My Journey to obtaining Double Eye Lids (My double eye lids surgery)

Many of you should have known by now that i did my double eyelid surgery in Taiwan…
Why this decision and why Taiwan?Since young, i have uneven eyelids(left eye has a weak line and my right eye has none) with excessive fats.
It is really frustrating to do my eye-make up as it will be uneven and non-visible despite of the efforts made..
Double eyelids glue and stickers will be of no use to be due to my fatty + puffy eyelids.. Due to the unevenness, It is also difficult to put on falsie to enlarge the appearance of my eyes.

Decided to go ahead with this surgery after i’m done with my PT degree studies as i wish to reward myself for all the hard work put in…

That’s my eyes without any make-up

My eyes with heavy eye make-up and falsies..
(Note the unevenness and puffy eyes even with a lot of eye-make up)

I have consulted a doctor in Singapore as i wanted to do the Suture Method initially…
There will be no incision (Cut) made to create folds on the eyelids as eyelids will be sewn instead..

This method has lesser risk, lower downtime and it is reversible (in case you are not happy with the outcome).
Since 3-points suture will be used to secure the folds in place, this method will not be permanent..
As per my research, knots will loosen / break within a few years so you have do the procedure again..

However, i have too much fats on my eyelids so this method is not suitable for me..
Little or No fats cannot be extracted using this method so my lids will be putting a lot of pressure of the suture (eeekss! Imagine if it breaks when i rubs my eyes)

Hence, i have decided to go for the incision method as it is permanent and fats can be extracted! 🙂

Under the incision method, there’s conventional and mini-incision method…

Under the conventional method, an incision of 2-3 cm will be made.. Excessive fats and skin can be removed so results will be permanent..

Under the mini-incision method, a mini incision of 0.5 – 0.8 cm will be made.. Excessive fats can be removed but not excess skin… As such, this method will not be suitable for more matured individuals with droopy / saggy eyelids.

Decided to go ahead with the mini-incision method as there are lesser downtime and complication. I also don’t fancy long scars on both lids which will seem so unnatural. Moreover, i do not have saggy skin on my eyelids and there’s no need to remove excess skin…

No one in Singapore is using this technique so i decided to head to Taiwan for it..
In addition, the cold weather will prevent me from sweating (which will not irritate my wound). Nobody in Taiwan will recognize me so i will feel more at ease (which will speed up recovery as well)…

Called up 麗晶 整形外 to fix up an appointment before booking my air tickets..
Over the phone, the nurse told me that i need to remain in Taiwan for at least 4 days after the surgery for removal of stitches (Which means stitches removal can be done on 5th day post surgery)..

Over the phone, the nurse told me to avoid taking chinese herbs and supplements one week before the surgery; also to avoid using glue / stickers on my eyelids…

My surgery was scheduled on the 02 Jan 2012 (i flew over to Taiwan on 01 Jan 2012).
Upon reaching Taiwan, i called up 麗晶 to confirm my appointment and the nurse once again reminded me not to take any supplements and herbs.. Also, she mentioned that i could have my breakfast before coming over and advised me to have a shower first as i won’t be able to wash my hair properly after the surgery.

My appointment was at 10.30 am and the clinic is strategically located so i did not face any problems finding it. The clinic is located at the intersection of Zhong Xiao Dong Lu and Fu Xing Lu. Once you come out from exit 2, you can see the building directly across.

板南線 - 忠孝復興站 二號出口 (東方大廈)
木柵線 - 忠孝復興站 二號出口 (東方大廈)
忠孝東路下橋直行至復興南路口即到 (SOGO百貨)

The building should look like this…
To be frank, the building seems really run down so it made me more anxious.. 😦

Every visitor must change into disposable slippers before entering the clinic for hygine purposes. Upon entering the clinic, i was greeted by the very friendly nurses and brought into the waiting area.. The clinic is very clean, modern, nicely decorated and everything put me at ease..

 I did not bring any pictures to show Dr Chen as i want him to decide what the best is for me; as every individuals have different facial features, what looks good on someone might not be the best for me.. During the consulation, Dr Chentold me he will emphasize on natural results so he will decide the crease based on my 黃金定位點 which was obtained from the mid-point of myeyes.

Dr Chen simulated three different level of crease based on my 黃金定位點. I have to hold a mirror in front of my face and was told to close my eyes gently. Next, he placed a metal pin on the mid-point of my eyelid and asked me to open my eyes (without raising my eyebrows). I chose the medium crease as i wanted a more obvious result but not too high that it might appear to be auntish…

The entire consultation lasted about 45 mins and whereby Dr Chen explained the procedures, pros and cons, healing time etc to me. After which, i was brought to the waiting area so that i can make my decision.. Decided to go ahead with the procedure but D was still showing signs of apprehensions. During payment and documentation, the nurse shown him a few before and after pictures and also reassured that everything will be fine… Dr Chen and all his nurses were very patient, professional and knowledgeable so i’ll be in safe hands..

Will continue with the surgery procedures and post surgery experiences in the next few posts..

So stay tune!
Meanwhile, here’s some AFTER photos so enjoy! 🙂

(My bare eyes – without make up)

(Eyes with eyeliner on)

(Eyes with eyeliner and mascara on)

(Spot the differences)

P/S: This is not a Sponsored Post and i paid for this entire trip and procedures.

75 thoughts on “My Journey to obtaining Double Eye Lids (My double eye lids surgery)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jermaine,

    I enjoyed reading ur entry. You’re such a brave woman! 🙂 you look even prettier now with ur big dolly eyes..

    • jermaineeee says:

      Double eye-lid surgery


      Thanks for reading my entry and the kind complement! Actually the surgery isn’t that scary and i’m glad i have went ahead with it.. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    You look gorgeous!

    Hey girl you look so gorgeous now!! 🙂 How long did you take to recover?? Im going for a double eyelid surgery as well.. will 3 weeks be enough for me to recover??
    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    really worried

    Hi Jermaine,

    I really want to do the double eyelid surgery as well, but I dont speak Chinese very well. Do the staff in Regent and Dr. Chen could speak English?

    How long should we stay in Taiwan after the surgery?

    Tks very much!!

    • jermaineeee says:

      Re: really worried

      Hi! Dr Chen and the staff speak English so not to worry.. You can actually give them a call if you are still worried..

      You will need to stay in Taiwan until your stitches are removed.. It can be done on the 5th day after the op… Personally i feel that it is better to stay for a min of 7 days…

      Feel free to email me at if you have doubts.. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Afraid Of Pain

    Dear Jermaineee,

    Thank you for sharing your experience and you look great with your new eyelids. I am thinking of going for a double eyelid surgery but I need some advice from you.

    1) Did u choose the tapered or parallel cut method and what is the difference between these 2?

    2) What is the height of the crease which you chose? And

    3) How long did your eyelids look natural ?

    Thank you for your reply. 

    • jermaineeee says:

      Re: Afraid Of Pain

      Hey there,

      Thanks for your comment..

      As mentioned, i did not choose the cutting method and i left it to Dr Chen to decide.. End result, my double eyelids are more tapered which suits Asians eyes more.. To my understanding, parallel eyelids will make you look more Eurasian.. You can Google it online and you will be able to see the differences btw the two..

      Based on my 黃金定位點, he told me to choose between three different height creases.. I chose the medium one as i want a obvious but yet natural looking double eyelids…

      Healing is on the fast side for me and it will varies among individuals.. You can resume the use of make up after one week but you have to be gentle and not tug hard on the delicate wound area… After 2 months, no one can tell that i went for double eyelid surgery.. But there’s a scar if you look at it closely.. The scar can be reduced with a scar removal cream that Dr Chen has provided (i have not been applying it as i’m so lazy.. haha)

      Hope my reply helps! You can email me at if you have more qns…

  5. Anonymous says:


    Hello Jermaineee!

    Your surgery came out really nice, congratulations! I am planning to do my double eyelids next year; I hope they can fix my eyes from excessive use of eyelid glue, since I have been using it for over four years. My left eyelid is droopier compared to my right.

    Thank you for posting up your experience, it really gave me the confidence to face my fears.

    • jermaineeee says:

      Re: Hello!

      Thanks for reading my post!! I’m sure your end result will be good as well! Just don’t look back and just do it.. After all, we are only young once.. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Hello!

        after reading…i wana go n do it!!!!

        guess hav to do it nex yr then..wats the cost os doing it???then u stay in the hotel for 2 days n u wear a sunglass after that?

      • jermaineeee says:

        Re: Hello!

        Just do it!!

        I spent a total of $1100 for the procedure and medicine.. I did not stay in the hotel for 2 days.. Instead, i went out for sight seeing and shopping the next day.. I do not encourage this but if you really want, please apply the ointment and keep the area dry… Also, try to do eye compression as much as possible to keep swelling at bay..

        I did not wear sunglasses but spectacles instead.. I’m gonna blog about my post surgery experience soon so keep a look out!

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Hello!

        Ahhhh after reading the clinic…I so wana go tw nw!

        Can’t wait to do my eyes….then I can throw all the eyelid stickers away! Kakaka….
        So consultation was done on d same day,but did u req for any specific doc or there is onli 1 doc? R we cover by Taiwan insurance if there is anything wrong?

      • jermaineeee says:

        Re: Hello!


        There’s only one doctor in the clinic and my consultation was done on the same day as the surgery…

        Taiwan insurance? i am not sure about that…

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Hello!

        babe, then when u go in, after consultation, they will do wat injection to yr eyes??? r u awake thru out the operation??? i scare of pain leh…

  6. Anonymous says:


    how much does it cost? Around which day did you remove your stitches? Is there any scars when you close your eyes?


    • jermaineeee says:

      Hey Cheryl,

      It cost a total of $1100 for the procedure and medicine.. I removed my stitches on the 6th day and i went back to sg on the 7th day… There’s a mini scar when i closed my eyes but u have to stand really close to me in order to see it… I did not apply the scar removal cream given by the doctor so i’m just letting it heal naturally.. So far so good and i’m really happy with the results..

  7. Anonymous says:


    Hi hi, your 1st after pic without make up, left eye crease seems to be higher… is it due to more swelling? Does it balance up now? after how long? Cos i did mine, suture method, both eyes crease different height 😦

    Thank you!

    • jermaineeee says:

      Re: Hi

      Hi, my left eye is more swollen than my right thus it looks very uneven.. It starts to balance after 2-3 months and it is looking very natural now (It is about 6 months after surgery)..

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Hi


        I tried to contact the clinic through email and a post delievery failure was sent. Tried to call their hotline but i couldn’t get through… May I know how did u manage to contact them? Thanks alot!!

      • jermaineeee says:

        Re: Hi


        I did not email them but i called them.. Previously i did not face any problems trying to contact them as they will pick up calls promptly.. Maybe you can try to call them during working hours (i normally call them in the late mornings)

        Hope it helps.. 🙂

  8. Eve says:

    Hi, Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience! I wanted to get double eyelid surgery done as well. I hope they can fix my eyes since my eyelids are saggy from eyelid glue.

    Are these methods permanent? I live in Canada, so that is a far way from Taiwan to get it redone if something happens. Thank you again!


  9. Jen says:


    Could you explain what is beauty889 about? It seems Dr chen is from regent clinic but you booked your appointment at beauty889. Are they related?

    Btw, does Dr Chen speaks english?


  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi babe, you look really gorgeous after doing your double eyelid surgery! I have been wanting to do it but am really scared as i have heard of many plastic surgery gone wrong online in the forums. I have been researching and am considering doing it with Dr Wong SY or in Bangkok. After looking after your photos, i am tempted to go to the same clinic. What made you decide to go to TW to do the double eyelid surgery? And the hotel that you stayed at, is it near the hospital?
    Really admire your courage! 🙂

    • jermaineeee says:

      Thank you! I decided to go to Taiwan because Dr Chen specializes in the mini-incision technique… Wanted to do it in Singapore but i cannot find a doctor that uses this technique.. The hotel i stayed is in Ximending and it located at a few train stops away from the clinic..

  11. v says:

    hihi, is it possible to private msg me the suture consultation u had in sg? i jus paid for a deposit at one of tis clinic in sg. when i read abt u saying d temporary thing cuz its stitch n no incision, i gt abit worried. 😦

  12. L says:

    Hello! Can I just check which hotel did you stay in while you were there? Was it far from the clinic itself..? Thanks! 🙂

  13. Sandy says:

    Thank so much for yr posting. Btw, can I know which hotel at Xi Meng Ding u r staying?
    As u mention a few stops away from the clinic by walking ?
    U look really pretty after yr double eyelip done.

    • jermaineee says:

      Hey Babe,

      Thank you for your compliment! 🙂

      I stayed in a hostel style hotel in XMD and u will need to take MRT to reach the clinic (it is a few stops away from XMD)

  14. Clare says:

    How did u decide on this doctor? is there good reviews about him?
    Do u know how much the procedure would cost in SG?
    U look very different with and without double eyelids, now I know double eyelids really make such difference. =D u look really good after.

    • jermaineee says:


      Sorry for the late reply.. Decided on this doctor as he does mini-incision and there’s a few good reviews about him (you can google to find out more).. Not sure how much will it cost if you do it in Singapore (to my understanding no one does mini-incision in Sg).. 🙂

  15. Gabrielle says:

    Hi Jermaine!

    I had eyelid surgery performed on me 2 years ago, using the CO2 laser method (i’m guessing that’s the suture method…) But as of today, I noticed that my eyelid crease/fold looks a little too natural for my liking. It has dramatically changed in size over the past 2 years (it became wayyy smaller)… I was wondering if you know if it’s possible to go have it redone again this summer? Or will the “scar” (which you can BARELY see when I close my eyes) be visible?

    Btw, your surgery looks GREAT! 🙂 Glad you went with it!


    • jermaineee says:

      Hello Gabby,

      Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your sweet comment.. Not sure if revision is possible but you can give them a call… 🙂

      The scar is not quite visible unless you stand really close to me so i’m really happy with the results.

  16. Milred says:

    hello! You look great post your surgery 😀

    I did my surgery last month and I have a tapered lid and a semilunar lid post surgery – do you think it is possible for me to do revision so that both sides are symmetrical? I did the incisional method. I actually tried sticking double eyelid stickers to make them more balanced but it doesnt quite work and kinda defeats the purpose of going for surgery! 😦 Fingers crossed that somehow the tapered part will become more semilunar in the time to come.

      • jasmine says:

        Hey jermaine!
        I have booked an appt to taipei dr chen for a double eyelid like 2 months ago. However I used a prepaid card to contact them and now the prepaid card is misplaced ><. Do u think they would try contacting me??

  17. emy says:

    Hi pretty,

    I just did my double eyelid (stitch method) 3 days ago and i would like to ask what type of ointment you applied on your eyes? Thanks!

  18. helen says:

    Hi there..I know you post has been over a year or so. However, I am planning on making a trip to TPE this X-mas break to have my eyes done as well since it is cheaper there than the states. I would love to ask you some questions if you could kindly help. My email is left when I entered my reply. Thank you!

  19. Joy says:

    Hi Jermaine!

    You really look great! Thanks for sharing all the useful information, they are really of great help 🙂

    I’ve made an appointment with the clinic a few weeks ago and the lady over the phone has sort of confirmed with me the date of consultation/ surgery. However, no deposit payment is required and there is also no confirmation over email. So is the verbal acknowledgement over the phone the only “confirmation” of the appointment dates which we can safely rely on?

    Also like to ask, what are the operating hours of the clinic?

    Hope to hear from you soon, thanks!

    • jermaineee says:

      Hi Joy,

      Thank you! Yup! if you are worried, give them a ring 1 week before you head to Taiwan.. If i never remember wrongly, they will give u a call to cfm your appt closer to date… As for the operating hours, i cannot remember. Sorry about that.

  20. lyannalynn says:

    Hi Jermainee,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. From your review of your surgery with Dr. Chen along with others, I’ve decided to schedule a consultation with him in Dec. The clinic wouldn’t book a surgery date however, they said for me to meet with Dr. Chen first.
    How was your experience the first week post surgery?


  21. Ling_ling says:

    Hi Jermainee,
    I stumbled across your blog when I was searching for double eyelid surgery. I enjoyed reading your experience on it. I always thought that Korea would be the best place for this. However, the prices they quote me was ard SGD$5K which I considered too ex. They advised me to go for Ptosis correction and Epicanthoplasty. I think my case was quite severe compared to yours. And I have asymmertrical eyes Did your clinic in Taiwan ask u to go for this? I have emailed them but yet to receive a reply. Thnx.

  22. Best Acne Treatment says:

    Good day! This post couldn’t be written much better!

    Reading this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He always kept chatting regarding this. I will forward
    this write-up to him. Surely he’ll have a good read.
    Many thanks for sharing!

    • jermaineee says:

      End result is more towards Tapered. Nope i did not opt for tapered / parallel as i want Dr Chen to decide what the best is for me; as every individuals have different facial features, what looks good on someone might not be the best for me.. During the consultation, Dr Chen told me he will emphasize on natural results so he will decide the crease based on my 黃金定位點 which was obtained from the mid-point of my eyes.

      Dr Chen simulated three different level of crease based on my 黃金定位點. I have to hold a mirror in front of my face and was told to close my eyes gently. Next, he placed a metal pin on the mid-point of my eyelid and asked me to open my eyes (without raising my eyebrows). From there, you can decide which you like best.

      Hope it helps 🙂

  23. says:

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  25. Emily says:

    Hi Jermaine!

    I’m actually thinking of doing the same surgery too! Originally I was going to Korea but I think i might do it in Taiwan instead. What is the name of your clinic and how much did you pay? Also, do they speak English and do they have a website?


  26. Vanessa says:

    Hey Jermaine, Thanks for your post! Just wanted to ask, do you know the email of the place? I cant seem to find it on their website 😦

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