Highlights for Week 06 – My Vday Celebration with D.

14 Feb is approaching and it will be our first V’day together.. But sad to say that D is going on a business trip on the actual day i decided to celebrate it with him earlier..Just a quick update – Both of us are going thru some major changes but i’m sure God will bless us and see us thru it… This will be my last working week in Axioo and i’m undertaking a new role in XXX (shall reveal the new company soon).. Pretty sick of customer service line so i hope i can fit well into my new job scope.. Anyway, back to the V’day celebration 🙂

Booked tickets to the Dinosaurs – Live! Exhibition as part of his surprise..
Since last year, he has been mentioning about this exhibition but we do not have the chance to visit it..
I’m sure he will enjoy it as much as i do..

Started the day with Brunch @ Antoinette (Scarlet Hotel)
Discovered this little gem while we were walking to Chinatown previously…
Since it was weekends and located in CBD area, there wasn’t much crowd so food was served fast.

Country-style theme and furnishing.. 
The toilet has the same style of decoration as well.

D busy playing with his phone.. Still call me a FB addict!?!

Pale-looking me as i only had eyeliner on…. Been having a lot of whiteheads on my face recently so in order to allow my skin needs to breathe, i’ll try not to pile on make-up on weekends…

Currently reviewing a brand new range of skincare products and seems like my skin concern is under control…

i’ll share with my readers on the results next week..

Antoinette is a classic Parisian pâtisserie and it is named after the last queen of France who was known for her exquisite taste and lavishly indulgent love meticulously crafted pastries.  @ Antoinnette, you will enjoy an excellent selection of traditional regional French fare, French classic desserts and savouries!

There’s three outlets in Singapore and do call them to make reservation if you wish to avoid long waiting time.

30 Penhas Road
Singapore 208188
Tel: 62933121

Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238897
Tel: 68369527

(Do not accept reservation)

Scarlet Hotel
Add – 33, Erskine Road
#01-02 / 03 Singapore 069333

They have All-Day Breakfast and also an extensive selection of food, dessert and beverages. Heard that they are famous for their tea selection but i need my daily coffee fix… Shall try it the next time!

While waiting for the food, we got really bored so it was time for some cam-whoring…
The wallpaper made our camwhore pictures really nice!

Antoinnette’s Breakfast (MINE!)

Gosh! Everything on this plate is really fantastic! Bacon is tasty and not too dry… Sausage is juicy and not salty.. Scrambled egg’s texture is good as it is not too runny and not too dry.. Thick Toast is toasted with some butter so the butter has seep into the bread.. Yummy!~

Portion is big and it comes with coffee / orange juice / Hot chocolate.. Protein overload!!!

These croissants came together with the breakfast set; lightly toasted, it is really crispy and delicious on its own.

D’s Burger Antoinette with Chips..

I’m having problems trying to finish my own set of food so i did not steal much food (only took a few chips) from his plate.. Hahaha!

Bill came up at $50 plus and thanks to D for the treat! 🙂

Headed to the Science Centre next for Dinosaurs Live..

Ticket is priced at $23/- per pax (which includes extry to the science centre) and this exhibition will end on 26 Feb 2012.. Not sure if they will extend it, so catch while you can.. 🙂

It has been years since i step into this place.. Even on weekends, there are a lot of students on excursion.

In this 90 minutes exhibition, you can embark on a journey 250 million years back in time and see life-sized dinosaurs coming to life.. During this prehistoric adventure @ exhibition, you can roam freely in their created habitats while seeing them move and ROAR! At the same time, you can acquire scientific facts and be entertained by these creatures which once walked the face of the earth…

Let the pictures ‘walk the talk’!! Enjoy!!

Lighting was quite bad inside and we were not allowed to on the flash.. So pardon us for the blurred pictures..

This dinosaur looks very friendly!

Asked him to sayang the bird but he refused!

This flying creature must be a really smart bird.. 孔 子 leh!

I’m not short, it’s just that my partner beside me is too tall!

Apparently D told me this dino looks like Hippo! It should be Rhino la!! hahahaha!

His favorite T-Rex!!

Another cute dino spotted!

Ending the photo trail with 2 artistic shots by D..

I’m glad that he has enjoyed himself and all the intensive walking is worthwhile…
Shall end the entry by showing his Vday gift for me… Pretty isn’t it??
My skagen watch has went to ‘Watch Heaven’ after i dropped it and stepped on it accidently.. -__-
Loving the rose gold strap and the watch face…

Still in the midst of searching for an appropriate gift for him….
I’m rather fussy so the gift selection will take sometime.. hehehe!

Happy Vdae 2012 to everyone..

May everyone stays blissful and 甜甜蜜蜜 with their partners.. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Highlights for Week 06 – My Vday Celebration with D.

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