NEOGENCE Hyaluronic Acid DNA Repairing Series

Do you know that dehydrated skin will actually lead to skin aging?? During its clinical cases research, Neogence (Popular Taiwanese brand) actually discovered that skin that is dehydrated causes dry, rough and skin-aging issues. In the long run, this shortage of moisture will evoked initial stage of aging as skin fails to guard itself against environmental pollution. As a result, it will accelerate the appearance of aging like fine lines, lack of shine, enlarged pores and decreasing elasticity.To target this skin issue, Neogence launches its first anti-aging seriesHyaluronic Acid DNA Repairing Series that helps to moisturize the skin deeply while preventing skin aging.


1) Helps to prevent skin dryness.

2) Combat against environmental factors, life habits and other factors that trigger skin aging.

3) Comprehensively moisturizing and provides anti-aging.

To increase the effectiveness of “Hydration X Elasticity increasing X Anti-Aging” concurrently – by activating and moisturizing the skin from within to fight against aging and increase skin elasticity;

It Contains:

1) Hydrating ingredient Hyaluronic Acid

2) Skin repair factors α-Lupaline® and Anti-Pollution System (A.P.S.)


4) Wrinkle smoothing peptide MATRIXYLTM3000

5) Eye contour brightening factor BIOPHYTEX®.

This DNA repairing Kit which i have won from SASA consist of

Hyaluronic Acid DNA Moisturizing Lotion
Hyaluronic Acid DNA Hydrating Serum
Hyaluronic Acid DNA Hydrating Cream
Hyaluronic Acid DNA Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream


Hyaluronic Acid DNA Moisturizing Lotion

This highly effective lotion can protect skin from environmental factors and promotes self-healing.

It contains an Unique anti-wrinkle sphere H.F.S which embeds into skin to replenish water richly;
complementing with premium-grade pure Hyaluronic Acid and natural Trehalose TORNARE® to form a strong water supply net to maintain skin’s capability and effectiveness of hydration..

It has a serum-like texture (feels plump and moist) that can be absorbed quickly, hydrating skin deeply and creating a ultra aqua-rich skin. This day and night skin repairing formula is to be used after cleansing.

Hyaluronic Acid DNA Hydrating Serum

·       Formulated specially for modern women with hectic lifestyles, this star product is the the secret to youthful skin as it deeply hydrates, repairs and protect the skin 24/7.

It has premium-grade pure Hyaluronic Acid and Hyalo-Oligo™ short-chain Hyaluronic Acid, complemented with natural marine algae extract Toranre™, MELHYDRAN® extracted from honey and WSK™(Tremella Hyaluronic Acid).  This unique composition of ingredients will form a complex moisture-rich film on the skin surface to provides stable hydration amidst unpredictable environmental changes (especially humidity), thus allowing the skin to absorb moisture thoroughly.
In addition, the antioxidant ingredient with skin repair properties α-Lupaline® works with the Anti-Pollution System (APS) to provide dual protection effect against environmental particles and pollutants to increase skin elasticity and to slow down aging.

You can actually use this serum (after the lotion) and support it with a simple five-minute muscle massage everyday to  awaken and revitalize your tired skin. In the long run, your skin will stay youthful, moisturized, supple and radiant.

Hyaluronic Acid DNA Hydrating Cream
This Anti-Wrinkle Cream promises to Increase skin elasticity, delays aging, resists wrinkle, firms and moisturize skin. Specially designed for pre-mature aging skin and dry skin, it deeply hydrates, increases elasticity and delays the first stage of aging and wrinkles comprehensively.

 It works due to the addition of H.F.S. (Hyaluronic Filling Spheres) that deeply penetrate and moisturize fine lines, smoothing fine lines effectively, complemented with MATRIXYLTM 3000 to intensively smooth and improve wrinkles; Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide form a high effective hydrating membrane, which is capable of deep hydration and repairing epidermis.

The skin repairing formula “skin repair properties α-Lupaline®+ A.P.S. (Anti-Pollution System)” guard and repair the irritation from environmental factors to skin day and night, improve self-healing mechanism and reduces roughness and darkness. The Synergy of Q10, Vitamin E and Squalane effectively firm skin, improve elasticity, prevent enlarged pores, and ageing.

To be used after DNA Hydrating Serum..

Hyaluronic Acid DNA Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

This eye-cream will improves the three major eye contour skin problems – fine lines, dryness and dullness, and repairs skin. It repairs and moisturizes our delicate eye area and intensively wrinkles to reveal more attractive eyes.

 The selected H.F.S.  (Hyaluronic Filling Spheres) highly moisturize eye area skin and soothe dry fine lines and the addition of MATRIXYLTM 3000 and SQUALANE soothe skin, delay wrinkles and increase suppleness.

The moisturizing ingredients – Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid, deeply moisturize skin, helping skin to lock in moisture, improving eye area skin moist. The eye contour brightening factor BIOPHYTEX® effectively improves  dullness and brighten skin tone around the eye contour area. Skin repair properties α-Lupaline® repair irritation caused by environmental factors, improving self-healing mechanism, repairing skin effectively.

Will be using this set of products during my upcoming Taiwan Trip so stay tune for the review..If you are interested, Neogence is available exclusively at all Sa Sa Cosmetic Stores.Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

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