(REVIEW) Benico 3D Sheet Mask

For all the mask lovers, i have one juicy news to share!

Eternity Inter-Trade (Singapore)

will be launching a new series of masks @ Watson this coming November (or rather end October)

The new series- the Benico 3D Sheet Masks are made in Korea (previously only made available to the Japan market).

The mask provides a revolutionary 3D cutting which is tailored to fit the contours of your face in order to give your skin more TLC…

Benico 3D Sheet Masks are formulated with different skin-friendly natural extracts which caters to every unique needs. The different skin care properties will efficiently allow core nutrients to penetrate deep into skin to provide moisturizing, elasticity and vitality needs.

Key ingredients includes

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate – Keep acne and outbreaks at bay.
Vitamin E and Collagen– Promotes smoother and more supple skin.
Hamamelis Extract-  Tighten pores and firms skin.

These masks are further broken down into HOT and COLD masks so as to optimize the effect of respective key ingredients and at the same time providing you with a better therapeutic experience.

Moisturizing – Marine Collagen Mask (Pink)
Anti-wrinkle – Rice (Darker orange)
Anti aging – Royal Jelly (Orange)

Whitening – Bulgarian Rose (Green)
Soothing – Tea Tree (Sky-blue)
Skin Elasticity – Aloe

(Picture credits of Eternity’s FB)

I’m given the Aloe Mask to try…
This mask promises to give me firmer and a more supple skin.

This aloe mask belongs to the Cold mask category which will help me + skin to relax and revitalize.

How to use?

  • Chill the mask for at least 5 mins.
  • Remove the mask from the packaging.
  • Leave it on for 10-15 mins.
  • Finish up with moisturizer (you can skip the toner).

You can see that this mask is full of nutrients and essence..

Best of all, it only costs $2.90 each!

For the Hot mask, i’m given the Marine Collagen to review.
This mask will conditions my skin to give it more moisture to reveal healthier skin.

How to use?

  • ‘Heat’ up the mask by soaking the sealed packet in warm water (about 40 degree for about 5 mins)
  • Please do not microwave the mask
  • Leave the mask on for 5 mins
  • Finish up with your moisturizer (no need for toner)

My Verdict

Cold Mask – I love how the mask wrapped around my face with a better fit due to its specialized 3D cutting; every inches of my skin are pampered by the mask. Like i have mentioned in earlier review – in order to calm my skin better, i love to ‘chill’ my masks in the fridge first before application. Late nights and alcohol consumption are taking a toll on my skin; after  using the Aloe mask, my skin is much more brighter and not as dull. Some red patches on my skin are also ‘ less angry’ since it contains anti-inflammation ingredients which soothe sensitive skin.

Hot Mask- Due to its specialized 3D cutting, the Marine Collagen Mask helps to lock in moisture thus allowing better absorption.. This is the first time trying out HOT Masks which come in SHEET form so it is quite an experience for me.. I’ll recommend that you use it while you shower so that you can heat up the mask and also shower at the same time. After taking off the mask, skin is much brighter.. The next morning, skin is not as oily and it doesn’t
feels dry.. Throughout the day, make up also last longer and it is less patchy..

As the mask is made of 100% pulp fabric, it is really soft till it teared quite easily.. I had a hard time trying to open up the mask and i ended up tearing the mask. Maybe there should be some improvements on the material of the mask…

Thanks Eternity Inter-Trade for this sponsorship.

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