(Sponsored Review) Say Bye-Bye to StrawBerry Nose & Hi to Radiant Skin with Sophie Monk.

I love strawberries

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I love to eat it as it is…

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I love it dipped in chocolate as well…

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But i don’t love having a ‘Strawberry nose’

Some FYI about black and white heads (From http://www.acneskinguide.com)..

Blackheads are closed comedones that will appear on the skin as tiny black dots. It is formed when your glands products too much natural oil sebum and fills the sebaceous duct (and pores). Sometimes, it will be mixed with dead skin cells. Overtime, these open pores clogged with oil + skin cell will oxidize and turn into brownish-black color.. Blackheads will also grow in size when oil + dead skin cell accumulates and sometimes it will get inflamed which leads to pimples.

Whitehead is the opposite of a blackhead and is a closed comedome. It contains sebum and dead skin but as air does not reach its follicle, it doesn’t oxidize. Whiteheads are generally more obvious as they tend to be filled with pus and protrude from the skin. Unsightly isn’t it?

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So what can i do to prevent these SILENT-KILLERS??
Don’t tell me to go for painful facial in order to extract out these BLACK / WHITE little thing!!
I want something which is painful and will help to remove it fuss-free..

Nicole from Publicist PR Communications heard me and sent me something which will ‘kill these’ annoying blackheads..

Its Sophie Monk’s Strawberry Bye Bye Blackhead set to the rescue!!

This 3-step process of the Strawberry Bye Bye Blackhead will help remove blackheads + whiteheads easily and painlessly.. The sweet-smelling strawberry blackhead mask absorbs deep into pores to
clean out oil and dirt, removing blackheads and dead skin cells instantly.

It works by softening before complete removal of blackheads and whiteheads. After which, the process will end when pores are tighten.

Each set comes with three products to give you flawless skin on your nose area. You can only use it on other parts of the T-zone area as well as it will be prone to black / whiteheads.

(1) Deep Sebum Softener

(2) Sebum Purifying Mask

(3) Pore Treatment Essence

Come! Let’s put it to the test…

Step 1: Deep Sebum Softener (20ml)

First of all, you have to soften those nasty whiteheads, blackheads and dead skin cell. The Deep Sebum Softener is to be used on a clean face..  This serum contains Willow Bark Extract, Cucumber extract, Strawberry Extract, Sorbitol, Aloe Extract,1,3-Bityleneglycol, Propyl Glycol, Allantoin, Phenoxyethanol,Perfume and water.

To use it, cut an opening and dispense 2-3 drops and apply it on the desired area. Rub / Massage the area for 2-3 mins before rinsing it off with warm water.. DO NOT WIPE DRY the area and go to Step 2.

The serum smells really good as there’s a tinge of strawberry scent… Serum has an aqua base and it is neither sticky nor oily.. The serum can also be absorbed easily once you start massaging your face… I did not massage my face for very long as accordingly to my beautician, it might induce more breakouts on my acne prone skin.

One plus point about this serum: It gives me smooth skin on my T-zone are after rinsing my face. 🙂

Step 2: Sebum Purifying Mask (60ml)

Now, the blackheads / whiteheads / dead skin cell are ready to be ‘extracted’ as ‘softening’ is done; apply a sufficient amount of mask on WET SKIN. If you use an adequate amount, you should not be seeing your skin color.. Don’t be stingy on the amount of mask as you have to cover the pores well..

Leave it on for 20-30 mins and once the mask has dried up, peel it from bottom up..

This mask will help to reach deep into pores to eliminate and clean oils and dirt.

No more black / white heads and dead skin cells instantly!

Texture of the mask is a sticky and gluey. So please remember to keep your T-zone area wet in order to have spread the mask easily.. Mask smells of strawberry too and be careful not to apply it onto your facial hair.. When the mask starts to become dry, there’s a tight sensation therefore try not to talk as it will cause winkles.

if you have baby facial hair (like me), removal of the mask can be a little painful so tug it off gently..
Omg! All the dirt in residing in my pores all now on the mask!!!! Urgghh! My dirty and congested T-zone!
Remaining residues left behind on your face after mask removal can be easily removed by your toner..

Step 3: Pore-Treatment Essence (20ml)

Once you are done with the ‘cleansing and extraction’, you have to close up the pores. Apply a thin layer of treatment essence to tighten open pores.. Beside this, the oil free essence will minimize the appearance of pores and leave skin smooth and soft..

In case if you are interesting, here are the ingredients:

Essence is non oily and non sticky.. It gets easily absorbed into the skin and leave skin smooth.. Like the other two products, it has a nice strawberry scent.

Overall Review about this product:

I’m quite happy with this product as it really delivers what it claims to do… Now my T-zone area is much clearer, cleaner and smoother as it is no longer as congested. This product is gentle on my sensitive skin and i did not detect any breakouts / redness after using it… This product is a good alternative if you hate extraction during facial; it really helps to remove impurities from pores without the pain factor (So no Pain and There’s Gain! haha!).

Will give this product 4 star (out of 5)

Now you have get rid of your blackheads on your T-Zone, don’t neglect other parts of your face as well..
It is always good to apply mask on a regular basis to pamper your skin so that it will be healthier..

Sophie Monk also carries masks that will pamper both your face and your neck..
Its Double Lifting Masks are among the best selling items in Singapore and in Taiwan.

Each mask comes with a full chin wrap that hooks onto the ears which creates a lifting effect while allowing its active botanical ingredients to penetrate, moisturize and firm the skin.

Different people have different skin concern so different version of Double Lifting Masks is available to cater to five different skincare needs:

Whitening (Makiyo’s favorite Double Lifting Mask)
V Shaping 
Pore Minimizing 


To start the ball rolling, i’ll talk about the Hydrating Double Lifting Mask

This super moisturizing mask drives to lock moisture deeply into skin while it firm and nourish the skin.
It’s Replenish & Lock & Retain capabilities promises to improve skin elasticity and combats signs of aging
As one sheet of mask contains concentrated essence – 30 x moisturizing essence, it will rescue dry and dehydrated skin. The mask will deliver the nutrient instantly and it is quickly absorb to give to you long-lasting moisturized supple skin all day long. Use it in the long run, you can feels the power of brightness, fairness and achieve radiant firm tender skin.

Next up, Whitening Double Lifting Mask will provide you luminous and brighter skin.. This mask is Makiyo’s favorite so now you know one of the products that contribute to her flawless and fair skin.

The mask contains Concentrated Camellia Essence which is a Natural Whitening Element + moisturizing essence which whitens from inside and locks moisture from outside.. This carefully selected highly concentrated essence will release its maximum power, quickly absorb and cares for skin all day long. After the first application, you can expect instant whiter skin and in the long run, every layer of your skin will be brighter and effect will last you for a long time

V-Shaping Double Lifting Mask ( Yellow )

If you want to reduce baby fats and firm your facial feature, you can try the V-shaping mask..
This mask will gives you more than 10 times lifting effect which provides you with firm facial features / shape. Over time, it will also reduce baby fats to create long-lasting firming effect and give you small radiant face.

The secrets lies with its Unique Natural Plant extract Unique bazilian berries + Cameliia combination which will give you smaller face. In addition, it Contains multi-moisturizing factors that helps to combat signs of aging, increase skin elasticity and moisture to give skin more radiance

Pore Minimizing Double Lifting Mask (Green)

This mask is a deep cleansing soothing Pore-Minimizing Mask which will gives you clean and refreshing pores.
It will cleanse deeply and tightens pores from inside out which will gives you porcelain smooth clean skin. Now you can gain complete control of your skin and combat skin problems like oiliness, roughness, acne easily.

Containing strict selection of natural plant extracts, this mask will be suitable for sensitive skin, combination skin and combination to dry skin. In addition, it is rich in Glacier Mud, hyaluronic Acid and Allantoin which helps to balance oil secretion while cleansing your skin.

Moisturizing Double Lifting Mask

I’ll end this post with the Sophiemonk’s Moisturizing Double Lifting Mask… This mask which is suitable for all skin types will address needs to moisturize, smoothing and firming..
I’ll certainly bring this mask along when i travel in 3 weeks time as weather will be cold and dry in Taiwan.. 

Will be reviewing the Pore Minimizing Double Lifting Mask in this post.
Recently, i have some skin concerns like enlarged and clogged pores.. On some areas of my face, there’s some tiny pimples …
I don’t know if it is due to PMS or insufficient sleep but it is kind of depressing..
Need a mask which will help to cleanse and has a soothing effect..

This mask will help to address my concern of enlarged and clogged pores yet it helps to moisturize my skin

The mask is soaking wet with nutrients and i was so worried that it will drip on the floor.

The mask comes with chin wrap too.. Beside pampering my face and neck, i can have VV face due to the lifting effect..

My Verdict

Texture: Although the mask has a lot of essence, essence is non-sticky and yet not too runny (which will not make a mess when you have the mask on). After taking off the mask, the essence gets absorbed easily without any residue left behind so there’s no need to rinse your face. For the remaining essence on the packaging, don’t waste it and you can apply it on your arms / legs..

Material and Fit: Mask is made of cotton and it is durable so you won’t worry that it will tear if you hook it onto your ears. The mask really wraps well on my face so that each area is well taken care of.. Also, i love the tight feeling when the hooks are on my ears as i know that lifting effect is in progress. Due to the hooks, you can roll around in bed or continue doing your work while missing.. There’s no need to worry that the mask will drop off your face..

Brightening Effect: After removing the mask, you can see that my face is less red and brighter.. Also, skin looks much more radiant and less dull. The small little pimples are already less angry and not as inflamed looking…. Pores seems less visible and skin feels much smoother.. Wow!

Fragrance and other comments: There’s a slight scent which smells so pleasant.. I like! 🙂 The next day, i can find some new tiny pimples popping out from where the clogged pores are!! i guess it is plunging effects and i’m not complaining since whatever impurities in my pores have to come out.. Do note NOT to squeeze it as you might end up hurting your delicate skin.. Just apply some pimple cream onto these tiny pimples and they will be gone within 2-3 days..  

If you want more details on Sophie Monk, you can check out this entry..
Alternatively, you can check out their FB and website.
The masks are selling at $2 per sheet and Strawberry Blackhead Bye Bye Set retails at $25.90 per set..
Sophie Monk is exclusively available in Guardian and you can check out the store locator here.

Have a good week everyone! 🙂

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