(Sponsored Review) Lancome’s Preview Launch – Hypnose Doll Eyes & UV Expert GN-Shield BB Complete

Hello my readers! Sorry for the short hiatus as i’m really busy with work and personal issues.. A few more backlogs coming up soon (Oh ya! More updates on my double eye-lid surgery) so come back to visit alright? 🙂

Was invited to Lancome‘s make-up and skincare preview a few weeks back @ Raffles City Atrium..

A little background introduction on this brand

Lancome believes that beauty is far more than appearances as it is also an emotion that oozed from the surface of the skin. To Lancome, beauty is about awakening of the senses, a harmonious connection between the mind, body and soul. Lancôme is continuously pushing back the confines of science, technology and innovation to create original, harmonious textures, fragrances and colors.

With 70 years of experience, unique expertise and the most innovative research facilities, Lancome is able to gain an unparalleled knowledge of the skin, its mechanisms and its specific needs. With these, Lancome is able to continuously pursue the essential science, technology and innovation to develop high-technology products with the best harmonious textures, fragrances and colors.

Lancome’s star products consists of the following:

Résolution, Absolue, Rénergie, Primordiale, Hydra Zen, Blanc Expert (Skin Care)

Color ID, Photogénic, Flextencils, Rouge Absolu, Juicy Tubes (Make-up)

Attraction, Trésor, Miracle, Hypnôse (Fragrances)

During the preview, some products from their star ranges are being showcase to us 

Hypnose Doll Eyes (New mascara addition!)

UV Expert GN-Shield (BB cream)

Blanc Expert Melanolyser (Whiteness Spot Eraser)

Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal (Brightness Activating Essence)


Some of the products above given to us after the preview and i shall bring you thru each and everyone of them .

1) Hypnose Doll Eyes (Will be reviewing in this post)

2) UV Expert GN-Shield (Will be reviewing in this post)

3) Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal 

I will not be reviewing this for the time being as i am having a really bad pimples outbreak now.. Think it is stress-induced so i’m trying to keep my skincare and make up as simple as possible.. Don’t think it is fair if i use this new product on my terrible skin now as i might associate my pimples to this product.. Will start to use it after my skin calms down.. 

Featured Product: Hypnose Doll Eyes

This is one product which got me excited as Yanny was raving about it while inviting me to the preview.. So, i was putting very high standards and expectation on this product prior the event… Of course, i tried the mascara at the event and i love it!! Now, let us discover the secrets behind it! 🙂

Hypnôse: An emblematic Lancôme name which has earned for itself a magnified volume’s reputation in just a few years. 

1) In 2007, original formula was formulated and became really successful.

2) In 2009, Lancome celebrate the triumph of Hypnôse Drama, a mascara able to boost lash volume in the blink of an eye.

3) In 2010, women were seduced by Hypnôse Precious Cells, Lancôme’s first ever regenerating mascara.

With one Hypnôse sold worldwide every four seconds, Hypnôse truly is an unrivalled master mascara!

A new year, and comes a new daring exploit – Lancome is always affirming its position as the brand expert in lash typology.

In 2012, Hypnôse Doll Eyes took inspiration from every ladies’ dream to reinvent true Dolly Lashes (a fringe of separated, thick, long, “nylon-shine” lashes: true doll lashes!

” Lush, Full, Voluminous Lashes are the essential look for Spring 2012″ ~ Aaron De Mey, Lancome International Make up Artist Director

Also, with this theme in mind, Lancome Hypnose Doll Eye will gives you Doll Eyes by filling and lifting lashes for a luscious and long-lasting fanned out look ..

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eye is the first doll eyes mascara that is set to give all users dolly lashes with a shiny nylon finish. It contains Fibre Shine Formula that will enhance volume, curl, length and shine – minus the clumps. 

Its new cone shaped brush will allow application to every corner of the eyes easily.. In addition, it is also the first fragrance mascara with notes of jasmine, rose and magnolia.

Our Research Laboratories have carried out an international study which enable them to derive on the Eye Beauty Index.

In this qualitative study, 1,965 women of different origins assessed their own lashes:  Lash color, curve, density, thickness, length and uniformity as vital eye beauty criteria. In-depth analysis of this study revealed that the Eye Beauty Index indicates some common, as well as ethnic-specific criteria; for example what defines good quality lashes varies between Caucasian, African and Asian-origin women.

During a trial session conducted during the study, the application of Hypnôse Doll Eyes has reported a 36% improvement in women’s eye beauty. For the first time, Lancome has adopted an assessment methodology to measure lash beauty’s impact on wide open eyes look.  Following Hypnôse Doll Eyes application, image analysis enabled the eye-opening effect to be calculated, demonstrating a 35% increase*. Hypnôse Doll Eyes is thus the must-have mascara to open up eyes and achieve a “doll-lash look”.

Every ladies will need a LBD in their wardrobe and also a little black mascara in their make up pouch! 
With its sinuous curves, this mascara allows easy grip and it is femininely desired due to its signature design and unique scent!
Its signature style? On the casing, there’s silver and pink calligraphic lettering with an embellishment representing a shower of rose petals. Not only it has Lancome’s symbolic flower as part of its design, the mascara also has a hypoallergenic fragrance, which opens with ultra-feminine floral notes, refreshed by a hint of green. Now, all ensure application will be a moment of pure pleasure for your sight and sensual senses

Beside the mascara’s texture, this mascara also ‘accelerate’ its separating power and suppleness with its brush!
Called the ‘I-conical brush’, this little wonder is the end result of 7 years of hard work by Lancome’s Research Laboratories to perfect this ideal hybrid wand, which is protected by a trio of patents. The specially-designed brush is made of nylon and it has a conical brush tip. Due to the delicate tip, it enable you to coat every lash (even those shortest corner-of-the-eyes ones) without weighting them down. Now you can create volume and length on every lashes! Also, the brush allows you to create defined and perfectly separated lash smoothly for that genuine “false doll-lash effect”.

The mascara is formulated with a smooth and glide-on texture wihich ensure ‘smoothness in application. It contains “Fiber Shine” formula which is enriched with nylon powders to adorn lashes with a subtle sheen. It also combines supple as well as hard waxes; the former to build volume and the latter to fix lash curvature. Finally, the “Ultrastretch” complex, formulated around lengthening polymers, bestows an instant “lash extension” effect.


Before reviewing the mascara, let me tell you the current condition of my eyelashes…

My bare lashes are short, sparse, stubborn and downwards pointing so i will always have a problem trying to curl it using eye-lash curler.. It will only curl if i use a heat curler or perm it (Both are really damaging to my lashes) so i’ll tend to skip the application of mascara…

In addition, due to my recent double eye-lid operation, i don’t wish to pile on too much eye make-up so they are often hard to remove. I don’t want to tug on my eye-lids so much so my daily make-up will only consists of eye-primer and eyeliner.

Upon opening the mascara, i’m so attracted by the scent!!! This is the first time that i came into encounter with fragranced mascara; the Hypnôse Doll Eyes mascara is lightly scented with Jasmine Petals, Turkish Rose and Magnolia. The floral scent smells so nice that it brighten up my mood instantly.

The wand may look big but don’t be fooled by its appearance! Since it is conical in shape, even my tiny lashes on the sides of my eyes can be reached easily. Since this mascara is designed for Asian lashes, you can use this for your lower lashes too.. If there’s any smudges on your lower eye, just dap it off with a cotton bud and you will be ready to go..

Upon the application of the first layer, i observed that my sparse lashes are more volumized and longer. Upon second layer, my lashes are nicely curled up – thanks to its forumla which won’t weight your lashes down.

This mascara has a wetter formula so it goes on my lashes very smoothly and easily to extend, thickens and curls it.. The black is also very pigmented to give my lashes an extra VROOMZ factor… As you can see from my picture below, two layers doesn’t give my lashes clumps… As mascara is non-clumpy, it is built-able for a drama look…

The mascara finishes off with a glossy finish which gives you a dolly sheen look… I wore this mascara on a shopping trip and weather was hot and humid.. Surprisingly, the curls are still visible at the end of the day.. The mascara is non-water proof so it will be long-lasting if you have non-oily eyelids.. My eyelids are really oily so i experienced smudging (which cannot be prevented due to the oiliness of my eye area).  Even if you pile on layers, this mascara can be easily removed with a normal eye make up remover.

Will rate this mascara 4/5 (minus 1 for the price factor) .

This mascara is already out in all Lancome Beauty Counters (Launch dare is from 1st March onward) and retail price is $50…


Next up:

Blanc Expert (UV Expert GN-Shield)

Blanc Expert products line is the No 1 Whitening series in Asia since year 2005 which has won Numerous Prestigious Reward. For more than a decade, Lancome has offered Asian women with products of experience and expertise. Listening to modern ladies’ utmost beauty concerns and aspirations, Lancome has derived at the legendary Blanc Expert Range to produce spotless, fair, clarity and flawless skin.

As such, it is often good to starts with an active everyday protection in order to keep skin crystal clear. Hence, an effective UVA protection is essential to preserve the skin’s youth and fairness.

A further unique innovation now reinforces Lancome’s stronghold in the market as the provider of advanced solution specially addressing the cosmetic concerns of Asian woman. In 2010, Lancome has broke new grounds with the first ever Blemish Balm in the prestige sector which gives a lightweight texture proven no heavier than four feathers. It also gives very high UV protection certified by the UVA protection logo.

Today, Lancome achieves a bigger breakthrough and offers a new solution in the BB field with the introduction of its new potent formula – New UV Expert SPF 50 PA+++ BB Complete which contains a both skincare and make-up combination


Just something FYI – UV Expert’s excellence in UVA protection is recognized through a UVA logo. The logo acts a proof of high standard level compliant with European suncare products’ standards.

A unique triple potency formula to Protect, Cover and Correct

12 H of invisible SPF 50 Protection

Flawless perfect finish

Complexion refinement

Despite having powerful SPF 50+++ protection, this BB cream has a light weight texture which feels no heavier than four feathers. 

Available in 2 shades and retailing at $80 for 30ml.


12 hours of SPF 50 Protection 

This BB complete will help protects and guard against the worst causes of premature skin aging and pigmentation in Singapore’s climate.. Not only save the skin from the skin, it also protects it against pollution; it provides first class DNA protection against UVB and UVA, pollution and even aggressive invisible free radicals. 

Combining the most powerful broad spectrum sun protection with the all new pullusafe complex and Moringa extract; this BB cream will function and provides UVA and UVB rays protection and blocks out damaging free radicals for 12 hours).

As such, it will protect the DNA in skin cell from damage so skin looks healthier and younger. 

Better coverage and correction

BB Complete is a skincare and makeup product combined into one product so it is a beauty investment which helps save time… Not only it covers and corrects, it has added skincare complex which refines pores and combats dark spots over time… This BB complete uses the same acclaimed aura inside technology which is found in the well loved Teint Miacle foundation. With a combination of liquid micro mirror, blue and pink pigments, the BB complete cream will give skin a fresh radiant glow with flawless finish.

Flawless perfect finish / Complexion Refinement

As mentioned, BB complete is empowered with Aura-Inside technology pioneered by Tient Miarcle so that fine lines, blemises and dark spots are visibly reduced to achieve the look of flawless, pristine skin. To top it off, it is also suitable for everyday use as it is also enriched with skincare ingredients for visibly smoother, softer and naturally radiant skin.

As mentioned, this BB complete cream comes in 2 shades (01 & 02).

As i have cool skin tone, i will prefer shade 02 as it feels that it complements my skin tone better.. Shade 01 seems a little too whitish on me.. 

As you can see, shade 01 looks a little greyish but after blending, it will turn into natural skin tone shade.
However, it still looks a little pale on my face so i have to apply it on my neck area as well in order to prevent a contrast.. As mentioned, i am having a bad outbreak and it is really hideous so i don’t wanna scare you off (so no photo of me); this BB cream is a little too sheer so it doesn’t covers my blemishes well…I have to use a concealer to hide all imperfections which i don’t really bother since i just want my face to heal (too much make-up will just irritate my skin further).. However, it does seems to finish off with a matt and smooth finish so my big pores are not that visible anymore. 🙂

One wow factor will be that despite being SPF 50+++, it is not very oily… Personally, i will tend to avoid sunblock that has a high SPF (Above SPF 25+++) as it will always make my skin looks even oilier! 

As you can see from the picture below, this BB complete cream gave a smooth finish and it doesn’t look that greasy..

Still not convinced? I have squeeze some of it onto a sheet of oil blotter and took the photo 10 mins later.. You be the judge. 

Although it is a little pricey, this product is a good investment since it helps provide powerful sun protection (minus the super greasy factor) and it helps guard skin against pollution as well.. 🙂

At the end of the event, it’s feasting time at Cedele!

Ordered Banana pancakes to share with Yina (Another friendly beauty blogger) and Beef slices (i cannot remember the exact name for this dish) for my main.

I love the banana pancakes as it is really nicely done (With banana slices melted between layers of the pancake) and the mushroom side gave this dish a nice finish!

  As for not the beef slices, i was a tad disappointed with it.. Asked for medium-rare but it is too well-done.. In addition, i overlooked the fact that the sauce contains vinegar so i was not accustomed to the sour taste. However, i like the fact that the beef was sliced thinly so it was highly digestible.. 🙂

Till Then!!

Have a good week everyone!

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