L’Oreal Paris Revitalift White Launch :)

Ever heard of this phrase?
在這個世界上, 沒有醜女人但懶女人.

(There’s no ugly woman but lazy ones)
But due to our hectic schedule, we cannot help but be lazy?

It’s just so hard to look good and maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.
Often, i’ll wonder about how celebrities can manage to look so good despite being so busy..
One good example will be Hebe Tien (田馥甄) – Singer, actress and host.
I’m sure she’s no stranger to everyone…
Despite being in the showbiz for many years and is passionate about performance and song writing; Hebe still oozes youth and energy that keep her fans endeared.

Also because of her charisma, independence and self-confidence, L’Oreal Paris has chosen her to be the new Asian spokesperson to inspire women to work towards what they want.

Due to her really busy schedule, Hebe has this philosophy of keeping things simple..

Want to know the secret behind her youthful skin?

The secret lies behind one of the product range – theL’Oreal Paris Revitalift Whitewhich simplifies any complicated skincare regime.

One product which she really loves will be the L’Oreal Paris Revitalite white day cream which combats the 1st signs of ageing and targets 15 skin problems.

I’m glad that i am given this opportunity to attend the Revitalift White Launch last week.
Million thanks to June who brought me along..

Here we are at L’Oreal Academie’s Office @ Beach Road.


Revitalift White
15 Signs of Ageing, 1 Solution.

A Multi-tasking Solution for Busy, Time-Pressured Women in their mid 20s

Research has been carried out on 40 women who used Revitalift White Day Cream for eight weeks. Results have shown that 100% saw reduction in fine lines and 93% saw clearer + fairer skin.

No wonder this is Hebe’s star product..


Many of you actually will think that our skin will only age only when we are 35 but sad to say that this is a wrong conception. Did you know that due to harsh environmental attribution coupled with high stress level will actually cause our skin to age prematurely in our mid 20s. 

If you are in your mid 20s and are experiencing tell-signs of ageing, don’t fret!! 


L’Oreal understands your concern and this is why they have developed the Revitalift White series which caters to the younger generation. Revitalift White series is customised for ladies n their mid 20s who wants to fight any first signs of aging and yet don’t wish to be using anti-aging products (which is too rich and intensive for their skin).
As we lead an active and hectic life-style, this all-in-one solution will address the following 15 key signs of
ageing in just one single step..

1) Reduces Dark spots
2) Firming of skin
3) Smoothens skin
4) Reduces fine lines
5) Evens out skin tone
6) Lightens skin tone
7) Improving suppleness  
8)  UV rays protection. 
9) Enhances luminosity
10) Reduces wrinkles
11) Brightens complexion 
12) Softens skin
13) Boosts radiance 
14) Hydrates skin 
15) Fights signs of ageing

Why is it effective? These are the ingredients which enhance results:

Pro-Retinol A to prevents Premature Ageing.

Promotes cell renewal so there will be reduce in  wrinkles and fine line. In addition, it will thicken skin’s epidermis so that your complexion will be soft, smooth and supple.

Vitamin B3 which leaves skin fairer, translucent and more radiant. 

Reduces and evens out patchy skin tones by lightening brown spots or pigmentation. 
It also inhibits the transfer of skin-darkening melanin to skin cells.

Shea Butter helps with Hydration. 

It retains skin’s moisture and improves the lipid barrier in your skin, thus leaving skin soft and glowing

After the presentation, we have a mini contest.. It’s mirror decoration time!! 

Hardworking Vivian @ work..

This is her baby sis Valerie and they really look alike..(Pardon me for the blur shot.. Arghh my shaky hands)

My Master Piece…

Always like my things girly hence i’ve used hearts, ribbons and flowers as part of the decoration..
Pardon the dirty looking mirror due to glue residue.

It’s Voting Time..
Each and everyone of us are given a chance to vote for our favourite mirror..
Guess what?
I’m one of the 5 winners….

Thank you L’Oreal for this goodies bag

1) Revitalift White Day Cream SPF 18 (Full Size)
2) Revitalift white Essence (Full Size)
3) Gentle Lip & Eye Make-up remover (Full Size)
4) Sample size Revitalift Day Cream x 3
5) White Perfect Micro-Vibration 3 in 1 Eye Brightener (Prize from the Mirror decoration contest)

My Verdict for the Revitalift White Day Cream

Personally, anti-ageing products give me the impression that it will be rich and heavy on the skin. Moreover, my beautician has warned me to steer clear of moisturizer that is creamy as they will tend to clog my pores (I have combination skin to begin with).

To be frank, i’m a little skeptical to review this cream as i am afraid that it will clog my ‘always seem to be congested pores’.  My skin (as fussy as my character) will go on strike if it doesn’t like the product – clogged pores / acne will surface the next day..

The day cream looks thick so to be on the safe side, i applied a very thin layer.. The cream has a very nice scent and it feels silky on my skin. It glides on my skin easily and the formula allows fast absorption

Despite being creamy, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy and oily. After patting it into my skin, i observed that it leaves a slight pearl finish which helps to brighten my dull skin. Best thing of all, i did not have any outbreak the next day.. Phew!!!

Since this product only contains SPF 18 protection, please make sure that you follow up by applying your usual sunblock.. SPF 18 is not sufficient to shield your skin from all the harmful rays esp if you are someone active.. 

**P/S: i will review the essence another time as i’m only allowed to use cleanser, toner, fruit acid essence and moisturizer currently (Strictly instructed by my doctor.. haha!)

Where to Buy?

Revitalift White Day Cream SPF 18 RSP: $27.90 for 50ml

Revitalift white Essence RSP: $34.90 for 30ml

Retails in Watsons, Guardian, SASA, Selected Departmental store, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Also, there’s a promotion going on at AMK Hub and also stand a chance to win a trip to Taiwan..

Now you can be lazy and still look good effortlessly with Revitalift White…

Thank you for reading..
Till then!

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