(Advertorial) It’s Feasting time @ The Eastern Restaurant!

For the past 18 months, I’ll always walk past this restaurant while otw to school…
As i’ll always be in a rush, i never have a chance to try the food.
Yeah, part time studies sucks and I’m glad i have completed it…
Ok, let’s not side track.. Muahahaha!

Although The Eastern Restaurant is located at a corner of Centrepoint, this hidden gem has been serving traditional and authentic Chinese dishes for the past 10 years.

If you are craving for Xiao Long Bao, handmade shanghai dumplings or hand-pulled noodles, be sure to visit Eastern Restaurant.

With only one outlet in Singapore, standard of food and service will be kept to the strictest.
Hence, every visit will bring you tasty and original cuisine at affordable prices.This is why there’s a continuous stream of regulars who will be back to patronize.

Sat down and the attentive service crew served me some tea while I’m deciding on what noodles to order..
Too many choices and everything seems nice.. Haha!

One thing worth the mention will be its good service. The waitresses are very polite, soft and warm. Used plates are quickly and politely replaced; tea are also topped up without us requesting for it.. Thumbs up!

Me and my ‘eating partner in crime’ – Verlyn!

After we have placed our order, it’s TIME to watch the chef prepare our noodles LIVE…

First, he kneads the dough.

Then he flips it..

And twists it…

He ‘separates’ it

Continues to flip it…

Add some flour..

Off it goes into the boiling water..

Dennis’s Dan Dan Noodles

This is one of their recommended dishes and if you love spicy noodles you’ll love this.
Wanted to try this but i don’t wish to mess up my already weak gastric..

Za Jiang Mian

As Dan Dan Noodles is spicy, i have decided to give Za Jiang Mian a try..
Do you know that Collagen is added into my noodles?
Collagen can be used as an effective method in achieving beauty as it will firms and strengthen body tissues.
Now i can stuff myself silly with my noodles without the need to feel guilty..

The Za Jiang Mian comes with a generous serving of Minced meat and the sauce isn’t too salty… The noodles is really QQ and chewy! It is so delicious that i finished it within 15 mins..

Chicken Marinated with Shaoshing Wine‘s Marinated

This cold dish is very nicely made; chicken meat is smooth, tender and doesn’t leave any oily after-taste…

Sauteed Green Bean with Minced Pork

I’m a fan of veggie and this dish did not fail me.. It is nicely stir-fried with minced pork and garlic so every mouthful is so tasty. The extra kick will be that the green beans are very fresh, crunchy and juicy.. Yum Yum!

Wanton with Hot Chilli Sauce

As the name has suggested, it is really spicy.. Unaware, I took a big bite and i had a hard time trying to swallow whatever is in my mouth… Too greedy I know but the wanton is flavoursome so it’s worth the tongue numbing.. LOL!

Xiao Long Bao

Me love Xiao Long Bao (XLB)!!! The correct way of eating XLB will be to eat it hot when served..To prevent ‘burning’ your mouth / tongue, you should punctured a small hole to allow the soup to flow out. Add some vinegar and ginger and pop it into your mouth.

The XLB’s skin is thin yet it does not break easily. Inside, it is filled abundantly with tasty pork broth and tender pork fillings.. The vinegar and ginger just adds on to the taste of the tender pork which is not too salty and too porky.

It’s only about a dollar for one pc so it is worth the try! 🙂

Pan-Fried Pork Bun

Find the skin a bit too thick but it is full of tasty fillings inside.. When I tried this dish, the bun has already turned cold so it doesn’t leave a deep impression.

Pork Ribs

I did not try this dish so cannot really give a review… But judging from the outlook, it looks nice isn’t it?

Furong Special Scramble Egg

This is one unique dish which i love… I’m not an egg person but the texture is so smooth that it will literally ‘melt in your mouth’. Please order this dish and you’ll not regret as it is heavenly and gets my vote.

Deep Fried Chicken

Not a big fan of fried chicken cutlets but this dish is non-oily.. The chicken is not too dry and the skin is really crispy.
Will definitely goes so well together with some beer.. Muhahaha, I’m side-tracking again…

 Custard Buns

Finally it’s time to try another popular dish and i specially saved some space in my stomach for it….

The skin is a bit too thick so it find it a little difficult to separate the bun.
The skin is also a bit dry to my liking but the custard inside compensate these short-comings.
The generous filling of custard tastes sweet and leave me wanting more..

Happy, contented and full bloggers @ the end of the feast..

Thank you to Dennis & Eastern restaurant!

The Eastern Restaurant (Centrepoint) Pte Ltd

176 Orchard Road #01-57
Singapore 238843

Tel: 65 67362638 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              65 67362638      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Opening Hours
Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Direction on how to get to the restaurant:

1)  From Guardian, take the escalator up.
2) Walk straight and you will see a chain of restaurant.
3) You will see Eastern Restaurant on the left hand side.

For my readers, some promo and discounts for you~

For more information on the menu and prices, you can go to their website..
Till then~ !

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