(Announcement) Increase your attractiveness with Keratinology products by Sunsilk

How many of you think that ladies with long and silky hair are attractive???I’m sure many of us agree to this statement – be it whether the hair is straight, curly or colored…
In today’s media exposures like magazines, movies, MTVs etc, ladies are often portray with feminine long hair…Here’s two of my favourite actresses with their long and flawless hair…

(Images credit to Google’s image)

I’m sure the sexy and beautiful aura will be different if both actresses have short hair instead…

Right now, i’m trying to keep my hair long in order to look more feminine. People who know me personally will know how chor lor (rough) i can get.. Hahaha!

My bf is not an exception as he thinks that i look morelady-like with long hair soi can’t cut it short! -_-

But face it, long hair aren’t easy to manage as you will get dry / damaged hair with lot of tangles and spilt ends.. As your hair gets longer, you will subject the same surface area with more and more chemical treatments overtime… In addition, your hair condition will worsen due to UV rays, stress, styling and heating tools. When hair becomes damage, tiny surface imperfections will surface which lets in free radicals thus leading to colour fade and breakage.

In today’s hectic society, you cannot be running to the salon almost every 6 weeks for intensive treatments. Even after the best salon treatments, hair will ‘depreciate’ with its protein and strength as some salon processes can damage hair’s inner structure … Cracks will start to appear, worsen and more free radicals will penetrate so hair starts feeling rough, dry and brittle. How you wish you can prolong the lifespan of your salon treated hair!

Now you can maintain healthy, Shiny, Smooth and Manageable hair with the help of Iphone/Andriod app and Keratinology (By Sunsilk) products… Launched in Sep 2011, Keratinology will prolong salon-perfect hair till your next salon visit… Designed to work hand in hand with salon treatment to maintain salon-perfect hair for up to 6 weeks after treatment.

Keratinology By Sunsilk has developed three revolutionary ranges – Advanced Reconstruction Program, Korean Bounce Therapy and Sun Kissed Colour Therapy. These products with the combination of a personalized six-week hair regime (which you can monitor using the app) will give you salon-perfect hair 24/7.

“Each product enhances the positive effects of professional treatments, so your hair is in safe, expert hands, from the minute you leave the salon door,” explains Peter Bailey, R&D specialist of The Keratinology Institute. This formula also works on hair that has naturally become damaged over time due to styling and environmental
changes such as pollution and sun exposure, restoring up to one year of accumulated damage in just five days!”

Let me explain to you on the steps to great looking hair.

Step One: Download the app from your iPhone or Android Smartphone

Step Two: Some questions regarding your hair will be asked and you have input your answers in order to build your personal keratinogram.

Step Three: Based on your inputs, the app will generate a program which will advise you on the range and sequence of products.

As i have colored hair, Sun kissed color therapy is recommended for me..

The app will tell you which products to use (complete with descriptions and guide to using it).. Also, there will be guided program which will send you reminders on the sequences to use the products.

Before i go into the different product ranges, let me do a brief introduction on Keratinology.

This latest luxurious hair care innovation by Sunsilk is targeted in prolonging the beauty of salon-treated hair. Using Pico Technology, it contains powerful nutrients that are 1000 times smaller than nano which allows better penetration and reach the tiniest crack to reconstruct hair from inside out. Rose of Jericho – the ultimate regeneration plant is another key ingredient. After months of lifelessness, this plant can restore and come back to life instantly when submerged in water. In addition, it contains Keratin complex and together, it allows deep penetration into the hair fibre for extensive nourishment and hair reconstruction.

Three ranges to target different needs

1) Sun-kissed colour Therapy
~ To extend the lifespan of vibrant color & mirror-like shine

2) Advanced reconstruction program
~ To recover 1 year of accumulated damage in just 5 days for that total hair transformation.

3) Korean Bounce Therapy
~  To maintain gorgeous bounce with extra softness.

Radiant salon color for longer with Sun-Kissed Colour Therapy

Often facing problems in keeping your colored hair vibrant? Sunsilk understands that all colored hair from 3D highlights, low-lights and latest salon color styles need specialist care as the lightening process damages the cuticles. Hence, hair struggles to maintain its new colour and essential nutrients.

New Keratinology Sun-Kissed Colour Therapy, enriched with pico-nutrients that replenish hair from within and seal cuticles to achieve rich, smooth hair that retains its colour for longer. Enjoy your trendy lightened look with ultimately smooth and shiny results for much longer!

Sun kissed Therapy is enriched with advanced PICO technology and it is formulated to deeply nourish and repair damaged hair fibre from to color chemical treatment. At the same time, it will seal the cuticles to lock in color and make hair soft and smooth.

Three Products for Colour Therapy:

   1. Color Therapy Shampoo – Specially designed formula will gently remove hair residues and guard the colours on your hair.

   2. Express Treatment Conditioner – When used after shampoo, this concentrated fast acting conditioner will nourishes, smoothes hair and help retain color with every wash.

   3. Glossy Mask with Salon Hair Wax– To be used as a Weekly treatment – this product works by penetrating through 3 layers of the hair fibre to intensely nourish and repair, sealing the cuticles to lock in luminous color and shine

Beauty of Salon Treated Hair for Longer

Face it! Even if you go to the salon often for treatment, damages on your hair might already cause your hair to be weakened over time. The Advanced reconstruction program that’s enriched with the advanced PICO technology aims to target problems as soon as they appear. Its luxurious formula breaks through within the hair fibre and releases deep nourishment and reconstruction. In this way, lost protein will be retrieved and nourish hair back to life.

Six Products for Reconstruction:

   1. Detoxifying shampoo –  First step to deep cleanse to remove residues and preps hair while working hand in hand with salon treatments

   2. Express treatment conditioner – After shampooing; use this quick-acting conditioner for intensive reconstruction treatment.

   3. Hair Spa Mask – Do not limit the act of masking only on your mask; use this hair mask weekly for revitalize your hair instantly. It works by penetrates through all the 3 layers of hair fibre, reconstructs and retaining nutrients within the cuticles for dazzling results.

   4. Overnight reconstruction – Apply this on your hair at night and its lightweight nourishing formula will work on your hair while you sleep. With an intensive 8 hour action, powerful nutrients will be supplied to your hair overnight to reconstruct every tiniest cracks and imperfections.

   5. Dual shot treatment – As the last step, this intensive SOS treatment recovers damaged hair for salon-like perfection in just two steps. Step one – delivers intensive reconstruction; Step two – locks in shine and smoothness

   6. Heat protector spray – If you subject your hair in heat activities often, this advanced heat protector formula with UV filter will prevent breakages and frizz as you style for a more professional look.

The Beauty of Salon Curls for Longer with Korean bounce therapy

Wake up to salon beautiful curls with the Korean bounce therapy with every use as it stimulates the hair follicles, hydrate each curl from the root to the tip. Digitally permed hair needs specialist care as it is very damaging to hair and hard to maintain. Korean bounce therapy is enriched with advanced PICO technology which intensely nourishes and strengthens every inch of the hair fibre. The light-weighted formula will maintain and strengthen every inch of your curls; right down to the permed tips; which is the most fragile part of your hair

Four Products for Bounce Bounce Hair:

   1. Bouncy Curls Therapy Shampoo – Cleansing formula gently removes residues and keeps curls beautiful.

   2. Express Treatment Conditioner – Used after shampooing, this formula will condition and provides hair with nourishment treatment while preserving curls.

   3. Curl Definition Mask – A weekly treatment that penetrates through 3 layers of the hair fibre. The intensive formula nourishes deep inside hair cortex and toughen hair fibre.

   4. Overnight Treatment: A lush light-weight formula which delivers intense nourishment as you sleep for extravagantly soft, salon-beautiful curls when you wake up from slumber.

Here’s an essential roadmap in using the products to maintain hair salon-perfect hair.

Week 1: PROTECT with Keratinology (any of the 3 ranges) by Sunsilk’s shampoo and conditioner

Week 2: NOURISH with Keratinology (any of the 3 ranges) Mask

Week 3: TREAT with Heat Spray (Advanced reconstruction range) to protect hair from heat from styling and sun exposure.

Week 4: RECONSTRUCT to give hair a vitality recharge with the Overnight Treatment (Advanced reconstruction/ Korean Bounce range)

Week 5: CARE with Dual Treatment Shots (Advanced reconstruction range) to boost hair’s protein to promote

Week 6: PREPARATION for your next salon appointment using the Mask and Dual Treatment Shot to revive tresses in the interim.

Within a short time frame since the product launch, 2 products have already won awards!!

Cosmopolitan Inaugural Beauty Awards
“Best Heat-Styling Product – Drug Store”

Cosmopolitan Inaugural Beauty Awards
Best Leave-In Hair Conditioner – Drug Store”

Anyway, the product launch is held @  NOVUS Restaurant located at National Museum Of Singapore

It’s my second visit and i’m in love with their modern European furnishing complete with high ceiling…
Pretty isn’t it?

The food served during the event are very unique so i thought of sharing some mini reviews.

There’s free flow bread during the event and only complaint is that the bread is cold. Always prefer bread that’s lightly toasted for that extra crunch! Bread is soft and the lightly salted butter just made the carbo intake worthwhile…

Menu of the day

1) Starter – Mozzarella

2) Soup – Carrot & Ginger

3) Main Course – Red Snapper

4) Desert – Lemon Tarte

Starter – Mozzarella

The starter is too pretty to be eaten but i have to satisfy my hungry and growling stomach.. Compressed Water melon is very sweet but a little too soggy.. The Buffalo mozzarella tastes quite cheesy so you won’t like the taste if you are not a cheese lover. The texture is really unique as it is chewy and spongy; taste really good if you complement it with the watermelon – Sweet and yet salty..

Soup – Carrot & Ginger

I don’t like creamy soup or rather i’m not a big fan of soup.. Moreover, the combination of carrot and ginger made the soup taste even weirder… Soup is a little too creamy with a sweet and spicy after-taste… Only thing which i like about this soup would be its tiger prawn as it is fresh and crunchy..

Next dish please!

Main Course – Red Snapper

Ohhh! i love fishes as they are full of nutrients yet low in calories… The red snapper is fresh but i think it is a little overcooked so meat is dry.. Did not consume much of the Risotto as i’m on a low-carbo diet but the rice is too sour for my liking….

Desert – Lemon Tarte

Decided to skip this dish as i don’t wish to overload myself with too much calories… Only consumed the  Grapefruit which is sour and bitter.. =/

With purchases of Keratinology products, you can stand a chance to win attractive prices..

At the end of the event, i got to bring home a set of reconstruction products…
Thank you Sunsilk for the generosity!
Will try the products after i’m done with my current hair-care products..

Thank you Samplestore and Sunsilk for the invite..

(Images credit to Keratinology’s FB)

Products are exclusive available at all Watsons and here’s the Price List FYI 🙂

With Keratinology, you can keep your salon-treated hair beautifully for longer

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