Cover Cover up with Mac studio finish concealer

Even if you have a lot of acne / acne marks on your face, don’t despair..
You can still be 美美的!

Don’t be fooled by this misconception that you should avoid make-up at all cost

As long as you use a suitable range of cosmetics and with proper removal at the end of the day, it won’t worsen your skin condition.

I’m a victim of post acne marks which is really a pain in the ass!
Thank God for concealer which will help me to achieve a flawless look…
So today i’ll share with my readers on my HG concealer, which is the…..

Mac Studio Finish Concealer
(photo & description credits of Mac website)

‘★ Lightweight and allows easy blending.

Smooth and long-wearing natural coverage.

Water-resistant and fragrance-free.

Concentrated to give excellent coverage.

Good to hide dark circles, blemishes, moles, tattoos and birthmarks.

Enriched with antioxidants.

Contains Silica to adsorb the skin’s oils.

★ SPF 35 and available in many shades.


Mine is in NC 20 and this concealer costs me $30. (7g)

You can choose to apply it with your finger tips, concealer brush or sponge.

I don’t really like the packaging as it tends to get really unhygienic to dig into the same pot over-time.
In addition, the whole pot of concealer tends to dries up faster with this packaging.
It’s just my personal preference so you can take it with a pinch of salt.

Let the pictures do the talking..
I have this red mark on my hand due to excessive scratching…

After applying a thin layer of the concealer, the redness is mostly gone..
Purposely took a macro view to emphasis on the ‘now invisible’ red mark.

I know that the concealer looks white on my hand but it is due to the USS trip..
My body is at least 1-2 shades darker than my face as i only remembered to apply sunblock on my face.
Only during later part of the day, i applied tons of sunblock on my body but it was too late…

My Verdict:

The concealer is creamy so i can blend it easily on my face. One thing which i love about this concealer is that it provides very good coverage and yet it doesn’t feels oily / heavy on my skin. I love the way that it covers up most of my post acne marks with a natural finish. Even my dark eyes circles are covered up perfectly with this concealer. You don’t have to apply a lot to achieve the cover-up effect so one tub can last me for a long long time.

As my skin will tend to become oily in the later part of the day, this concealer will stays on and i don’t have to touch up and will covers up imperfection for the whole day! The formula might be too dry to be used on the under-eye but to prevent cakey-ness / lines, you can apply a layer of eye cream prior to application.

Please do not judge me when you see my bare face below.

Keep in mind, i’m using a loose powder with zero coverage.
With this concealer, i don’t need to use foundation to hide my scars! hahaha!
See how the concealer managed to cover up most of my imperfection to give me a flawless look..

You cannot see most of my marks unless you stand close to me and scrutinize my face..

I’ll be a loyal customer of this concealer in the near future and you are strongly encourage to do so too.



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