(Sponsored Review) Fighting blues with Marina de Bourbon’s Marina Blue..

Kiyora from SASAhas sent me their newly released perfume for review.

Before i start talking about this perfume, i’m sure you have seen these 2 terms EDP / EDT on your perfume box and bottle..

Have you ever wonder what does EDP / EDT stands for?

Did a research online and found an article on EzineArticles.com..
Here’s the summary of my findings.. 🙂

Like human beings, all cologne and perfume aren’t made equally. Beside different scents and brands, another distinctive difference lies in the concentration level in the composition.

Cologne and Perfume comprises of mainly alcohol + water and remaining % will consists of scented compounds.. Some fragrances will have higher concentration of scented compounds which makes the scent more robust.. While some fragrances will smell milder as it contains lesser % of scented compounds.

EDP / EDT are derived from the concentration level of the scented compounds used…

Eau de Parfum – EDP – Consists of 8-16% concentration of scented compounds. An EDP scent will last for about four hours, but the base notes can linger for one day. Hence, people will prefer fragrances with an EDP concentration if they will be out for long hours.

Eau de Toilette – Consists of 4-8% concentration of scented compounds. Since it is less concentrated, EDT scent isn’t as long lasting as EDP scent. Therefore, people will generally use during occasion whereby the scent isn’t needed for as long.

Kiyora has sent me the Marina de Bourbon’s Marina Blue which is an EDP fragrance (which is more long-lasting! Suitable for a lazy girl like me) 

A little history about Princesse Marina de Bourbon – Princesse Marina de Bourbon is a descendant of the Royal House of Bourbon, one of the prestigious French families back in 10th Century.

Over the centuries, this prominent family has been closely knitted in European politics with family members acting as representative in the government bodies of Russia, Austria, Italy, Greece, Holland, Romania, Hungary, Portugal and Luxemburg.

Due to dominant authority and prestige, the House of Bourbon is a legacy and it symbolizes refinement, style and etiquette.

For many years, Princesse Marina de Bourbon pursued her passions in arts and handcraft wholeheartedly. Being a dynamic, ambitious and with dedicated entrepreneurial spirit, she opened up her own boutique in Paris.

Her boutique, located @ 112 Boulevard de Courcelles in Paris, became popular overnight with the world’s most famous and elite women. Her Parisian boutique –  created in a exclusive blue and white décor offered luxurious items such as high couture shoes and clothing, leather goods and jewels.

Eventually, Princesse Marina de Bourbon moved on towards creating her own signature perfumes. She entered the fragrance industry when she came into contact with iconic perfumer Gilles Pommereau.

Together with Gilles Pommereau, both joined hands and collaborated on her initial release – Le Parfum de la Princesse Marina de Bourbon Parme. Ever since, both of them have worked together on a number of sensational fragrances that are the physical embodiment of the House of Bourbon’s legendary refinement.

Even the box is specially designed and it oozes sophistication and flair.

The specially formulated fragrance is housed in the exquisite light blue bottle, which is exclusive to its Reverence fragrance.

Marina Blue

The latest creation from Marina de Bourbon represents a pure chic, alluring and delicate fruity
floral fragrance that articulate novelty, youth, modernity and lucidity; suitable for modern and independent 21th century women.

Once sprayed on, the fine composition releases a scent full of fresh fruit cocktail (lemon, pear, green apple and melon). Later on, the scent will bloom into a soft heart of freesia, lily-of-the-valley, violet, lotus.

It also contains Watery nuances which keep the flowers scent fresh and crisp. Scent is finished off with a Base notes which include cedar wood, ambrox and musk.

The nozzle will release a sufficient amount of perfume which keeps you smelling nice and yet prevents wastage…

You know how much i hate perfume with nozzle which dispenses too much perfume with each spray (worst of all, perfume will leak onto your fingers).

I really adore this scent as it smells so floral / fruity and refreshes my inner self without being too overwhelming. Personally, i love sweet scent as it will bring out the personalities / characteristics that make women so unique… Two sprays is sufficient to keep me smelling nice and keeps me confident throughout the day (Scent will last till about mid afternoon).. If i’m heading out out for a big and fun night, i will ‘touch up’ with some perfume on my neck area to freshen up.


Marina de Bourbon is available exclusively at Sa Sa Cosmetics..

Marina de Bourbon is available in 3 sizes and the retail prices are as per follows:

30ml -$59

50ml- $79

100ml- $99

♥ Now, you can say good-bye to BLUES with Marina de Bourbon’s Marina Blue

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