Create an avatar of your own with Hypnose Doll Eyes App and Win Lancome Products!

Hey readers, i have something interesting to share!

As part of their new product launch, Lancome has developed a cute App so that you can create a Dolly Version of yourself.. In order to spread the fun and to encourage all to use the app, Lancome is gonna sponsor some prizes to three of my readers…

Prizes (There are 3 sets to be won!)

1) Ombre Absolu Impact 3D palette (shade may differ)

2) Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara โ€“ Deluxe size

Come on! Let me bring you thru the steps of using the app

1) Like Lancome Singapore and go to Hypnose Doll Eyes App.

2) Personalize your doll by choosing the color of her skin & hair, hair style and dress.

3) Next, upload your picture.

4) Adjust your photo

5) Align the markers to match your eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips.

6) Adjust the lashes on your eye area

7) Choose your desired eye make-up color.

8) Choose your favorite attitude.

9) Done! Now save the picture and share it on your wall..
Remember to print screen and email it to me.

Therefore to summarize and to qualify for this giveaway, please follow all of these steps :

1 ) Join Lancome Singapore Facebook account and create your own Avatar!

2) Next, ‘share’ your Doll’s picture in FB and print screen the page. (Email me at

3) Add me in add in Facebook so that i can facilitate the check.

ย Leave your details at the end of this blog post (in the format: Facebook ID + name + Email address). I will meet up the winner to pass him / her the items.

Do note that this giveaway is only open to people residing in Singapore and i will hand-pick the 3 most creative avatar.. ๐Ÿ™‚

This giveaway will ends on 05 March 2012 @ 10 am and results will be out on the following day.

21 thoughts on “Create an avatar of your own with Hypnose Doll Eyes App and Win Lancome Products!

  1. peachbubble says:

    Thank you for the Giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Facebook ID: Yvonne Yiying Zheng
    Name: Yvonne
    Email Add: peachbubble(a)gmail(dot)com

    ps: can’t seem to add you in to fb, so i’ve left the photos on public view.

  2. Anonymous says:

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