Taiwan 旅行 01 Jan – 08 Jan 2012 :)

Highlights for Week One, 2012 🙂

First Plane Trip with D..

First Time taking National Carrier (Damn Sua-ku i know. Hahaha)

Finally getting the new lids that i’ve always wanted…
(Will blog about the experience soon)

Instructed by the PS to do cold compress every hour.

Sadly, i did not heed his advise as i went out exploring Taiwan…
(Ooopps,i just need to distract myself and don’t want poor D to be bored to tears)

First stop – Miramar Ferris Wheel (美麗摩天輪)

Annoying D was walking around in the carriage and freaking me out.. -_-

Trip will be incomplete without a visit to World’s 2nd tallest building – Taipei 101!

Its gigantic damper.

They named it Damper Baby… It is so cute that i have to kiss it.. :p

Low visibility due to fog but i better don’t hiam..
Better than nothing right?

We were crazy enough to travel to Ye Liu..
Temperature is only 10 degree with very strong wind.

Looking really stupid here… I was afraid that the rain water will get into my eyes.

Basically, this place of attraction is full of ROCKS.

But the weather did not stop us from visiting Jiufen.

The must try in Jiufen – Yam Balls.

It’s also time for some hot-spring fun!

The crawling train to Xin-Bei Tou..

Our private hot spring in the hotel room…

The big and comfy bed!

Modern and nice furnishing with a touch of Zen.. I like!!!

Visited the thermal valley the next morning..
Thank God that it is not raining…

Had dinner with D’s Taiwanese friend – Fang An..
Sweet and friendly lady..

D went back to SG in the morning as return flight in the evening is full..
To kill time, i had a hair transformation..

Had a hair cut and new hair color…

That’s all folks!

Do stay tune for more products review coming up real soon..

Take care everyone!

7 thoughts on “Taiwan 旅行 01 Jan – 08 Jan 2012 :)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Scar on eyelid

    Hi Jermaine,
    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Do you mind showing a photo of the scar on your eyelids? I am also considering DE surgery, but am concerned about the scar…
    Thank you.

  2. hellokitty says:

    hi jermaine 🙂 i came across your blog when i was searching for double eyelid surgery. you have very pretty double eyelids! cld i ask if you know the height of your eyelids in mm which your surgeon did for you?

  3. Hui says:

    Hi Jermaine,

    Im interested in doing my eyelids w Regent clinic as well and my mandarin is really basic but I dont think I saw any link on their website to make an appointment online, is appointment only able to make by calling them?

    Thanks so much for your help!

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