Blessed 2012 Everyone! :)

As mentioned in my past entry, i’m heading to Taiwan to get something done..
Some of you might have guess what is it..
It’s just a simple procedure /surgery so please don’t not judge me…
Been wanting IT for the longest time so decided to muster up my courage and just get it done..

Beside this, i’m looking forward to the holiday with D..
The cold weather, shopping, food, hotspring and the picturesque scenary..
Fast forward to Sunday please.. 🙂

Since i will spend most of my time outside, i guess i won’t have the time to blog…
So i’m gonna give everyone my blessings in advance..
Also, took some time to ponder on my new year resolutions..
Here i go 🙂

1) New job and a new beginning (those who knows me personally should know what i’m talking about)

2) To save at least 30% – 40% of my take home pay each month..

3) Take up baking / dancing classes and lead a healthier lifestyle
(Note: Have a regular exercise regime.. I know someone will be laughing at this.. Hahaha)

In this coming 2012, i wish that everyone will stay happy and healthy always..
May everyone be blessed with many good returns in 2012…
May the single get attached, the unmarried get married and the married get babies (Quote from Algy)

Enjoy the long weekends everyone..


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