My 2011 recap.

It’s 9 more days to Christmas and 15 more days to a brand new year 2012!(Image credits to Google image)

Was reading Vivian’s blog and was inspired to allocate some time for reflection as well.
Time really seems to zoom by and it’s the end of year again..
In the nutshell, Year 2011 is full of up and downs but at the same time there’s milestone made..
Come on, let me do a recap… 🙂



For more than 5 years, i have been putting off the thought of pursuing my degree. Often, i will give myself and others excuses like insufficient finance and no time etc. But finally, i decided to do something for myself 3 years ago so i have decided to take this leap of faith and take up my degree..

It is not an easy decision and i have many doubts as i am someone who cannot cope with stress level well. Another concern was time management as I had to juggle between work and school. But like i shared with many, God spoke to me about postponement problems and procrastination. Because of fear of failure or other insecurities, we will wait and wait before starting a project or making a decision… That’s very true for me.. I’m always putting off things fearing of the unnecessary and things which has yet to happen.. So after receiving God’s words, I decided to learn to take on challenges and to have more confidence in myself. After placing all my apprehension and placed more faith in God, i embarked on an 18 month journey to obtain my degree.

Throughout this journey, God really see me through this journey and never leave me alone.. Despite the hectic schedule, stress level stays manageable and i can always meet all deadlines on time (both work and school). In addition, God blessed me with very good grades for all the modules that i have taken.  At the end of the journey, my hard work really paid off and i have achieved first class honours.

All Glory to God for this big milestone and breakthrough.. All things are possible thru him~ 🙂


Career wise? I’m still with my current company and work life is pretty stagnant..  Been working in this company for 3 years plus and although work load and colleagues are nice, it’s time to move on to a green pasture.  I trust that God will open doors to more opportunities and meanwhile, i have some plans on hand and i’ll reveal it in due course.


Full of ups and downs (as usual) and i really ought to keep my eyes wide open from now… Just started a new chapter about 3 months back and both of us have put a lot of faith in this relationship.. We have a lot of similarities but differences as well but most important of all, we are willing to work things thru.. Since both of us have the same goals and directions in life, i’m sure that we will keep things going and reach the end of the race.

Friendship / FamilyBonds between my friends have grew stronger as i have time to pay more attention and to attend gatherings (Life without school is really good!! Hehehe!).. Suling was saying that we are making an effort to meet up very month and she’s thankful for that.. I totally agree with her and i’m blessed to have my group of friends. Also, got to make new friends thru various blogging events and not forgetting Derrick’s friends as well..

Family wise? Better relationship between everyone i guess.. I’m going home for dinner on a regular basis and communicating with my parents more… My siblings are also more obedient so all is well! 🙂


That’s my 2011 and i hope everyone have a good one as well…
Have not think about my new year resolutions for 2012 and i will come to that soon..

Meanwhile, happy holidays everyone!! 🙂

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