(Advertorial) At Creation Cafe, you’ll fall in love with the pasta

Was invited by Elfaine (from Thesamplestore) last Saturday for a food tasting session @ Creation Cafe
Over the past few years, i’ve been patronizing Creation but i’m a little put off by the cramp space..
The cafe is rather small so it can be a little stuffy too…
However, the cafe serves fantastic food @ affordable prices so it’s worth trying it.Address:

100 Beach Road, #01-43 Shaw Leisure Gallery.
Tel: +65 6291 8308

Operating Hours:
Mon–Thu: 12pm–2.30pm, 6pm–9pm
Fri–Sat: 12pm–2.30pm, 6pm–9.30pm

Their wall of fame..

Look at the variety of pasta…

They have set lunch @  $ 9.90  which includes soup, main course and a drink.

Best of all, they don’t charge consumers with GST / Service Charge.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

The soup of the day was Cream of Mushroom soup and it is my all time favorite. Prefer that my mushroom soup is less creamy as too much will leave me feeling sick…

The one which was served was just right – not too creamy, savory, thick, smooth and not too milky; so i did not face any difficulties finishing it… One minus point will be the soup was lukewarm; it will be perfect if the soup is piping hot!!!!


i’ll always order this whenever i visit Creation as i love pasta with cream base. The cabonara cream sauce is thick, smooth, creamy but not to the extent of being to overbearing.. Pasta is springy too but i find that the bacon is too little….
If there’s more bacon, this dish will be perfect.. Hahaha!

Seafood Spicy Crab Meat

if you love seafood, you ought to order this pasta.. The prawn / crab is sweet, juicy and fresh.. As you can see from the picture, they are pretty generous with the seafood. Sauce is full of favor; tangy but not so spicy till your tongue will call for help… The sauce tastes sweet / sour so it will further ‘entice’ your taste buds which increase your appetite.

Java Curry Pasta

If you want to SPICE up your dinner, this Java curry Pasta will be the answer..
The curry cream base is thick and i love the taste of the combination of milk + spices. Prawn and Salmon are also fresh and sweet. Only downside will be that the pasta / sauce is a little too sticky for my liking..

Seafood Laksa cream Pasta

When this dish was being served, i was like huh??? Laksa pasta???
Unique fusion of laksa and pasta so now i know that laksa can be mixed with cream to form a cream pasta!!!
I’m someone who isn’t adventurous with food so i cannot accept the taste of this dish…. That’s why people always said that i am damn choosy and fussy with food.. This pasta is creamy with a robust taste of laksa and it just taste like laksa with overdose of coconut milk… It is just too special for my liking.. Hahaha

Mushroom Risotto

To be frank, i was already very full when they served this last dish…

In addition, i don’t really like rice so i don’t think it’s really fair for me to do a review on this… But if you are looking for rice instead of pasta, you can give this a try… The cream used is rich but not too overbearing and portion is big with plenty of mushroom.

Every Blogger went home with a nice bag of cookies from ‘The Wooden Spoon’.

100 Beach Road, #01-24 Shaw Leisure Gallery
Tel: +65 6297 8839
(Close when everything is sold out)

This cozy little shop specializes in brownies, muffins, cookies and scones (equivalent to happy food for the soul).
 Everything will be baked to perfection by a grandma (who is the owner of this cozy little shop).. Since everything is hand-made, you can expect very fresh and yummy confections…. Do note that everything produced by Granny will be in limited quantities so do come early for your purchases to avoid disappointment.

The Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies is fresh, crispy and not too sweet.. The texture is also moist enough for that extra kick (i just dislike cookies that are so dry that i find it damn hard to swallow it).

Even D commented that the cookies are nice. LOL!

Thank you Thesamplestore, Creation Cafe and The Wooden Spoon for giving me a nice gastronomic experience..

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