Unveiling the Beauty Scene Investigation ♥

A series of murders have occurred in Beauty Country and i am invited as one of the ‘BEAUTY POLICE’to help unravel the truth of these gruesome murder cases.Armed with my camera and ‘hand-cuff’, i made my way down to Beauty Country located at ‘Shiseido Office’ and the Sheriff awaits us.

Before venturing to crime scene, we had a meeting and were given a briefing of the findings till date.

The evil killer who has escaped but not to worry because we will track her down!!

Poor Victims calling out for help. May peace be with them 😦

Frustration with Shampoo??? Looks like the killer needs help for her hair.


Angry over poor make up base??

Looks like the killer needs a good cleanser as well!

The killer is definitely facing problems with smudging and inferior eye make up.

We have drawn to a consensus, the killer hates inferior make-up, skincare and body-care products!!

Despite the doings of the evil clutches of the serial killer,there are some STRONG survivors who have managed to escape! Maybe the killer cannot bear to sentence them to death??

Due to their skin and hair loving characteristics, the killer has decided to spare them and they are rescued and placed in somewhere safe.

So Watson has decided to reward them!!!

Talking about double victory!

Come on, let me tell you why they deserve this recognition..

Aqualabel is a relatively new ‘kid’ in the block but despite these they are very recognized.

One item which is worth mentioning will be the Aqualabel White Clear Foam as it has won the ‘best selling whitening cleaner’. Available in 30g tube @ $16.90, it contains white clay powder which removes dirt and excess melanin. While cleansing, it keep skin soft and hydrated with Hyaluronic acid and Moist Aqua Keeping Base.

With its rich foam, it promise to pamper your skin.

Next up, Tsubaki Damage Care Range winning the best damage care range. I actually have friends who will lug these back from Japan as it wasn’t available in Singapore previously.

Finally have the chance to try it when it is made available in Singapore and i have never look back since.
You can have beautiful and shiny hair due to its Tsubaki oil EX’s, shine pearl lipid, shining sensor mechanism and Tsubaki Amino formulations.

Hair will be healthy, strong and radiance from inside out.

Shampoo (220ml and 550ml) – $9.90 and $18.90
Mask – $21.90

In the make-up category, ZA and Majolica Majorca are the big winners.

Let me start with Majolica Majorca first.

♥ ♥ Jewelling eyes (Best selling Quad Eyeshadow)
12 sparking palettes @ $27.50 each

Contains translucent pearls that will shine from all angle and palette of four colors will help you achieve nice day – night look. Application is now as easy as ABC.

♥ ♥ Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus (Best selling Lengthening Mascara)
1 size @ $25.90

Containing Jet black fibers + oil mascara liquid base which will give you a long lasting application (waterproof and resistant to oil). It will also give you a natural look with its unique coil and comb wand. With Vitamin E and Macadamia Nut Oil which will treat and enhance lashes.

♥ ♥ Perfect Automatic Liner (Best selling Eyeliner)
7 colors @ $22.90 each

Felt tip with soft bristles for easy application and intense color formulation which will give you thick and bold lines. Its fix polymer will be resistant to sweat, sebum and tears.

Now, it’s ZA’s turn!!

♥ ♥ Everbrown (No.1 Selling Eyebrow pencil)
3 shades @ $11.90

It keeps brows fresher and longer with its formula of non sticky oil, pigment and wax. Suitable for sensitive skin, it promises easy application which enhance control and no sharpening is needed.

♥ ♥ Concealer Perfection (No.1 Selling Concealer)
3 shades @ $13.90 each

Its creamy texture conceals without harming the skin. Vitamin oil helps to achieve excellent and long lasting coverage. It will help to even out skin tones and reduces imperfection with its natural flat + shading oil powder.

♥ ♥ Skin Beauty 2-way Foundation (No.1 Selling Foundation)
8 shades @ $18.50 for refill and $9.90 case

This is one of my favorite foundation as it is so friendly to the pocket and yet it works so well. It provides me with smooth and flawless skin due to its spherically-shaped pore-less powder. Not forgetting the radiance due to hyaluronic acid. Most important of all, it is skin loving with Vitamin E and Minerals with non-comedogenic formulation with sun protection.

♥ ♥ True White Plus 2-way Foundation (No.1 Selling Whitening Foundation)
4 shades @ $20.50 for refill and $9.90 case

Gives you luminous skin with a bright glow with its spotless brightening powder. Its whitening C ingredient helps to lightens dark spots and acne scars. With SPF20/PA++, it protect skin from the sun and nourishes skin with its Vitamin E + Minerals.

The goodies bag full of goodness and LOVE.

Personally, i have tried the Tsubaki shampoo + conditioner, Majolica Majorca eyeshadow, ZA concealer.

The Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner really pampers my hair and i have less tangled hair after using it for just 3 days… Gonna try their hair mask next 🙂

First encounter with Majolica Majorca eyeshadow is during my overseas trip to Taiwan few years back. It wasn’t launched in Singapore yet and the packaging really caught my eyes so i just had to purchase it. Good buy as the color is pigmented and long lasting.

ZA concealer is the first concealer that i have ever tried. Affordable and it doesn’t clog the pores. Only rant is that the coverage might be a little too light as it doesn’t cover up some of my brown acne marks.

The goodies doesn’t stop at this, We were given a chance to ‘Bling’ the ZA casing as well.

Now, i have a special casing that everyone will be envious of.. hehehe!

A new friend made.

Its Pretty Xin yi with her Chio casing..
Her camera is Bling to the max and she told us that she took one day to complete it.
Now i also feel like decorating mine. Hehehe!

Next, Shiseido ushered us into a cab and brought us to Iluma…
Dinner will be at Empire state and i heard so much about the nice dessert from Vivian.

If you are looking for nice and innovative American food (Blended with an Asian twist), Empire state
will be the best place to head to. Once you step into the place, you’ll be greeted by the friendly service crew and you’ll be spoil for choices. Get ready to indulge in their ranges of hearty dishes from big yummy burgers to scrumptious pizzas, pastas and not forgetting desserts which will leave you wanting more.

Empire state
has tied up with Shiseido in a special collaboration.

During the month of August, ZA and Majolica Majorca will be pampering dinners at Empire state with a free make over. You will expect treats from Empire state as well. 🙂

Now you can truly unwind after a long day of work. You need not worry about not looking Good after stuffing yourself with good food.

For more information, stay tune to these FB accounts

Empire state


Majolica Majorca

The food that i had during the event.

1) Earl Grey Tea

My stomach wasn’t feeling too good so i had something hot to calm it down. Don’t be too shy to ask for water top up as their friendly service crew will be more willing to do so.

2) Mushroom Soup

Thick and creamy. You can actually chew on the mushroom bits with every mouthful.

3) Fish and Chip

If you are a cheese lover like me, you’ll love the sauce and seasoning. The fish and chip is non-oily and fried to perfection. The tender and juicy fish and chip comes in a big serving so you can share it with your friends (if you are a small eater).

4) Brownie with ice cream

Dessert is always one of my ‘happy food’ and this brownie really leave my day on a very happy note.
The brownie is very rich yet it is not too sweet….
Topped it up with a bit of ice cream and life is so PERFECT!

You should try it and you’ll know what i meant..

While eating, our eyes and ears are also in for a treat.
A make-up demo was presented to us ‘LIVE’ while we were indulging in the delicious food.

You can easily create a flawless and lasting look for the night with affordable ZA and Majolica Majorca products.

Some tips which i find it interesting will be:

1) Concealer can act as your eye primer so eye make-up will be more vibrant and it lasts longer.

2) When using blusher, ensure there’s shading (From darker to lighter). If you are doing a night make-up, it will be a direct opposite (Lighter to darker towards your hairline)

3) When applying eye-liner, remember your water-line as well. If you are worried about smudging eyeliner, get Majolica Majorca automatic liner as it is really long lasting

4) When applying eye shadow, apply the color inwards to blend it more evenly and to prevent a mess on the outer eyelid area.

Tadah, the model is ready to rock the world!

The pretty ladies @ the same table as me..

Meet Patricia and Min Sin!

Thank you Yanny, Feli and Samantha for the invite. I have truly enjoyed myself and i’m really well taken care of.. 🙂

Before i go, do you know that Shiseido has a ‘BEAUTY ROOM’

Services Offered:

1) Eye brow shaping ($10)
2) makeover ($15)
3) Facial treatment (from $25)
4) Make up (From $55)
5) Theme parties
6) Consultations and work shops

Now you can look good when you step out of their room. Get your affordable treats by calling 67398671 to book your appointment.

Ok! Last one!!! To celebrate their winnings, here’s some special promotions @ Watson from 28th July – 24th August..
Remember to grab these lovely babies!

Till then! 🙂

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