It’s time for the Crizal lenses giveaway!

Remember my previous entries on the amazing Crizal Lenses???♥ Crizal loves me and i love it loads ❤

♥♥ Reporting LIVE from Crizal News.

Want to win a free pair of Crizal lenses + one spectacles frame (up to $150) for yourself…


Watch the video and follow my instructions below


How to Participate?
Do follow my instruction carefully to qualify for this giveaway.
1) Watch and Like my Crizal Video on Youtube.2) Tell me what you hate about your current spectacle lenses

(In this way, i’ll know why you deserve to win this free pair of Crizal lenses and spectacle frame of choice) .
Leave your comment at the end of this blog post (in the format: Comment- Youtube ID + name + Email address).

3) This giveaway is only open to people residing in Singapore. Do note that i will be using a Random Number Generator for the selection.

4) This giveaway will ends on 30 August 2011 @ 10 am and results will be out on the following day.

Good Luck! 


♥ Special thanks to Essilor & Vibes Communications for making this giveaway possible

30 thoughts on “It’s time for the Crizal lenses giveaway!

  1. Anonymous says:


    I hate my current lens because it isn’t scratch proof.
    I always leave my spec lying around and not taking care of it properly resulting in scratches. 😦

    Youtube ID: TheVenusBeauty
    Name: Vivian Chua

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hate it when my lenses fog up like mad when I get down from the bus/car! It gets stains and grease easily and it’s really hard when I keep having to clean my lenses outside. Worst, mine is made of glasses: which means I gotta be extremely careful not to break it! ;-(

    Youtube ID: Herineangll
    Name: Herine

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, I am very (hiao) haughty therefore I always want to get something BETTER than my current spects. It is also time for me to change spects too. 😛 I am also very bad at keeping my stuff safe thus a scratch-free lens is definitely a super bonus! and, this video idea is super creative! *thumbs up*

    youtube ID: charmmy86
    Name: kiyora

  4. Anonymous says:

    Crizal Lenses rockkkk

    I hate my spectacles because its full of scratches, though i know its me whos rough and drop it all the time. I also hate it because whenever i exit an air conditioned place into non-air conditioned one, the lenses fog up! and i know that crizal lenses will be able to make me love my specs!! =))

    youtube ID: iamannaker
    name: Anna Ker

  5. xiaozwenz says:

    I hate my spec when it becomes foggy after I get down a very cold bus while is rush hour I couldnt want to waste time wipping my lens. Also I hate to clean up smudges, is not easy to clean up properly with out the proper lens cloth.

    Youtube ID: xiaozwenz
    Name: Emily

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love clear vision and hates cleaning my lenses becoz it never seems to be clear enough. Although I do not have a baby in the house, but seems like I’m doing the same to my glasses, save for the saliva part!

    Youtube ID: krisykrisy123
    Name: Kristine Tan
    Email address:

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hate my currect spec because

    over these two years of wearing it it has many scratches on it , and i hate it whenever it contact with water , i wipe it sometimes it don’t turn clear but blur . and when with dirt , i need to wipe few times before I can get clear vision again. =(

    youtube : lishanloves
    name : li shan
    email :


  8. Anonymous says:

    crizal giveaway

    I wan those lens!! coz i hate it when something gets on my lens while shopping coz my hands are filled with shopping bags and no spare hands to help mi clean my specs!! plus the crizal specs can act as a sunglasses too! no more big ass sun glass casing for mi if i win!!!

    Youtube ID: june281285
    Name: June

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hello Jermaine!

    I hate my current spectacles because my eyelashes are too long and they often make my lens dirty! I have to “clean and rub” my lens multiple times a day. Now as I’m typing, my lens are dirty again even though I just bathed and washed my specs!

    So infuriating!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Crizal lenses giveawy

    In fact I hate wearing glasses but my eye conditions simply don’t allow me to wear contact lens anymore. It is troublesome having to constantly clean away the smudges and stains on the glasses but the most annoying thing is that they fog up the minute a hot bowl of soup is place in front me! The misty froze is especially worst when during abrupt temperature changes (ie: when I step out from my car into a building) and that not only blocks my view, it makes me look ridiculously awful too 😦

    Name: Yamini Cheng

  11. Anonymous says:


    1) WATCH-ed & LIKE-d.

    2) My current spectacle lenses are spoilt and through the video, I can see for myself how awesome the Crizal lenses are. That’s why I must win this pair of Crizal lenses and spectacle frame of my choice!

    Youtube ID: luvverlynz
    name: Verlyn Lou
    Email address:

  12. Anonymous says:

    hate smudges & foggy lens when i step out of air conditioned places. and especially how it always seems to get horrible scratches no matter how careful i handle it.

    Youtube ID: tidey
    Name: Yingshan

  13. Anonymous says:

    Crizal lens

    Woa… Amazing experiment!!!
    BYGONE tough jeans, rugged laptops; WELCOME tough spectacles & lenses by Crizal.
    Seemingly unbelievable but their scratch-resistance really survived through the stress test.

    I’ve had spectacles since lower primary and I think only God remember the fate of each of my many glasses.
    One common frustration throughout the years, and among 4-eyed peeps, is keeping the lens clean & clear, scratch-free, and the frame, unwarped.

    It has grown to be kind of love-hate thing to complain about my spectacles. With it, my eye power is 2 – same as Mongolian. Without it, I cannot even get out of bed.

    If possible, may Essilor find ways to further thin the glasses, resolve distance of lens between long eyelash, and reduce lens from yellowing too.

    Youtube ID : dandelionwishes
    Name : dandelionwishes
    Email address :

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hate my current spectacle lenses because they get dirty easily, fog up when I step out from an air-conditioned place and distorts my vision when rain or water splashes on my lenses.

    Youtube ID: sljslk1
    Name: Slj Slk
    Email address: sljslk[at]gmail[dot]com

  15. Anonymous says:

    Crizal FTW

    My spectacle will always slide down my nose and i have to keep pushing it in place.. Thus, it results in a lot of smudges which is so difficult to clean off.. 😦

    Youtube ID: liangcuifen
    Name: Liang Cuifen

  16. Anonymous says:

    Crizal lens

    Due to work, i often will need to fight with the mother nature and brave harsh weather conditions. Though current transition lens is still ok, but smudges + sweating + rain water is a hassle to better visibility, thus increasing the hazard of moving around as visibility is slightly affected.
    Judgement of the precision will be affected due to glares from the sun as well.
    Last of all, i hope I win.

    Youtube ID:sandunes
    Name: Johnathan Ng

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m a clumsy person and always left my specs lying around/dropping it etc. Hence, it’s full of scratches and kinds of blur up the vision. I have 2 pairs of specs and both are filled with scratches though I seldom wear one of the pairs. I wonder how the scratches got on. ><


    Joyce Lim

  18. Anonymous says:

    I dont wear glasses, but I do have a minor astigmatism… which doesn’t create much problems to my vision. And the pair of glasses I own was too obiang to even wear it at home! lolx (So before getting a new pair… I hope I can win ONE “wink~”)

    youtube ID: everbluec
    Name: Chantana

  19. Anonymous says:

    waiting to throw my specatacles away !

    I need a new pair of specs! My current is 4 years old.. always slipping off from my nose and sometimes i gotta hold on to it while watching tv. And also, theres so many scratches on the lenses that my vision is blur even with the specs on. thus i am relying alot more on my contact lenses. but My contact lenses goes blur once in a while and I have to yawn to “create” tears so as to lubricate my dry eyes. Even encountered my lense dropping off while i was slightly rubbing my eyes due to itchiness. This is dangerous , specially when I am driving. Thou I cant wait to dispose my lenses but i still have another 5 months of supply in my drawer.. Can Crizal be the reason I can throw my remaining supply of lenses and my old specs away ? :p

    Name : Jeron Goh
    email :

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hope to own a Crizal

    Don’t like my current spectacles cos it get scratches easily, fogged up easily and slides down my nose continuously. Crizal really amazes me especially after the baby steps on it, at times i am rather clumsy, so it will definitely serve me well =)

    Youtube ID: rosygabrielle
    Name: Audrey Gabrielle

  21. Anonymous says:

    The right lens in my current spects is so scratched that my vision is partially blocked. I got this pair not too long ago, so changing them now is really going to hurt my pocket. I’m a very careless girl, so my spects are usually smudged and dirty. For convenience sake, I clean my spects with my shirt and that only worsens the scratches. :\ I also hate it when my spects fog up when I leave an air-conditioned room. I end up cleaning them on my shirt or I will just wait till the mist clears up because I’m completely blind without them. I think Crizal lenses are going to meet my needs and wants and would really love to get a pair.

    Thanks Jer!


  22. Anonymous says:

    Hate my lenses when it fogs

    Especially when I just alight from a freezing air-con bus. Suddenly I can’t even see what is in front of me.

    Youtube ID: paradox81
    Name: Derrick Chua

  23. Anonymous says:

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