(Sponsored Review) Neogence Ace Revitalizing and Brightening Series

Remember that i mentioned in my previous post that i was having a lot of white heads??
Just in time, Sasa has sent me some new products and it has helped me reduce my skin woes…

A little background introduction on this brand:

Neogence is developed in Taiwan by a team of renowned medical beauty specialist; with plenty of R&D done, these professional dermatologists came out with a series of products which will target flaws of Asian skin and suitable for today’s climate. Focusing on its mission in providing sincerity, service and environmental-friendly products / services; Neogence series contain only safe ingredients to care for your skin with dedicated services and with simplicity which helps to keep the environment green. 

Clinical studies by this group of professional dermatologists have discovered that oily skin has poor absorption rates. In its clinical trials, they have discovered that although oily / combination skins do not display signs of aging fast (such as roughness, dullness, dark spots, loss of skin firmness). However, this particular type of skin will have poor essence absorption in skincare products and this will create other skin problems.

Because of the slow metabolism, the structure of epidermal cells will become irregular and disordered.  In the long run, the excess sebum secretion due to active oil grand will cause old and dead skin cells to accumulate on the skin surface and it results in poor absorption ability.  If no remedial action is taken, no skin care products will work its ultimate power and the result of anti-aging protection would be limited.

Skin Revitalizing System – for Skin Renewal, Brightening, Protection and Anti-Oxidant

~ Relieve your heavy skin- with ACE Revitalizing and Brightening Series
(Exclusively in Sasa)

Neogence ACE Revitalizing and Brightening Series is a skincare product line designed for all combination and oily skins. Focusing on “Restructure and Renew”, Neogence applied the “Patent Biochemical Conduction Technology“ in this series to further enhance the results and quality. Clinical tests proved that the skin absorption is 300% increased after using the ACE products, allowing the active ingredients penetrate into skin more effectively and easily. 

Let us discover the secrets and strategy behind this range of products:

Strategy One:

Patent Liposome® Conduction Technology to increase ingredient penetration by 300%

Strategy Two

Vitamin A works on the deep, underlying layers of skin to renew, restructure, and metabolize old skin cells.

Strategy Three

All-Round formula- Renewal x Brightening x Anti-Oxidant 

With the help of Vitamin A, C, and E, this combination results in skin renewing, lightening, and anti-oxidant benefits. In addition, another two patent ingredients, Biophytex (eye contour brightening factor) and Matrixyl™3000 (fine lines smoothing factor will effectively release skin from dullness and roughness, darkness and restore skin firmness.

Biomedical Conduct Technology—Rovisome® ACE Plus Effect Diagram

Six different products under this series…

30mL/ $67.90

50mL/ $39.90

120mL/ $26.90

3pcs/ $22.90

15mL/ $36.90

50mL/  $33.90

So it’s time for my review now!

My current skin condition: Problematic!!! 

It’s 5 months since i last stopped my acne medication so now oily skin is back to haunt me.. Recently due to the hot and humid weather, i have developed more clogged pores and whiteheads… In addition, my pores seems even more enlarged due to the shine on my face… 

Decided to skip the use of make-up whenever possible and put the Ace skincare products to the test.. Let us see how it fares and i’ll use this picture for comparison.

ACE INTENSIVE WHITENING LOTION Some of us will argue that using a toner is redundant but i beg to differ.. Not only it removes your remaining make-up residue, it will also remove some pores clogging particles found in our tap water… Using this lotion as as my toner and surprisingly texture is light as i often will think that toner with lotion texture is sticky.. This lotion has a watery texture and it gets absorbed once i pat it into my skin. Best part of all, it doesn’t contains alcohol  and doesn’t contains fragrance so it won’t irritate my skin. I love how the lotion leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth which prep it for other products.

ACE REVITALIZING HYDRATING FLUID Normally anti-aging products tend to be on the richer side so it can be heavy for oily / combination skin.. This will in turn clog the pores which leads to other skin problems… However,  Neogence Ace is specially catered for oily / combination skin’s aging needs so i’m pretty delighted that all of their products are non-oily and it gives a refreshing after-feel.

Even in our hot and humid climate, it is important to keep your skin hydrated.. Even for oily skin, it is necessary to use a moisturizer as skin will gets even oilier if dehydration occurs… Just keep in mind to choose a water-based moisturizer to prevent clogging up your pores.. I love how this Ace fluid with its gel (water) based gets absorbed so quickly to quest my thirsty and yet oily skin. Not only it doesn’t leave behind a heavy / sticky feel, it contains a tinge of scent which invigorate my senses..  Certainty one of the most moisturizer that i have ever tired (much better than Eucerin’s IMO – which is my HG). Only complaint will be the packaging as it is very troublesome to use a spatula to scoop out the moisturizer


To further recuperate your skin after moisturizer, Neogence Ace has prepared one last product to improve the ability of absorption and skin firmness… This whitening serum works hand in hand with the hydrating fluid and the texture is somehow similar.. The serum is light-weighted with a slight scent and it can be absorbed fast into the skin… After the use of the 3 products, my skin is much calmer and less oily..

ACE PORE CONCEALING & REVITALIZING BASE GELIf you hate visible fine lines and enlarged pores becoming more visible after make up, apply the Ace pore concealing and revitalizing base gel for that make-up coverage that you need…

This gel-based product which melts into a watery texture acts as an make-up base to set your face for that long-lasting make up assurance.. It really helps to mininize my large pores as you can see from the picture below.. Only complaint is that the product doesn’t contains SPF for that extra sun protection.

Before and After


Do not neglect your eye area as they will be obvious tell-sign of your age… During the consultation for my double eyelid surgery, i was told that i have some lines on my eye area.. Doctor told me to include the use of eye serum as part of my skincare routine after the scar has healed..

Can’t review this product due to my double eye-lid surgery.. Currently using scar removal cream so i don’t want to pile additional product on top… Tested it on my hand and the gel-based serum gets absorbed easily.. Since it will melt into a watery texture without any drench of oil, it won’t lead to milia seeds.. It is light weight as it goes on matt and doesn’t leave behind a sticky film.. My skin feels softer and smoother to the touch… Love the tube package as it is more hygiene as compared to roll-on eye serum.. 


This mask has the thinnest material that i have ever tried.. It is so thin that it has to be secured by another blue layer which you have to peel off after you have secure the mask on your face. Despite being thin, it is soaking wet with essence with the needed elasticity so that you can ensure the perfect fit on your face… 

It also comes with eye mask so that you can pamper your eyes too.. The mask is really tissue thin but it won’t tear when you maneuver it around your face.. The fit is really very good that it won’t even leave a gap on my non existence nose bridge area; no mask is able to do it beside this.. After removal of the mask, there’s no sticky after feel and skin looks smoother.. Redness on certain areas of my face are less visible as well.. The only downside is that it is a little too pricey as it costs $7 plus per mask.

As you can see from the picture taken after removal of mask, my skin looks calmer, smoother and brighter.. Even those places with white heads are not as reddish as compared to the picture above…

After one week of usage, i don’t see any obvious whitening and anti-aging effect within such a short time frame.. However, these anti-aging products are really very friendly to my oily skin as it seems to calm down some of my woes (that’s clogged pores / whiteheads / dull skin and enlarged pores). Although some products (like the mask and serum are on the pricey side), prices are justifiable as it aids with both whitening and anti-aging in the long run. Certainly will repurchase the mask, base gel and hydrating fluid in the future..

If you are interested in any of the products, Good news!!! There’s currently an ongoing promotion in SASA and you can enjoy 10% introductory discount on your purchases. In addition, you will receive one piece ACE RENEWAL & REPAIRING MASKworth $7.60 with any purchase of Neogence products! Hurry up as while stocks last…

Also, ‘like’ SASA on FB now as they are having NEOGENCE ACE MASK giveaway and promotion exclusively for SaSa fans on the 17th and 24th February!

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