Are you a KPO? hehe!

你的包里面什么???Often, i’ll have people asking me this question…
Oh well! Not their fault as i’m always carrying a big bag around…

Seems like i’m on the run. Hehehe!So today, i have decided to do a random post..
Wanna cheer myself up as it’s Monday and i have totally NO MOOD TO WORK.

Here i go..


As i have a short term memory, this organiser is my best pal to help me remember important dates, events and deadlines. This cute organiser is from a shop in Parkway Parade and it is

originallyused to record down my lessons, assignments and examinations’ schedule. Although, I have graduated in April so i shall continue to put this to good use. Don’t really like to use my iphone’s calender to record it down as i feel that this organiser has more ‘Feel’ and i’ll be more motivated to complete my tasks. Hahahaha! 

Keys, Lanyard and Card Holder

Coach Lanyard is to hold my office’s access card and i bought it from Wei Jun. He bought quite 3 pieces from US factory outlet. Bought it because i find it very unique and affordable.

Card-holder is from Harrods and it’s a gift from A when he went to UK. My personal office name cards and ezy-link card goes inside this it.
Obviously, House keys and office keys to gain access to my house office. (DUH!)

Sunglasses and MP3 Player

My life will be very dull without Music and this IPOD used to be something really

significant in my life..
It’s my first present from the Ex and i used to treasure it a lot..
But right now, i’m hoping it will break down soon so i have an excuse to buy a new one.. Hehehe!
The engraving at the back is such a sore-eye!!
Relationships are simply too fragile nowadays, don’t you agree?
My cheapo pair of sunglasses from some random push-cart. So far so good but  ever since i have my Crizal Lenses, i have been neglecting it. Hehehe!

But but, I’m lemming for a pair of Karmi (AM Eye wear) so so so so badly

… So pretty right? Especially the one in purple..
Bag Organiser

Contains tissue paper, hair clip, pad, sweets, mirror, make-up, medicine and moisturizer. This bag organiser will encourage me to change bag often as i don’t have to transfer my things one by one..

Wendy gave me this during X’mas..



Bought this wallet in order to ‘reward’ myself for working so hard for the past 18 months. It is not easy trying to work and study at the same time.. But i did it together with God’s help and i passed my modules with flying colors.

My goal of getting XXXXX class honor is achieved! Wheee!

Umbrella and Coupons

Due to the cranky weather, i’m forced to carry a small umbrella just in case. I don’t wish to be caught in a heavy downpour and getting totally drenched. This is SO NOT COOL

Of course, coupons in case someone else or myself needs it… Hehehe!
.So what’s inside your bag?
Share with me! 🙂

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