(Sponsored Review) Surviving the Zoo Visit with Maybelline Pure Mineral B.B Mousse

We’re goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo
How about you, you, you,
You can come too, too, too,
We’re goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo
Remember this catchy song which we used to sing when we were young?
During my younger days, my mum would force me to carry a water bottle during my ZOO visit..
Of course, priority changes when i grow older..
Beside keeping myself hydrated, i will want to look good too while walking under the hot sun.
Therefore, a good canvas which is long-lasting and yet doesn’t clog the pores will be essential…


Maybelline Singapore sent me this product a few weeks back and looks like the ideal product to help me achieve a flawless look. Being an innovative and lightweight canvas that offers fuss-free natural looking radiance, this highly anticipated Pure Mineral BB Mousse (First ever in the mass market) will help users to achieve pore-less look effortlessly. Its simple dollop of soft, airy mousse gives all-in-one TLC while it moisturizes, conceals and brightens skin tone while providing UV protection.

Developed in Japan, the Pure Mineral B.B Mousse is formulated while keeping in mind the busy schedule of every modern women in today’s society. Specially designed as a one-step ultra-lightweight skincare solution – its pure mineral will smoothen pores and enhance complexion with a healthy and fresh nude look. Its texture will provide a even / good coverage while allowing your skin to breathe at the same time.

The secret lies behind the power of B.B Ingredients in a Revolutionary Mousse which helps in skin regeneration and soothing. At the same time, it will nourish skin while strengthening the skin’s natural protective ability.

Containing Micro minerals and BB ingredients, this 8-in-1 skincare solution will

1) Hydrates every inches of your skin

2) Brightens Skin

3) Provides supple skin

4) Even out pores

5) Reduces dullness

6) Reduces redness

7) Refine skin Texture

8) Protects skin against UV rays with SPF 30/PA+++

Another secret lies with its breakthrough mousse formula – Maybelline took B.B cream one step further by creating an easy alternative to achieve poreless perfection. The micro air bubbles embedded within the foam will allow the mineral pigments to be evenly dispersed, while giving an instant pore-erasing effect. The mousse (in natural shade) will be suitable for all Asian skin tones as it will blend on your skin naturally to give a nude look.

Something to take note: To prevent wastage, remember not to apply too much force while pressing on the nozzle.. As it is my first time trying a mousse-based make-up, i used too much force and ended up with too much product on my palm… -_-

Step by Step Guide to natural looking radiance using this BB mousse

Apply / Smear the mousse on different parts of your face.

Gently pat and ‘spread’ the mousse until it is evenly distributed on your skin.

You might wish to apply a thicker layer on areas which requires more coverage.

Remember to apply it on your neck area to prevent any obvious contrast (which is a big NO NO)

Once the canvas is done, follow up with your blusher, eye-liner, Mascara, lip-stick etc and you’ll be ready to go.

Plus points about this Mousse

This product is easy to use and coverage is build-able. It really covers up my pores / redness well and it doesn’t feels heavy on my skin. Oil control is relatively good as my skin remains Matt for about 5 hours (even walking under the hot sun). I only have to blot my face during lunch time at about 1 pm (i have the make-up on at about 8 am). I’m not a big Fan of BB creams as it tend to clog my pores but after using it for a few times, it doesn’t result in this problem.

Negative points about this Mousse

As i have fair skin-tone, the shade seems a little too orangery on my skin so i had quite a difficult time trying to blend it.. To resolve this, do NOT apply a thick layer and dust on a layer of loose powder to tone down the orange tint. I repeated this step on my neck area as well to prevent any form of color contrast.

Some photos taken during the zoo visit.. Enjoy 🙂

The hairy looking pig

The fat and lazy Hippo.

The Snowy-looking Tiger

Smelly pigs once again.


Elephant, Elephants~

Ending the day with the intelligent and cute Sea-lion show..

My Make-up still looking good at the end of the day…

The mousse will be available (in Watson, Guardian, SASA, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores) from November 2011 and retailing at $23.90.

Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Instant Skin Smoother – Your Secret recipe for natural looking radiance.

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