The sugar rush by ZA Eyes / Cheek Groovy.

As a kid, we cannot get enough of sweets and chocolates..The vibrant colors and sugar rush which will keep us happy…

Even till now, the sweet tooth stays intact in me.
I just cannot get enough of sweets, chocolates, ice creams and bubble tea etc…
They are my ‘HAPPY FOOD’ which cheers me up and keeps me going.

I don’t know if this applies to you but my mood will be affected by colors..

Dull / Neutral colors will give me a cold, dull and uninviting feeling while Bright / Bold colors will bring me warm, fuzzy and exciting feel…

In the recent spring 2012 fashion show, the runway consists of bright, bold and vibrant looks. Brilliant and vivid colors are the keys to today’s trend.

This season brings about more make-up fun as you can experience with more candy-pop smoky eyes and sugary sweet pink cheeks..

Now ants have to resist crawling onto your face…Hahaha!

In the 2009 Global Customer Survey data, it has shown that Women in their 20s in Asian countries have increased interest in cosmetics; their main focus will be their eye and cheek area…

Keeping in mind with consumers’ needs, ZA seeks inspiration from the runways of Spring / Summer 2012’s trends and incorporate colors into their new makeup range which consists of eye and cheek colors.

ZA Eyes Groovy and Cheeks Groovy is designed in a way that women will look stylish and have a three-dimensional look effortlessly.

The eye palettes with 4 colors are highly versatile and it compliments with each other well so that you can mix and match easily. With only one palette, you can blend the colors in different combination which creates different looks.

The cheek color will help create a lively yet natural glow which will give you a refreshing look.

First counter -The Cheeks Groovy


  – Fine Textured Cheek Colors to create beautiful color definition which finishes off with a natural glow.

– Its powder is very fine so that i can be blended easily to give you non-chalky and lively looking cheeks

– Texture has a natural looking lustre to give cheeks 3D effect.

– Contains Vitamin E to pamper your skin and it finishes off with a smooth and fresh look.

Second counter -The Eyes Groovy


– 4 colors in a black chic and modern packing which will create beautiful and stunning eyes.

– Contains Brilliant powder complex (Plate-shaped powder that adheres evenly and closely onto skin) which ensure hi-fidelity colors and define texture..

– Long lasting eye-make up which won’t smudge, crease and stays fresh due to its powder finish (Colorants coated with skin compatible amino acidic component) .Powder will spread evenly and easily absorbed to achieve highly translucent color. Since colorant is coated, it will ensure that the color stays on for long hours.

– Skin fits formula will allow smooth application which ‘sticks’ onto your eyelids.. This will allow even graduation when you overlaid your eye makeup.

– Contains Vitamin E to care for skin around delicate eye area.

Now it’s time for color swatches!!!

Cheeks Groovy is available in 5 colours..

1) Glowing Pink

2) Strawberry Pink

3) Pink Petal

4) Apricot Pink

5) June Bride

Glowy Pink will give you Subtle looking rosy cheeks as it has a pearlescent effect. The color is kind of similar to NARS orgasm…

Strawberry Pink will be suitable for ladies who want a kawaii look. Personally, this classic pink color is my favourite as it leaves very nice shade of pink on my skin – not too loud and it will brighten up my dull skin.

Pink Petal will be best suit those who prefer a nude and softer look… Color is rather delicate so it doesn’t leave behind an obvious tone. Since color is very light, i have to swipe a few times in order to get the color out..

Apricot Pink caters more towards darker skin ladies who wants to create a bright skin look. This coral pink has a warmer color which blends in well to create softer looking cheeks.

June Bride is a highlighter which illuminates skin with 3D effect. You can use this as a base and layer on with any of the 4 colors above..

To use this, use a brush and dust on a thin layer around your eye areas and also on the upper part of the cheekbones..

After which, smile so that you can ‘reveal your cheekbones. Use any of the above 4 colors and blend it outwards from centre of the cheeks (move in a spiral manner and draw an oval along your cheekbones)

Eyes Groovy is available in 4 colors

1) Lady Brown

2) White Illuminator

3) Icy Smoky

4) Aqua Squash

Lady Brown – Made for the Office ladies in mind, this palette with Perfect brown tones will add definition to the eye while beautifully enhance skin tone. In addition, it will complement your other face make-up to give you a chic look.. This has to be my favourite as it will make me look more feminine.

White Illuminator will leave amazing results on your eyelids due to its delicate tinge of light colours and contrasting black… This palette will be good for work as it is not very loud and it allows you to look professional. During weekends, you can create a rock chick look by drawing a thicker eyeliner LINE on top the eye shadow.

Icy Smoky is the perfect palette if you want to create cool and stylish smoky eyes.. Perfect on a big night out with the ladies..

Aqua Squash will be the most candylicious palette with its vivid and fresh color… It will definitely match with your summer dress to give you a more lively look.

Some guidelines on the different color combinations which you can create.. 🙂

Colorful and sweet cupcakes were prepared in order to fill our hungry stomach…
As a chocolate lover, I had the chocolate caramel one 🙂

As the theme is ‘candylicious’, candies and chocolates are part of the decoration…
That’s what i thought initially but sad to say we have to bring them home…

Talking about my increasing size of my ‘love handles’


At the end of the session, the bloggers are given a lot of sweets and chocolates to bring home.
Not forgetting two sets of blusher and eye-shadow.

Thank you ZA and Yiying for the invite..

As the wound on my eyelids are still quite sensitive, i’m going to avoid eye-makeup for the time being..
But you can see how the blusher fares on my cheeks…

I’m using Strawberry Pink and i love the healthy-looking tint.. Powder is very fine and i’m not surprised as Cheeks Groovy uses similar technology as NARS (Both ZA and NARS are owned by Shiseido).. Color is quite pigmented (two swipes will be enough for the color to show… A little goes a long way..

Can’t wait to hold these babies in your hands?

It will be made available soon in Watsons from 2nd February onwards…

ZA Eyes Groovy: S$18.50

ZA Cheek Groovy: S$17.50

Stay Pretty and Tendy with ZA Eyes / Cheek Groovy…

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