(Sponsored Review) Spinning around! – SaSatinnie 360 Rotating Mascara

I’m sure you have heard of Vibrating Mascara...

Do you know that vibrating mascara has now evolved to 360 Rotating Mascara???

Hereby presenting Sasatinnie

360˚ Electrifying Extreme Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara

Released recently in December 2011 and i’m honored to be given the chance to review this new product.
The brush not only it spins / rotates, this product promises to give me thick & long looking eye-lashes effortlessly.

This mascara is specially designed to fit into the busy schedule of today’s women; whether you are rushing for work in the morning or preparing for a big night out, this latest creation from Sasatinnie will ‘spin’ and provide fast and pretty fix.

The secret behind electrifying extreme lengthening and volumizing effect lies in its rotating brush. It will ensure comprehensive and even coverage for all lashes. In addition with every spin, the rotating motion will allow you to coat, lengthen and volumizes both top and bottom lashes 

The intense color-ed black mascara will also provides lashes with extreme water-proof and long lasting protection.. With zero smudges, there’s no need for touch up / worries about panda eyes.

Its non-clumpy formula will allow even application; with each coating, each lashes will be curled making it look voluminous.

So how does the unique wand with rotating brush works?

1) The brush will rotate 360˚ in both clockwise and anti clockwise direction. The cleverly designed 2-in-1 rotating brush head design will work on both top and bottom lashes

Different motions for different purposes – Its clockwise (upwards motion) will curl upper lashes and anti-clockwise (downwards motion) to spread out lower lashes.

2) There will be more even application to create longer looking lashes when compared to normal mascara application.

The rotating motion will ensure that the mascara gets coated on all lashes and separating them evenly.

I’ll often avoid applying mascara on the hard to reach short lashes at the corner of my eye as i will tend to smudge and ruin my eye-makeup.. No matter how nimble or careful my actions can be (NOTE: no big sweeping actions), i’ll still end up smearing mascara on my eyelids.

However, with this rotating brush i will not encounter this problem.

As the brush rotates at an optimal speed, it allows you to coat each lashes including those hard to reach lashes and short lashes swiftly.. You don’t have to move your hands so there isn’t a chance for you to ‘coat your eyelids accidentally’ (can you visualize what i’m trying to say? hahaha!)

  . In addition, the brush is perfectly created to suit Asian lashes which allows me to position and move the wand around my eye contours better…

The mascara wand has a single start/stop button makes it easy to use. To further enhance convenience, there is also no need to curl your lashes as the rotating brush head will gives you naturally curled lashes.

So how to use this mascara?

Remove mascara from packaging and there’s a small plastic strip between the cap and battery. Remove it.

Activate the brush by click on start/stop button. During application on upper or lower lashes, you can choose direction of the rotating brush head; each click changes the direction of the rotation.. Always make sure you are using it in the right direction and activate / deactivate the brush when necessary

This rotating brush is not encourage to be applied on dressed eyelashes as there’s a risk of lashes being drawn into brush. Battery (#LR1130 battery) life is 2 hrs and will power off within 90 sec

First click of the button will enable the brush to rotate in the clockwise rotation direction. Use this clockwise rotation for your upper lashes. Position the brush head at the upper lash line and move the brush upwards. You can repeat this step if you want a better effect.

To change the direction to anti-clock wise, press the button again to stop the rotating movement. Position the brush head at the lower lash line, and press the button to start the rotating movement. This will result in an anti-clockwise rotation and move the brush downwards from lower lash line and repeat application for better effect.

My VerdictSaSatinnie 360 Rotating Mascara

Weight and packaging of product – It contains 8.5g of mascara so it is value for money. The container is in black glossy finish so it is quite prone to scratches.. The handle of the brush is long enough which allows stable grab and hold.Texture and color- The black color is intensively black and i really love it as it will give my lashes dramatic results. This mascara is slightly on the wetter side so it might take slightly longer time to dry. Personally i’ll prefer my mascara to be slightly wetter as it is easier to apply on my lashes.. Even if it is wet, there won’t be any smudges as the rotating brush will get the product onto your lashes evenly.. As long as you don’t blink, there won’t be any smudges on your eye areas.

Issues pertaining to clumps- Below picture show two coats of mascara (upper lashes) and one coat for the lower. As you can see, there aren’t many clumps so you can apply more than a layer to achieve better effects.

Ease of use: The rotating motion makes application so fun and easy.. I just have to ensure that the correct direction is being used and i can get very nice lashes…  Also, there’s no need to hold on to the button as brush is fully automated. The short bristles on the brush are able to comb and separate well to give me even application.. What more can i ask for? 🙂

Lengthening and Volumizing effect-  As you can see from my pictures, my upper / lower lashes look really long and dense.  There’s no need for me to use a base with fiber to achieve better and dolly effects…

Lasting and Curling Power – The photo below is taken at the end of the day (at about 6 plus in the evening); my lashes stay curly and dolly even after 10 hours… Lasting power of the mascara is relatively good (I have oily lids to begin with) as i don’t see much smudges on the lower eye area.

Ease of removal – As mascara is highly water-proof, you might need to use an eye make-up removal to clean it off thoroughly..

Will rate this mascara 4/5 (minus 1 for the price factor)..

Do get it if you want an innovative and fun way to apply your mascara.

SaSatinnie 360 Rotating Mascara is available exclusively at Sa Sa Cosmetic @ $35.90

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Re: Clogged pores problem


    I went to the skin doctor and was on medication before my acne went away…

    Have you consult a skin doctor? From your description, i guess it is better for you to visit a skin doctor who advise you further…

    If you need, i can give you my doctor’s contact number. 🙂

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