harms the skin instead of caring for it.

Therefore, do check the ingredient list before you purchase any skincare products.

Also, do not have this misconception is that the more expensive the product is, the better it is.
You have to make sure that your skin does not have any adverse reaction to the ingredients
(for me, it will be ALCOHOL so i’ll avoid at all costs!)

Viccal’s serum will be suitable for all skin-types as it consists of 100% skin-loving actives.
I’ll strongly encourage all to try in order to experience its goodness.

Knowing that our stomach will be calling out for help, finger-food and drinks were provided for us throughout the event.

 Yummy sandwiches.

The coffee that taste a little too sour!


Delicious and light desert! Vivian was telling me that it’s too milky for her liking.

Next up, Francis from Glominerals shared some make-up tips with us together with a live demonstration of a day to night look.

Glominerals specializes in mineral makeup for beauty with a higher purpose. Uniquely formulated, their clinically advanced mineral make up are made from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural pigmented minerals with antioxidants. The formulation will help to covers, correct and protect your skin while giving it a flawless and natural look.

Their make-up ranges consists of pressed powder, liquid foundations, blushes, bronzers, eye shadows, mascara, pencil and cream eye liners, lip sticks, glosses and many more.

Some tips which Francis gave will be1) A base is important prior to your foundation. So you can use Viccal’s 1.10 to calm skin and to ensure a smoother application. The serum will also ensure that your make-up stays on longer.

2) If you run out of eye primer, concealer can be used as a substitute.

3) If you applied too much blusher, fear not and you do not have to wipe it off. Simply dust on some loose powder to cover the color.

Francis did a day look on Vivian (Which i did not take any photo, my apologies) and after-which he transformed it into a night look.

End result!

Pretty Vivian who is ready to party the night away! 🙂

That’s the mineral foundation that Francis used on Vivian. It is finely milled and it can be easily blended. You don’t have to worry about it clogging your pores as this mineral foundation will not. In fact, you can sleep with this make-up on (But i will not encourage you to do so.. Hehe) 

See how natural it is after blending.

One good news to share, starting from this month to august 2011, glominerals will be having its GSS promotion. Purchase two or more glominerals product and get a 15% discount in a single purchase.

The girls after their mini-makeover.

Cindy! Simply in love with her dimples!

Vivian and myself. I’m too lazy to Q up for the make-over..

Ended the session with pretty Vicky, Joyce, Cindy, Vivian and myself.

Once again, thank you Viccal & Glominerals for the hospitality given.

Truly enjoyed myself with all my skin-care doubts cleared.


To end this post, i’ll like to put Viccal No 2.11 to the test.
As mentioned by Vicky, the serum is very good to heal acne which is deeply embedded in the skin.
So let the pictures do the talking.

Since 2 weeks ago, I have this headless stubborn acne that just refused to go away.
Sad to say, it is just smacked below my NOSE..

After applying No 2.11 for just 2 days, the ‘whitehead’ finally surfaced!
Anxious me decided to squeeze it (WRONG MOVE) and it became inflamed.

*Me and my itch fingers!! Sigh!!

Picture taken after i tried squeezing the white head out but mission failed!
Now my acne is red and inflamed. So, i continued to apply a thin layer of No 2.11 to soothe the ‘angry’ acne

Next morning, guess what happened?

The whitehead just dropped out when i was patting my skin with toner..
(Eh, i don’t think i’ wanna leave you feeling disgusted with the ‘After’ picture of the ‘flatten’ acne) 
Of course, i applied a thin layer of No 2.11 to speed up healing..
Amazing right?


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