Twinings Tea Workshop – We love tea, don’t we?

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OR ME???

Hahaha.. I’m just kidding…

Recently, i’m invited to a tea workshop organized by Twinings

Held at the Presidential Suite of Marina Bay Sands, i’m in for a treat…

The room is enormous and the view is really superb…

ATAS neh~! It got me into the mood for tea appreciation.. Hehe!

Did you know that TWININGS TEA has over THREE HUNDRED YEARS OF PIONEERING EXPERTISE in the art of finest tea blending and brewing?

One of its biggest milestones will be in 1837 when HRH Queen Victoria honoured Twinings and appointed it to be the official supplier of tea to her household. Since then, Twinings had the honour of supplying tea to every successive British Monarch.

With 300 years of expertise as one of the oldest English tea companies (since 1706), Twinings of Londonis a house-hold name in British tea culture. Twinings was one of the very first companies to introduce tea drinking to the British when its founder, Thomas Twining started tea selling. Over three centuries, this shop (The Strand, London) still exists while Thomas Twining has left a great legacy in opening the world of tea to all.

One of Twinings mission is to constantly strive to create new blends and interpretations of tea to suit any ever changing lifestyles. In this way, new tea-drinking experiences while enhancing the traditions will be created.

From de-caffeinated to Darjeeling, from green tea to iced tea; Twinings has placed paramount importance on accessibility and innovation by introducing consumers to new, exciting and unique tea options.

Keeping in mind of different cultures and preferences, Twinings tea is now enjoyed in 115 countries globally (with nearly 250 blends to its name from contemporary fruit infusions and herbal teas to its most popular blends: English breakfast and the world-famous Earl Grey).

With such an extensive tea selection, Twinings caters to all niches and people from all walks of life..
Whether you crave for a herbal infusion like a calming camomile at bedtime or a strong cup of traditional afternoon tea as to perk you up; there is always a tea for everyone and occasion.

We are honoured to have family member of Twining’s, Stephen Twining (10th generation of the famous tea family) to bring us through this tea workshop..

In the nutshell, This man drinks at least 15 cups daily and since young he has vast interest in the tea business.  To gain first mover knowledge, he will be travelling extensively throughout India and Sri Lanka. Due to his burning passion, Stephen is an experienced broadcaster and spokesperson for Twinings.

Sharing is caring so he is here to spread the word about the wonder of the nation’s favourite drink to us..
He will be sharing his passion for tea and to show us the perfect way of tea blending and brewing.

We will be expecting tested and proven facts like correct temperature of water, right amount of tea per serving and essential brewing time. He will also be sharing some interesting insights on how Twinings has evolved since 1706 to become a symbol of quality.

Some quick tips for my readers in making that perfect cup of tea.

Btw, i know many of us like to do some finger exercise by lifting the tea bag up and down in order to get the aroma out..
But after the workshop, this action is actually redundant… Talking about enlightenment.. Hahaha!

For the start, we get to try their Earl Grey Tea.

Did you know that this is Twinings trademark?
This classic blend (since the 1830’s) was made exclusive for the second Prime Minister of England – Charles Grey.

This black tea is one of my favourite due to its robust favour (black tea + citrus fruit flavour of bergamo) which provides an instant perk-me-up.

This refreshing tea with a unique floral aroma goes hand in hand with the finger foods that are provided.
This tea is refreshing and not too overpowering that it’ll ‘mask’ the taste of your food.. I prefer the natural taste of Earl grey tea but you can add milk or honey for a different taste.

From Top to Bottom

1) Opera Torte
2) Candied Violet Cup Cakes
3)  Turkey Breast & Sharp Cheddar Finger Sandwich
4) Bacon & Chive Biscuits

If your meal consists of something sweet (E.g. Cakes) or Heavy / Oily (E.g. Meat or Sushi); it will be wiser to order some light tea to aid digestion and to remove food after-taste.

The tea that is recommended by Twinings will be its White Tea. It is regarded as the world’s finest quality tea as it is made from unopened buds + young leaves of the tea plants cultivated in spring

During its unique production process, only the two topmost buds and leaves of the tea plant are selected. After which, the leaves will be naturally air-dried in sunlight or open air which helps retain higher levels of healthy
chemicals and antioxidants. Hence, ladies and health conscious will love this tea.. 🙂

For an additional refreshing taste, add a slice of lemon.

From Bottom to Top

1)  Char Siew Soh Rolls with Sweet Plum Dip
2) Maki Sushi Rolls
3) Mini Macaroons: Passion Fruit, Raspberry & Peach
4) Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate Torte

To end the session, Chilled Tea – Twinings Mint Cooler is being served..

I’m not a fan of tea with ice as those which i usually have will always be diluted. As a result, i’ll have to add tons of sugar syrup… Too much sugar rush is not too good for the body aye..

However, Twinings Mint Cooler did change my perspective..

This refreshing infusion of mint cold over ice with a tinge of lime promises gives me a invigorating experience. Made with the finest peppermint leaves, this light, refreshing tea is perfect for after all the sinful food that I’ve consumed during the workshop.. Next time if you need an excuse after feasting, remember to grab a light refreshing tea after to remove the guilt.. Hahaha!

Bottom to Top

1) English Cucumber Teas Sandwich
2) Spinach Quiche
3)  Mini Pistachio Financier
4) Mini Ginger-Crème Brulee

With the humble Director of Corporate Relations for Twinings – Stephen Twinings..
Even in heels, i’m so much shorter than him…  -_-

What’s an event without camwhoring right?? Wahahaha!
Presenting the ladies who accompanied me during the event..

Pretty Verlyn and Ying Zi

Seeing Ying Zi’s straight and nice teeth, i’m super tempted to do my braces really soon…
Next year i guess, one thing at a time…

Thank you Twinings for the invitation and the warm hospitality rendered
Truly enjoyed myself during the event..

Muahahaha, now i have 50 tea bags of earl grey tea to enjoy.

My tea box is exclusive as it is signed specially by Stephen Twining…

Have to thank Ying Zi for this.. hehehe!

Next time if you are craving for tea, make Twinings your utimate choice and you won’t regret it..


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