(Sponsored Review) Achieve Kissable lips with Lip Ice Sheer Color!

Another parcel by The Sample Store (TSS)
What is it this time?
Lip Ice & TSS have sent me two lip balm for review and this brand is definitely not new to me..
Been using their lip balm since secondary school days and i’m in love with their lip gel currently (I love the way it moisturizes my dry and chapped lips with a cooling sensation. Best of all, it is less than $7!!)Lip Ice has a huge range of affordable lip care products that caters to all niches.If you are looking for fruity-tasting lip balms, tinted glosses to moisture-enriched lip balms, Lip Ice is the answer for you!

Lip Ice Sheer color is currently their new baby…

Available in 3 different forms: Strawberry, Fragrance-free and Shimmer.

This lip balm will care for your lips and at the same time, transform it to a natural shade of beautiful pink..

It goes on clear and will change to a subtle pink that beautify your lips like a lipstick..

One important ingredient is that the lip-balm is enhanced with natural BEESWAX formula..
I just have to show you this cute picture.

(Background photo credits of Alan)

Did you know that Beeswax is is an excellent emollient and moisturizers?

This lip-balm also contains Vitamin E and together with Beeswax, it acts as an Effective Anti-oxidant to soften and protect lips.  Hence, this lip-balm promises to lock in moisture, repairs and protect your lips from damaging environmental factors.

Other Natural ingredients to keep lips moisturized, smooth and healthyincludes Shea Butter, Macadamia Ternifolia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera Extract

Now you can say bye bye to chapped lips!

Oooppss… Now the two lip-balms are mixed up so how can you differentiate it??

Ok! Look at the description at the bottom!

After which, you can stick the icon (that comes with the package) onto the cap. Hahaha! Now you have very chio-looking lip-balms!

Aiya, another method is to differentiate it by the color of the lip-balm itself.

Pink = Shimmer
White = Strawberry

My Verdict

I’m currently on Acnotin (10mg daily) which leaves my lips very very dry. The medicine will shrink my oil glands and causes dryness esp on the lips. If i don’t apply any lip-balm, my lips will crack and cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Moreover, i have this habit of licking my lips so it isn’t helping much.. Therefore, i have many lip balms lying around me as a source of SOS!!

With such ‘CUI’ lips, Any friction caused by inferior lip balm should be avoided at all cost!!

Lip Ice’s lip-balm met my expectation! I love the way this lip ice’s lip-balm glides so effortlessly on my lips.
The ‘essence’ spreads so easily on my lips leaving it moisturized.

That’s the color of my lips before applying the lip-balm. I have dark color lips to begin with which people will mistaken that i’m actually having lip-stick on.

Good or bad? I don’t know.. haha!

Sheer Color – Shimmers

This is the first lip-balm i have tried as i always love lip-color with glitters / shimmers. Personally, i feel that shimmery lip color will give me yummy looking pout which is more Kissable…

The ingredient list

The glitters are actually quite subtle so you don’t have to worry about it being too loud…

The lip-balm is slowly working its magic on my lips..
It is turning my dark-red lips more pinkish to reveal a more youthful pout.

This lip-balm isn’t too waxy so you don’t have to worry about having very oily looking lips..
As you can see from the picture below, you can skip your lipstick as this lip-balm can substitute it by giving it a very healthy color..

Sheer Color – Strawberry

This lip-balm taste and smell very nice.. The strawberry favor taste neither artificial nor plastic; it taste exactly like lollipop so you must resist the urge to lick it all up..

The ingredient list

The color for this lip balm is slightly pinkish on my lips (maybe due to the fact that it doesn’t contains shimmers??)
Other than that it works the same as the shimmer lip-balm.  

Both leave my lips very soft and moisturized. Even after wiping my mouth after eating, the pinkish tint will still stay on my lips. The moisturizing effect is also quite long-lasting so i don’t have to reapply very often.

I cannot think of any dislike for this lip-balm. Maybe the only hassle is that you’ll need to use a make-up remover for the lips to remove the tint thoroughly.. Fair enough, you cannot have the best of both world right? 🙂

Readers, now Lip Ice is giving you a chance to participate in the Lip Ice Beautiful Lips contest where the top 3 most beautiful lips will win a $259 MP4.


1) Purchase your Lip Ice Sheer color at any Watson
2) Apply it and take a nice picture of yourself
3) Submit the pictures HERE
4) Rally for Votes

Do remember to Vote for me too!! Hehehe!
You can vote daily (3 votes per day)

Here’s my photo (Jermaine – Diamond Lips)

Thank you for reading and special thanks to TSS & Lip Ice


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