Countdown Starts! :D

As the day is drawing near (30 more days to be exact), i cannot help but to feel excited and NERVOUS.
Talking about mixed emotions huh??
Healing tends to be on a slower side for me so it’s always better to prep my body for ‘IT”
(Visit my blog in Jan if you wish to know what’s ‘IT’.. Hahaha).HINT:

I’m getting “IT” done in Taiwan..
“IT” aside, I’m so excited over the food,shopping and weather….

(Image credit to Google image)

Preparation Work – Stage one

1) Healthier Diet

You are what you eat so it is always good to eat healthy food as body will have better capabilities to ‘repair’ and ‘Heal’ itself… For the past 2 weeks, i have been steering clear from unhealthy food like seafood and junk food… To substitute, i have been taking a lot of fresh and wholesome food like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, soy food and cereal. I also increase my intake of soup that’s full of nutrients / collagen although I’m not a soup person.. This diet will continue till one month Post-“IT”…

2) Supplements to prep my body

 i took supplements one month before “IT” to prep my body.. It includes Vitamin C as it will improve immunity and manufacture of collagen.. In this way, my body will heal and repair itself faster.

Vitamin B is important as well as it helps maintain healthy skin, enhance immune and nervous system function and promote cell growth and division.

3) Exercise

My dearest Derrick has been nagging me to exercise regularly as he said that exercise will keep me healthy, happy and helps me de-stress due to endorphins production… So i’ll have to start a regular exercise regime from this week onwards.. -_-

4) Things to Avoid

When I booked my appointment 3 months back, i was told that i have to stop taking chinese herbs and supplements that have blood clogging and thinning properties (3 weeks before “IT”). Reason being, it might result in bruising and increase in bleeding.

3 weeks before the actual surgery as these will increase bleeding during the surgery and bruising thereafter.  The supplements include Vit E, Co-enzyme Q10, Grapeseed, fish oil, high dosage Vit C (moderate dosage not exceeding 1000mg per day is acceptable).

Also, there should be no alcohol 1 week before and after “IT” (For at least 1 month).. But being the christmas season and many upcoming weddings, it is quite hard for me to stop it completely.. I’ll see what i can do.. Hehe..

That’s about it for now..
So stay tune for my next entry..Till then!! 🙂

**Research details credit to Coreenna and Missuglynose’s blog

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