It’s ZA Bloggers’ Party (GO GO LASHES)!

Received this invitation from ZA to attend their new product launch..
Thank you! 🙂
As usual, the team from Shiseido are really creative (remember the hand-cuff invitation card?)

Event is held at La barra di Vino @ Mohamed Sultan Road..

If you are looking for a chic place to chill / unwind after work, you will love this place as you sit back and relax..
With a glass of wine in hand accompanied by smooth house music, you can bid goodbye to all tension and stress after a long day at work.

Lush interior that is modern with an extensive wine cellar..
<!–!–!–/divd i tell you that there’s a VIP room for business meeting too?

Can’t wait to enter the VIP room.. I’m sure it will be well-decorated by the team.

Meet Vivian and Chantana..Since the VIP room isn’t ready with we arrived, we decided to indulge in our favourite past-time..

A group shot before we head in the room for the launch!

Ohhh! I love the nice decoration…

Pink / white theme with lots of balloons and feathers…

Many of you should know that Our eyes are the windows to our souls.. From a 2009 Global customer survey, ladies in their 20s deems eyes as the most important feature. Thus, they are seeking for larger and more defined eyes and eye makeup.

In order to meet the wants of this target group, ZA came out with some products to cater to this target niche.

This includes ZA Impact Lash Mascaras, Everliner, Eyebrows, Liquid Eyeliner, Lip & Eye Makeup remover.

First, let me introduce the ZA Liquid Eyeliner..

Available in BLACK, this eyeliner will help create a fine and deep line.

As you can see, the brush is extra fine so you can achieve a defined line on your lids effortlessly. As formula (contains Proof Polymer) is long-lasting, you need not worry about smudging, fading or panda eyes. In addition, it contains Hyaluronic acid and collagen to nourish and plump up your eyes..

FYI, you can easily remove this long lasting eyeliner with your make-up removal so you need not worry.

If you are not comfortable using a liquid eyeliner, there’s pencil eyeliner as well.

ZA Ever Liner is available in black / brown.

This eyeliner will be good for beginners who want an easy application. As you just have to rotate to extend lead, there is no need for a sharpener. The lead is highly pigmented so you can draw a defined line easily. Containing long lasting ingredient and Vitamin E, you can kill 2 birds with a stone – pamper your eyes and need not worry about smudging eye makeup.

Don’t forget about your brows as well…..

Many of my friends love the eyebrow liner from ZA and i’m not an exception as well… It’s cheap, easy to use and gives me natural looking brows; what more can i ask for? 🙂

EVER Brows
(Natural brown / Cocoa Brown / Natural Grey / Honey Brown)

As this eyebrow pencil is made up of wax, power, hydrophobic colorant and adherent oil; the formula forms a structure that will resist friction and make the pigments stays on your brows.

Once again, there’s no need to sharpen the lead and the lead is ultra smooth to allow easy application and blending.

Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

If you are looking for a gentle yet powerful makeup removal which removes all your waterproof + stubborn eye makeup, this dual-phrase point makeup removal will do the job well.

It contains clear-up oil which powerfully dissolves makeup and clear-up water to wipes away dissolved residues. It is gentle on the eye as it contains Vitamin E to help keep the delicate skin on your eye area moist. Most important of all, it is non sticky, non-oily and gives a supple after feel.

Now it’s time for the highlights!



This mascara base acts as a primer which helps to enhance the adherence of your mascara.

Beside this, it cares for your lashes; enable your eye makeup to stay longer and make your lashes LONGER with its fibers.

After using this product, i’m sold!!
Upon application, it evens out my lashes so that i can apply my mascara easily.
This mascara base really prevent my mascara from smudging (i have oily lids to begin with)
At the end of the day, my mascara is pretty much intact and i don’t have to clean my under eye areas.
Also, it enhances the length of my lashes and there’s no tell-sign that i’m using a base (due to the fact that it is opaque).


If you want a mascara that will give EXTREME extension to your lashes, this mascara promises to give your lashes extensive length with every coat ( minus the clumps). Specially designed for Asian eyes, the brush is slim so that even your short lashes are well taken care of.

Containing jet-black fibers with Curl up + Curl keep formula, your eyes will shine. Not forgetting, it is smudge-proof and it contains Vitamin E for the extra TLC.


This mascara will provides your lashes with the superb volume that it needs. With each coat, the volume up wax will increase the volume and definition of every lashes.. Not forgetting, its smudge proof with its waterproof formula

Its innovative brush also ensure that the mascara is evenly applied on and maximum volume + curls are created. Its clump free + jet black fibres will enhance your eyeliner and eye shadow effect.


This is the first time that i came across a wide eyes mascara.. This mascara’s double ‘coil & comb’ will separate lashes and create Fan out effect. To top it up, your lashes will be coated with Glossy coat oil for a lush and shiny finish.. Like the other 2 mascara, it contains Curl up & Curl + smudge proof + Vitamin E formula.. 🙂

Nothing beats live demo so we have Wilson to give us an example of how the ZA newly launched products can do for your eyes…

First, cleanse the eye area using Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

You don’t have to tug hard to remove all the stubborn eye makeup that you have with this makeup remover.
Say no to wrinkles and saggy skin..

Next, ‘kiap’ your eyelashes..

Wilson told us that if you have stubborn eyelashes, you can clamp it bit by bit to achieve a nice curl effect.
If not, you can invest in an eyelash curler (with heat) which will really help to curl really stubborn eyelashes (like mine).

Next, prepare and protect your lashes with a mascara base..

As you know eye primer will work wonders for your eye makeup and mascara base can do the same for your lashes as well…

Wilson told us that you can achieve really vroom vroom lashes by using all 3 types of mascara..

Start off with the wide eye mascara to ‘open up your eyes’

Next, apply the Volume mascara to achieve fuller lashes.

Lastly, apply a coat of ‘Long’ mascara to optimize the whole look.

Finish up the look with your eyeliner..

See the difference for yourself..

Cheryl’s right eye is obviously BIGGER than the left..
See how the ZA mascara and eyeliner can do for your eyes. 🙂

At the end of the makeup demo, we have to complete a quiz to access on personality…

Make a guess.. I’m A / B/ C??

I’m A but ‘D’ said that i’m a mixture of A, B and C (which i beg to differ) .

Ended the session with some fingerfood…
The pizza and chicken wings are yummy but too bad it has turned cold…

Cocktail that is made specially for me (Based on personality type).
Nice, strong and sweet cocktail mixed with red wine..
They are really generous with the alcohol as i can feel myself turning warm after a few sips.. =x

My pretty personalized box of love from ZA…

Since i belong to ‘Type A’ personality, the volume mascara will best suit me.
Normally i’ll use ‘Volume’ mascara as I have long lashes but it is partially covered by my fatty eyelids..
So there’s no point making it longer so i’ll make it vroom vroom instead..

**Note to self, i must do something to my fatty eyelids** LOL!

If you are interested in trying these lovely babies, it will be available in Watsons on Sep 22th onwards.

Price List:

Impact Lash Mascara (Volume / Long / Wide) – $17.50
Impact Lash Mascara Base- $15.90
Everbrow- $11.90
Everliner- $11.90
Liquid eyeliner- $18.50
Lip & Eye Makeup Remover – $12.90Before i go, here’s one contest you can participate and stand a chance to win some prizes..

Till then!

God Bless! 🙂

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