Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant @ TripleOne Somerset

To celebrate Ash’s sweet ’26’, we (Lynn, Ash and Madeline) met up for steamboat dinner in town…
No, no! This isn’t any random steamboat place which you can easily find in Bugis…The steamboat place is posh and the food + service really left a deep impression so i just gotta blog about it…
Here i go….

I’m sure Imperial Treasure is not a stranger to anyone as it strictly believes in providing superior quality Chinese cuisine while maintaining excellent service standards.

After making our orders, the service crew delivers the ‘highlights’ to our table..
Basically you don’t have to move an inch while dining.
Everything will be served right to your table by the attentive + friendly service crew..

It’s actually their special sauce / condiments and we get to mix it according to our preferences.
Personally, i feel that steamboat won’t be perfect without complementing it with nice sauces.
My favorite will be the peanut sauce with sesame. It’s really full of favor and savory.
Might be a bit dry because of its thick texture so you can coat the food item with soup before dipping in.

Their steamboat isn’t free-flow (it’s either ala-carte or set meal).
We ordered the set menu meant for 4 paxs (i think it is at $118)
Portion is just sufficient for four ladies so if you have big eaters in your group, i’ll suggest that you order some ala-carte dishes.

The restaurant serves very fresh food;  the prawns were still ALIVE and MOVING when served. For meats, we opted for the pork belly and chicken slices. The pork belly is really worth mentioning as it is thinly sliced and not too fatty. The seasoning for the chicken slices are flavorful as well. Together with well-mixed sauces, i’m in heaven..


Finger food are included in the set meal to fill our stomach while waiting for the soup to be ready..
This fried bean curd skin is crispy and doesn’t leave an oily after-taste.
Pity that it is too salty for me so it doesn’t impress me…

I love spring roll! They are not stingy with the fillings and every mouthful leaves me craving for more..

Next highlight will be the soup base..

Unlike normal steamboat which has only about two different kind of soup range, this steamboat restaurant actually offers a a wide range to choose from. Some examples will be Chong Qing Ma-la, satay flavor, drunken chicken with ginseng, Pork bone soup; you’ll be spoil for choices.

Upon drinking the soup, you’ll know that they actually boils it for hours with generous ingredients.
I really love their pork bone soup as it is really sweet and rich in flavor.. Simply fantastic!
Beside this, the soup doesn’t leave me feeling very thirsty so no MSG is added.. Big plus point!

We love balls!! Don’t we?
I DO!!!! Especially pork balls!
If you look carefully before dumping them into the soup, these balls are not uniform in size since it is hand-made..
These hand-made balls are fresh, tasty and texture is so QQ.
Damn, i think i’ll start to hiam those mass production ones.

Ordered this marbled beef (Ala-carte) as the birthday girl requested for it.
I don’t know if i’m too full as we left it to the last but this dish fall short to my expectation..
Although beef is thinly sliced and it melts in the mouth; it’s a little too fatty for my liking…
Dislike the oil after taste which lingers in your mouth… Eeewww!

After a heavy meal, nothing beats having a refreshing drink to ‘wash’ the food down..
I had this home-made water chestnut + sugar cane drink which is soothing for the throat..
Not too sweet and it reminds me of the ‘liang-teh’ which my mum will prepare at times.

Good things doesn’t come cheap.
With such great food, atmosphere and service, be prepared to pay a premium for it.
Total damage for this meal is about $270..
Like i was mentioning to the ladies, i’m willing to pay for good food to pamper myself once in a while..
It can be pretty therapeutic am i right?
Will definitely patronize this posh steamboat place if i have a good excuse to do so…


Imperial Treasure Steamboat

111 Somerset Rd
#01-21 TO 23
T: +65 6732 8231

Opening hours
Mon – Sat: 11.30am to 3pm / 6.30pm to 11pm
Sun: 11am to 3pm / 6pm to 11pm


P/S: On a side note, i’m in a dilemma now.. Shall it be in Sg, Penang or Taipei?
Pros and Cons. i really don’t know what to do… 😦

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