(Advertorial) My date with Gineva

Received an invitation from Elfaine from Thesamplestore to the Ginvera bloggers’ party
 The invitation crashed with my SP class, but it doesn’t deters me from attending it.
Heard so much about their new products and I want to try it myself!!!

Event is held at Novus Restaurant

Located @ National Museum of Singapore
93 Stamford Road #1-02 Singapore 178897

I’m one of the 30 judges for the Ginvera Bloggers’ challenge that was held earlier.
Out of 100 bloggers, 10 bloggers were selected to advance to the next level.
 These 10 bloggers have to conduct individual presentation and the judges will then vote for whom they think is the best

The two new babies in the lime-light!

Wore my favorite maxi dress for the event.
With my new friend, Shu Qing.

Experience modern European dining @ the comfort of the National Museum.
Away from the busy hustle of the city, this place serve as a Bar / Cafe / Restaurant that is suitable for all occasions.


Ohhh! The schedule of the day..
Can’t wait!

My one and only sacred voting card. Hehehe!

The existing products for the green tea series whitening series
This series will help ladies achieve a fairer and more radiant skin.


Green Tea Essence (Rich in Antioxidants)

Soybean Extract(Moisturize and Whitens)

Vitamins C & E (Revitalize, smooth-en and whiten)

Biogel (To enhance penetration and absorbent)

The Green Tea Whitening series consists of the following which caters to various part of your face.

1) Zero Blackheads Gel
(Remove BH, reduce sebum and prevent pimples)

2) Whitening Complete Cleanser
(Remove Dirt and impurities)

3) Whitening and Refining Fluid
(Cleanse and reduce size of pores)

4) Jade Dark Eye Circle Roll Away

(Brightens eyes, reduce fine-lines and eye bags)

5) Intensive Whitening and Spot Corrector
(Combats dark spots)

6) Aqua Whitening (NEW)
(Reduce sebum, hydrates and lighten marks)

7) Refreshing Brightens Up Day Cream (SPF 15)
(Even out skin tone and hydrates)

8) Repair and Nourish Night Cream
(Moisturizes and regenerate skin)

9) Nude Cover BB cream
(Make-up with oil control + hydration function)

Introducing the two babies which will helps with hydration and ‘cover-up’.
Not forgetting, light-weight, controls oil and gentle on skin.

Serving the Aqua Cream and BB Cream!

Fresh from the OVEN!

After the product introduction by Ginvera, it is time for some hands on activities.

Moisture test will be done on my hands before and after application of both the BB cream and Aqua cream
Comparison is being done with another competitor’s product.

The moisture reader that doesn’t lie


Texture of the Aqua Whitening Cream

Creamy but it is easily absorbed into skin.
Non-sticky with a Matt finish.

The cream has a very nice smell but i’m not a big fan of cream due to my acne prone skin.
Moisturizer with a gel base will be a safer bet for me.
If you prefer to use cream as you have dry / normal skin, i’ll definitely recommend this to you.

After the test, Aqua Whitening Cream emerged as the winner as the ‘Moisture queen!!

Containing Green Tea Essence, Thanaka Extracts and Biogel, it promise to enhance whitening. UV protection, spots lightening. It will also restore skin’s moisture level, helps to reduce oil secretion and formation of pimples.

Overtime, skin will be fairer, smoother and full of radiance

Next up, it’s Nude Cover BB cream!


Non-oily and doesn’t leave a obvious shiny cast on the face.
When you blend it, the BB cream has a ‘watery feel’ and can be spread easily over your face.
However, this BB cream might be too light for people who are tanned.

Wheee! The star goes to Nude BB cream…
Moisturizing your skin even with your make-up on! 🙂

With premium Green Tea, Ginseng, Chinese Angelica and Hyaluronic Acid, this BB cream promise to conceal, block the harmful rays of sun, whitens, hydrates and reduce the appearance of lines. It helps to provide a flawless finish and yet it is light-weight.

Get ready to see the delicious Food that Novus provided to fill our empty stomachs!?

Each and every finger-food totallyROCK MY SOCKS OFF!

Saw Jessie @ the event.
As usual, we ladies LOVE to Cam-whore!!

Group shot with the friendly babes at my table.
Simply love making new friends, discussing skin-care tips and gossiping.

Readers, do you want to try the 2 awesome products? Now you can! All thanks to Samplestore and Ginvera

Redeem your FREE samples from Ginvera’s FB!

Ginvera’s FB!

Ginvera’s FB!

Ginvera’s FB!


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