ELLE Magazine/M.A.C PRIME Time Workshop.

Hello Everyone!Hope everyone is doing fine.
Sorry for the disappearing act as I’m so busy during this period..
Will be having the giveaway for free pair of prescribed Crizal lenses and spectacle frame.
Information will be available
next week so stay tune!I attended the ELLE/M.A.C PRIME Time Workshop 2 weeks ago but can’t find the time to blog about it.

Since it is a very simple + short demo / workshop ( we have to stand during the session ), i shall not go into details..

Event is held @ TANGS Orchard (Level 4).

Special thanks to Elle Magazine as i won this invitation online.

This event is held in conjunction with the launch of Elle Beauty Book
Get your beauty fix and tips in this informative book..

Grab this bundle (with Elle magazine August issue) @  $8.
It also comes with the exclusive ELLE Beauty Addict pouch as well.

(photo credits to Elle’s FB)

I’m sure everybody heard about M.A.C and have tried at least one products..
Personally i love their lip balm, blusher and blotting powder..
But not their 2 way cake as it breaks me out big time and i have to pass it to my mum..

Let’s not side track, the agenda of this mini demo is to introduce one of their signature range.

You can now achieve a flawless complexion with M∙A∙C’s signature Prep Prime line of products.

(Picture credits to Xinmsn)

During the workshop, M∙A∙C’s Senior Artist, Beno Lim shares with us some insider secrets / tips on brightening, highlighting and and refining our complexion with this signature range of Prep Prime line of products.



Prepare your face and always use a primer
This will ensure your make up goes and stay on longer.

End result: Fresher and more even make up.


Eyes are the windows to the soul so remember to take good care of them.

Invest in a good eye cream which will helps prevent fine lines dark eye circles.
Not forgetting, eye primer to help prevent panda eyes as well.

You can actually apply a thin layer of concealer over your eye area to act as eye primer.


Remember your eye-brows as well to prevent ‘wash-out brows’ look..
You don’t want to look like a freak with nice make-up but a faint looking brows which is covered up by your foundation.

Start with a lighter color onwards and apply a darker color on the outer part of your brows.

This will also brighten up your looks.


Don’t be afraid to line your lips as this will give you fuller lips..

OH! i’m given to chance to try their BB cream as well…

Seems quite natural on me and it doesn’t gives my skin an ‘ashy look’. But it is a little oily to my liking (Verlyn finds it ok so it boils down to personal preference)..

Alright, i will end this post with a photo of the lovely ladies who accompanied me during the workshop…

Verlyn and Sharon

Thank you Elle & M.A.C for this workshop.. Not forgetting the  M∙A∙C Prep Prime Intro Kit as well.

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